30 May 2014


As you may have seen in my previous post, my little soon to be 1 year boy has been selected to be an official Playgro toy tester, and here’s his first review on the Playgro Bathtime Squirtees;
What They Say:

Playgro's soft, squeeze bath squirtees which can fill with water for fun water play. Each set contains 8 fun colourful animals for hours of bathtime fun. Packed in a handy gift bag which can be used to neatly store the squirtees. Features 8 soft, easy to hold shapes, squirts water for bathtime fun, with handy storage case.

RRP: $12.99 – Available from Toys r Us, Myer, Coles, and BigW

What Oliver Says:
I was so excited when Mum told me that I’d been selected as a toy tester, what an awesome first job! And you should have heard me squeal and seen the smile on my face when I saw all the toys arrive.

The first toys that Mum had me test out were the Bathtime Squirtees, - yay!! I love bathtime, and has since the day I was born, and since I was very little I’ve had some yellow rubber duckies that I’ve had heaps of fun with in the bath, so I was so excited to see some new and different toys.
I was so excited about my new toys, but just couldn't
wait playing with them until I was having a bath...

Which one to play with...they are all so cute?

The Playgro Bathtime Squirtees come in a little clear travel case, so they are easy to store and take with you without losing any of them. And the set contains 8 squirtees, consisting of 2 x blue crabs, 2 x light blue whales, 2 x green turtles and 2 x light green frogs.
The travel case with the 8 Bathtime Squirtees

All the animals float in water, except when they are filled with water, and they can squirt the water out of their mouth – at great joy for both me and Daddy. They BPA free, which Mum says is a good thing, and as they are so soft, they are perfect for my irritated and sore teething gums.

Of all the animals, I prefer the blue crabs, although I like playing with all of them, and I like having one in each hand, and a third one in my mouth – and the rest of them not to far away – if they are not all in the bath with me, I will try to stand up and get them myself, but Mum says I can’t do that as I might slip, so I usually have all of them with me in the water from the start.

The Bathtime Squirtees are recommended for babies from 6 months, but even though I am a big boy now and almost 1 year old, I still have heaps of fun with them, and while I have always loved bathtime, I love it even more now, and usually don’t want to get out of the water, even when Mum says its time and my feet and fingers are all wrinkled up.
Now I love bathtime even more thanks to my new
Playgro Bathtime Squirtees
Mum also likes that the Squirtees have been designed so that they can help me develop new skills. The bright colours stimulate my visual perception, while the various textures to help stimulate my tactile development, and the small animals helps me use my hands & fingers by encouraging small, precise movements by picking them up and squirting them.

I definitely recommend the Playgro Bathtime Squirtees – even if you already love bathtime, these will make it so much more fun.

Thanks again for employing me Playgro!

Oliver xx

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*These products were kindly provided for consideration, and have been reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

Does your little one like to play in the bath? What is his or her favourite bathtime toys?


  1. Karina Oliver is sooooo cute!

    1. Thanks so much Toni - I obviously think so too, but I may be just a tad biased - but honestly he is the best kid ever!


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