13 May 2014


We recently sold the house we built almost 6 years ago, and have just moved into a temporary house, while we are waiting for our new house to be built. While our ‘old’ house, wasn’t exactly new anymore, it was certainly a lot newer. Plus we were the only ones to have lived in the house so of course all the smells in the house, were our smells. The new house is a different story. It is an older house so who knows how many people have lived here over the years. And most recently, the occupants also had a dog. We have dogs too, two Labradors, and although they live inside, they are washed frequently, and we’ve always been told that our house didn’t smell of dog. But in spite of countless of hours of cleaning, we can continue to smell their down and smells, in particular each time we come home, ‘that’ smell is there. So to mask it and make the house smell nicer I have been burning fragrant candles more or less non-stop. Here are my thoughts on the *Urban Rituelle Weekender Country Garden Soy Candle;

What They Say:
"Be swept away to your favourite weekend escape with this long lasting, premium Scented Soy Candle. Featuring fragrance blends inspired by our most cherished Australian holiday destinations, the warmth & light will adorn our home in scented serenity. Handcrafted in Australia using pure, natural wax, this luxurious candle promises to transform your space into the perfect setting for a holiday at home."

"The Country Garden scent is a gourmand blend featuring the soothing scents of warm, simmering pear drizzled with sweet vanilla. Utterly enticing, this mouth-watering scent will have you reminiscing of lazy days in cosy cafes & the fragrant gardens of your favourite sleepy village."

RRP: $39.95 (400gm) – Available from selected home and lifestyle stores, and Urban Rituelle Online

What I Say:

I have previously tried the Beachcomber Soothing Body Balm in Island Citrus from Urban Rituelle, which is so gorgeous, and not to mention the diffuser reeds, which I am convinced helped sell our house, so I was looking forward to also putting the Urban Rituelle Soy Candle to the test.

As I have mentioned in my previous reviews, I love the fact that Urban Rituelle is an Australian brand and that the products are Australian made too.

Another thing I love is how beautifully presented the Urban Rituelle products always are. The Weekender Country Garden Soy Candle comes in a beautiful green gift box, making it perfect as a gift, with no need for wrapping it.

The actual soy candle comes in a large sturdy white glass bottle with a simple timber lid, to seal in the candle and its scent.  

And as soon as you take off the timber lid, you can smell the gorgeous scent. Containing pear and sweet vanilla, you could be fooled into thinking that it is a sweet smelling scent, but that is far from the case. It is a lovely fresh and fruity scent, which is so exquisite and so uplifting and refreshing.


The actual candle has two wigs and burns is claimed to burn for more than 80hours – that’s more than 3 days non-stop burning…. Not that you would ever burn a candle without supervision! And while the candle, even without burning smells nice, and fills the room with the gorgeous scent – but hen when you start burning it, the scent releases even more, not only filling the room, but all adjoining rooms as well, a fragrance that lasts well beyond the candle has been blown out.

What I Like:
  • Australian brand with Australian made products
  • Simple yet stylish bottle
  • Fresh and refreshing scent
  • Strong and long lasting scent of high quality and which doesn’t smell chemical or artificial
  • Well priced considering the high quality and how long it lasts

What I Don’t Like:
  • Nothing - I love everything about this candle, and find it reasonably priced for a candle of such high quality.

Overall I am so in love with this fresh and natural citrus scent that flows through my house, and while I love burning scented candles, I do like that this permanently scents my home without having to constantly remember to blow out the candles when I leave the house. I will enjoy this over the coming months, and when it nears an end, I will definitely repurchase.

* Product was kindly provided for consideration, and has been reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

Do you use scented diffusers in your home? Or maybe scented candles? Which scent is your favourite?


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