31 March 2015


Today I’d like to put focus on an Australian-made skin care range for babies and pregnant mothers.

The range is rich in certified organic, natural oils and contain no petro-chemicals, added colour (artificial or otherwise), artificial fragrance, animal ingredients, propylene glycol, parabens, sulphates, alcohol, cocoamphodiacetate, talc, herbal extracts , synthetic vitamin e, silicones or vegetable oils, and hence the products are not only super pure, they are also super gentle and suitable for the most sensitive of baby skins.
Rather the products contain a certified organic and pesticide free and gmo free pure rosehip oil, natural vitamin e, avocado oil, jojoba, calendula, therapeutic-grade essential oils and more. soothing, certified organic oat and soy powders, edible-grade corn-starch and pure essential oils.

Stretched to the Limit Massage Oil for Pregnancy and Postnatal

This body oil has been designed to care for the skin during pregnancy and beyond when the skin is stretching. It helps moisture and nurture the skin, thanks to containing ingredients from cold pressed, organic avocado, jojoba, rosehip, sesame and evening primrose oils. The massage oil helps to soothe dry, irritated or rough skin, and can help encourage muscle tone and prevent stretchmarks on thighs, hips, buttocks, breast and the stomach, if used throughout the pregnancy and continued for a few months after giving birth. The light oil comes in an easy to use pump bottle, and has a slightly odd scent, which no doubt comes from the natural ingredients. But luckily it disappears rather quickly once the oil has absorbed into the skin. The oil does take a little while absorb into the skin, but once it has, it leaves the skin feeling soft and supple. As it is a little greasy, I like massaging it into my itchy tummy as I sit and watch TV at night, as that way it has plenty of time to absorb into my skin. 

RRP: $24.95 (125ml) – Available from AromaBaby

Organic Aromabath Powder

This bath powder has been made from certified organic oatmeal, organic lavender flowers and a blend of certified organic pure essential oils to help relieve and soothe itchy, irritated and dry skin. It can be used both postnatal for Mum, or even for your baby’s bath, which proves just how gentle it is. The bath powder is very concentrated, and you only use to use about 2 teaspoons, or even less if for your baby, so the large tub will last you for a while. My little boy is at the age where he does love his bubble bath, and luckily his skin is not dry so it can tolerate it. However, I can feel that when I’ve used the bath powder instead of the usual bubble bath, his skin is super soft, and smells so lovely too! The Aromabath can also be used to relieve itching and soothe redness associated with stings, bites, chickenpox and sunburn, but luckily we are yet to have a need for that!

RRP: $24.95 (150g) – Available from AromaBaby

Baby Bath Gel

This Bath gel is extremely gentle and is also sulphate-free, so it is perfect for babies and toddlers. It contains certified organic pure essential oils of French lavender and German chamomile work together to relax baby and help soothe and care for delicate skin, as well as it also contains vitamin E to help add moisture to the skin. Thanks to the essential oils it has the most gorgeous gentle scent. Because it is sulphate free, it doesn’t foam up as easily as ‘standard’ bath gels containing sulphate, but don’t be fooled, it still cleanses your skin, leaving it soft and smooth, and with the lovely scent of chamomile and lavender lingering on the skin.

RRP: $12.95 (125ml) – Available from AromaBaby

Pure Hair Cleanse

This Hair Cleanse is another extremely mild product, free from sulphates. I contains certified organic geranium and sweet orange pure essential oils, and it has a beautiful mild orangey scent that I really love. It is intended to help with scalp dryness, while gently cleansing the without stripping the hair and scalp from essential oils. It leaves my little boy’s fine blonde hair feeling soft and looking so shiny and healthy. It can of course also be used by adults with dry and irritated scalp.

RRP: $10.95 (125ml) – Available from AromaBaby

Moisturising Nappy Change Cream

This Nappy Change Cream has been enriched with cold pressed pure sweet almond oil, cocoa butter and vitamin E, and also contains essential oils of chamomile and neroli. It not only helps clean and moisturise the baby’s skin, it also helps soothe and calm irritated. My little boy has luckily never been affected by any nappy rash irritations in the nappy area, but I am also always making sure to care for his sensitive skin as best as I can. And applying just a small amount of this Nappy Change Cream to the nappy area after each nappy change, keeps his skin soft and smooth and protected from skin irritations, and smelling beautifully too – in fact so beautiful that I find myself using a tad more than I really need to massage it into my own hands! Yep, that’s right, this cream is multi-functional so it can in fact also be used as a hand and nail cream or even as a makeup remover! How brilliant is that!

RRP: $12.95 (125ml) – Available from AromaBaby

Barrier Balm

Finally, the Barrier Balm is an intensive cream that has been formulated to provide a barrier on the baby’s skin in the nappy area to protect from any irritations. I always, without fail, use a barrier cream on my little boy’s bum after changing his nappies, and it has proven worthwhile as his skin is so soft and smooth, and has never had any irritations. I love that this one contains no chemical nasties, but rather is enriched with natural evening primrose, vitamin e and calendula, to soothe the skin and moisturise at the same time. And it is so gentle that it can also be used on sensitive skin affected by eczema, or even on your lips as a lip nourishing lipbalm. The jar is tiny, but the cream is very concentrated so you only need to use a tiny amount.

RRP: $15.95 (25g) - Available from AromaBaby

So there you go, a selection of skincare products from AromaBaby. The products are all amazing and I love how gentle they are on my little boy’s skin, and how beautiful they smell – the scents are so natural coming from the natural ingredients, which is a refreshing change from the artificial scents that you usually find in skincare products. If you have a baby or toddler, or you are pregnant, - or if you suffer from sensitive skin, then I can highly recommend that you check out the AromaBaby product range, you won’t be disappointed! 

*Product was kindly provided for consideration, and has reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

Have you ever heard of AromaBaby? Which skincare products do you use on your baby/toddler? And during your pregnancy?

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