8 April 2015


Today on the blog I’d like to put focus on Curash Baby Care, a range of baby products that I’ve been using lately on my little boy. Here are my thoughts;

Curash Anti Rash Powder

This baby powder is a super fine soft powder that has an active ingredient of 25 per cent zinc oxide in cornstarch, formulated to soothe, heal and prevent nappy rash, and provide an effective barrier to wetness and irritants, keeping baby’s bottom drier and rash free. While we’ve been lucky and managed to keep our little boy free from nappy rash, I am convinced that it is the dusting of this powder after each nappy change that as made the difference, and I really like that it is not just forming a barrier, it is is also helping to soothe and heal the skin at the same time. The powder can also be used on adults on areas prone to chafing. RRP: $6.39 (100g)

Curash Fragrance Free Sorbolene Cream

This sorbolene cream has been enriched with aloe vera, vitamin E and sweet almond oil, and has been specifically designed for baby's delicate skin, in fact it is so gentle that it can be used on newborns! The cream is fragrance free and literally has next to no scent. While my little boy does not suffer from eczema or dermatitis, he does like his bubble bath at night which does tend to be a little drying on his fine skin, but a quick thin coat of this cream and his skin is back to being soft and smooth again. It absorbs quick and easily and doesn’t leave behind a greasy residue.

My husband, on the other hand, does have sensitive skin prone to irritations, and he also likes using this sorbolene cream, especially as a hand cream, and he too enjoys that it is free from fragrance and that it acts as a barrier cream too protecting his skin from further irritations. RRP: $5.99 (400ml)

Curash Jumbo Fragrance Free Baby Wipes

These wipes are seriously some of the biggest baby wipes I’ve come across, almost twice the size of normal wipes, and they have a decent thickness too, which means that they are perfect when you’ve got a messy clean up to deal with – and the size again means you only need a few wipes to clean up your baby. The wipes are fragrance free, alcohol free and PH balanced, and so gentle that you can use them from top to toe on even a newborn baby. And because they are so gentle, they are also suitable for even the most sensitive skin. RRP: $4.99 (40 wipes)

Curash Medicated Nappy Rash Cream

This nappy rash cream contains 20 per cent zinc oxide, vitamin E and sweet almond oil to soothe, heal and prevent nappy rash while leaving a protective barrier on the skin. The Nappy Rash Cream is a medicated cream, that it is supposed to be used at the first sign of nappy rash, although it can also be used after every nappy change. Personally I tend to use a tiny amount after each nappy change, and a little more if I feel my little boys bum is a little red after a nasty and messy nappy, and so far it is keeping any nasty nappy rash at bay. The white cream has next to no scent, and is a little thick and a little difficult to spread out, and it doesn’t absorb into the skin, but rather leaves the skin looking a little white and cakey, but again that’s ok, as its ‘hidden’ by the nappy anyway! RRP: $6.79 (100g)


Curash Multi-Purpose Healing Cream

This Healing Cream has been designed to soothe and protect against common baby skin irritations such as neck and dribble rash, dry and chafed skin, dermatitis, minor abrasions and eczema. IT has been formulated for use on the face and sensitive areas of the skin, and as it is fragrance and colour free, it can even be used on newborns.

My little boy has always suffered from dribble rash in the periods where he has had teeth cutting through. And we’ve tried literally everything over the counter to help, with no relief in sight. We’ve even seen the doctor several times, and had a few different scripts, which after a while did help, but when only allowed to use the creams for a week at a time, the dribble rash soon reappeared, and personally I cannot say that I was too fond of using so strong creams on his delicate skin. What I do like about the Curash Healing Cream, is that it not only absorbs into the skin quickly, it also rubs in clear with no greasiness or stickiness, all while soothing and healing the skin and leaving a barrier against the acidic drool. RRP: $8.49 (75g)

Curash Gentle Anti-Bacterial Wipes Hand Wipes

These Wipes have, as the name suggest, been specifically designed to wipe grotty little hands. They are anti-bacterial and 99.9 per cent of germs, all while being alcohol-free and dermatologically tested, and so mild and gentle that they are approved for infants, toddlers and children.

The small pack is absolutely perfect to have in the nappy bag or in the car, especially when you have a little toddler that has started eating himself, but always leaves a trail of mess behind him, including very grotty and sticky fingers. And as you don’t always have soap and water close by, these wipes are the perfect alternative, quickly and easily cleaning up, while leaving the fingers soft thanks to containing soothing aloe vera and moisturising vitamin E. RRP: $4.99 (30 wipes)

All Curash Baby Care products are available from Woolworths, Coles, Big W, Toys R Us, Target and pharmacies nationally

So there you go, a selection of baby care products from Curash – and as the Curash range also includes a selection of standard baby wipes, shampoo and body washes as well as teething gel, they basically everything you need to keep your baby and toddlers skin healthy, and at a very reasonable price too!

*Product was kindly provided for consideration, and has reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

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