14 January 2015


I have quite long hair and thick hair, so when I am in a hurry, or when Melbourne’s winter chill bites, I do rely on a hair dryer. Only my current one is so old, and while still in working order, I doubt it is no longer as efficient as it once was. So when I was asked to trial the AbsoluteHeat 2500 IPS Ultra Featherweight Hair Dryer and AbsoluteHeat IPS Mini Hair Straightener, happily accepted. Here are my thoughts; 


What They Say:

AbsoluteHeat 2500 IPS Ultra Featherweight Hair Dryer: Astonishingly powerful yet exceptionally light, AbsoluteHeat’s Intelligent Professional Series Ultra Hair Dryer features advanced tourmaline-ionic technology which helps prevent static and frizz while simultaneously adding volume and shine. Packed with 1875 watts of power, this dryer creates enhanced ionic output and quicker drying time without increasing the body weight, making it one of the industry’s lightest hair dryers. Comes with a two year warranty. Available in Black and Pink

RRP: $69.95 – Available from

AbsoluteHeat IPS Mini Hair Straightener is technologically advanced to provide you with amazing results and performance. Perfect for travelling, the Mini features ceramic-coated plates and an ergonomic shape that allows you to straighten, curl, wave and flip your hair for a variety of salon professional styles. All which adds up to a rare and provocative blend of beauty and brains! Comes with a two year warranty. Available in Purple and Pink

RRP: $29.95 – Available from I-Glamour


What I Say: 
AbsoluteHeat is an American based salon professional brand of salon quality styling tools that has just become available in Australia.

My old hair dryer is black. It’s from the era where that is all you could get, so I was very happy when I received the bright pink metallic hair dryer. Such a refreshing change. And while you may think that it may look a little girly and teenager-ish, but that is far from the case, it is very stylish looking. But of course, if you prefer a more classic colour, there is also a black version available.

The next thing I noticed was how light the hair dryer is, weighing a meagre 340 grams. Incredible. I am unsure how much my old one weighs, but I do know that by the time I am finished drying my hair, my arm is tired from holding it up in the air. So it was such a relief with the AbsoluteHeat weighing so little.

The AbsoluteHeat is also extremely efficient with its 1875 watts of power that cuts down drying time of my thick hair dramatically. Again, a very refreshing change. Both in terms of the time it takes to do it, but also because surely less time, means my hair is exposed less to the heat, which surely means less damage long term! 

Next is the fact that is very quiet, even when it is set at the highest/fastest of the six airflow and temperature settings. I love the fact that you have the options of so many settings, especially after being used to just a few, although I have to admit that it takes a little getting used to all the different levels of power and heat. I also love that it has a cool shot button so I can give my hair a cool blast of air to finish off with.

The hair dryer has an advanced tourmaline-ionic technology, which is designed to help prevent static and frizz while adding volume and shine. The effect of this is naturally difficult it measure, but I certainly notice that my hair looks very shiny, plus after adding my usual hair serum/hair oil, that I have minimal frizz.

Moving on to the AbsoluteHeat IPS Mini Hair Straightener I have to admit that I usually use a hair straightener that is a lot larger in size, so I can get my long thick hair done more quickly. But this mini straightener actually has a surprising power, and is perfect as either a travel straightener, or alternatively to do ‘touch ups’ on the second day, or maybe for those girls who only straighten sections of their hair or have shorter hair styles.

The hair straightener has ceramic-coated plates and it quickly heats to 204°C, distributing heat evenly to reduce damage, and to leaves your hair with a nice shine and with less frizz. It has an ergonomic shape that makes it possible to not only straighten, but also add curls and waves to your hair. Like the hair dryer it comes in a funky metallic pink colour, as well as a trendy purple.

Overall these are fantastic products of a very high quality and consequently I find they very reasonably priced. And they look so funky too! So if you are on the lookout for a new hairdryer or hair straightener, then I highly recommend that you check out the range from AbsoluteHeat – only problem will be which colour to pick!
*Product was kindly provided for consideration, and has reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

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  1. Ohh these sound lovely! I adore the pink shade, I think it's just the right amount of brightness for everyone! xx
    Sweetaholic Beauty


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