30 April 2015


Hands up who’s a Star Wars fan… I thought so, who isn’t! Well, if you are a Star Wars Fan, or your kids are, or maybe you’re simply looking for a great and FREE activity for the kids this weekend at Myer Melbourne, which is held to coincide with the International Star Wars Day ‘May the Force Be With You Day’ which occurs every year on May the 4th.

At the Event Young Jedi enthusiasts can learn to master the force with a free Star Wars Rebels training session and watch and learn some Jedi moves in their first ever defence lesson and use the force to fight the Empire. Once trained, all participants will graduate with a personalised Star Wars Rebel ID card, collector poster, and even get the chance to personalise their own Stormtrooper helmet like Sabine from Star Wars Rebels.

When: The Star Wars Rebellion Event is on this weekend, Saturday 2 May and Sunday 3 May, from 11am

Where: Myer Melbourne City Store, My Kids Emporium department, level 4 on the Emporium Shopping Centre (above the Emporium food court)
This is simply too good an opportunity to miss, and your kids will have heaps of fun and afterwards they will be so excited (and exhausted too), that you will have plenty of time to check out Myer’s amazing and humongous shoe and beauty departments – WIN-WIN!

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