27 May 2014


It has been a little while since I last posted my Best Budget Bargain Buys (if you missed the last one, you can see it here), and while I had planned on making this a regular feature, life with an 11 month old baby simply means you never know how much time you’ve got to yourself, and for blogging…  So I will try again to see if I can make this at least a monthly feature! So without further ado, here are my Best Budget Bargain Buys for May..



Ulta3 Nail Polishes in Tangelo Twist and Corsican Rose*      

I doubt these nail polishes from Ulta3 need any introduction. At just $2.00, yet with a surprising quality and a huge quality, and massive colour range, the nail polishes are amazing, and make it possible to have nails to match the latest trends, even on a tight budget. These two colours have brightened up my days lately as the days are getting shorter and colder too; Tangelo Twist is a bright flouro orange, while Corsican Rose is a lovely pastel green.

RRP: $2.00 each (13ml) – Available from Select Pharmacies


Billie Goat Soap Body Butter*

This body butter is suitable for sensitive skin, and while I do not have sensitive skin, I love this super gentle body butter which is made from goats milk, which is high in selenium (a natural antioxidant) and pH neutral, as well as highly moisturising and all-natural butters like cocoa and shea. These ingredients create a barrier on the skin protecting it from drying out, while leaving the skin feeling soft and smooth. It is thick and creamy, but just little is sufficient for the softest and smoothest skin, without any irritations.  

RRP: 17.95 (230g) – Available from Select Pharmacies and from Billie Goat Soap Online
Dove Essential Nourishment Body Milk*

I will always love Dove products, including this Essential Nourishment Body Milk, which offers 24 hours of proven nourishment for the skin as it contains Dove Deep Care Complex as well as nutrients and essential oils – and it doesn’t just moisturise the skin on the surface, this body lotion works deep down the skin layers to hydrate and nourish the skin, making it feel soft and smooth. Compared to other Dove body lotions, this one is slightly thicker, yet still absorbs quickly without leaving the skin feeling greasy. It has a lovely gentle scent, which fades quickly and doesn’t clash with your perfume. And it comes in a huge bottle that will last you forever.

RRP: $8.39 (400ml) – Available from Priceline, supermarkets and select pharmacies

Sunsilk Co-Creations Frizz & Weather Defence Shampoo and Conditioner with Teddy Charles*
This shampoo and conditioner works to works to control frizz and protects from dryness for 24 hours, it also contains weather shielding technology and a UV filter. It provides dual protection against the effects and changes in weather conditions and balances the level of moisture in the hair, helping to shield against damaging UV rays. The formula includes trehalose to reduce the effects of humidity on the hair fibre by controlling the interaction between water and proteins in the hair. Found in a variety of plants it also works to protect hair from dehydration by binding water in the hair fibres reducing damage caused by dryness, heat and cold. And as the days are sadly getting wetter – some days it is like it will never stop raining, the last few weeks have been the perfect time to put these babies to the test – an believe it or not, but they work. My hair is not only feeling soft and smooth, and looking super shiny, it is also significantly less frizzy. Even on a rainy day! And the products have the most gorgeous sweet fruity scent too, that lingers in the hair for a while.

RRP: each $4.79 (200ml), $7.79 (400ml), $11.99 (750ml) – Available from Priceline, supermarkets and select pharmacies

Nivea Q10 Plus Anti-Wrinkle CC Daily Moisturiser with SPF15*

Even on ‘no makeup’ days I still like to wear at least a little makeup, including mascara so I don’t look washed out and sick, and a little tinted moisturiser to make my skin look a little more even. And lately I’ve been loving the new CC Cream from Nivea. Containing Q10, it has anti-ageing properties which is perfect (and sadly needed) for my skin, as I love that it not only instantly makes my skin look nicer and more even, it also helps fight wrinkles at the same time and leaves my skin thoroughly moisturised. It has a light coverage, which can be built up slightly, and stays put for a  couple of hours, but with the aid of a primer first and a setting powder afterwards, and a light dusting of powder by the afternoon, I manage to get though the days without the need for touch ups.

RRP: $19.55 (50ml) – Available from Priceline, Supermarkets, and select pharmacies

Carmex Moisturising Lip Balm*
With the change of the seasons and as it has suddenly gotten so cold outside, my lips are feeling a little drier than normal. But this cute little squeeze tube manages to get them back to feeling soft and healthy in no time, no matter how dry or cracked they’ve been – I simply apply it at night before bed, and wake to the softest of lips. The lip balm is enriched with menthol which makes it feel nice and cooling on the lips, while salicylic acid helps rid the skin of dry skin and cocoa butter and waxes help to condition and moisturise the lips.
RRP: $5.99 (10g) – Available from Supermarkets and selected pharmacies


MUD Eyeshadow Trio in cute camo*
This Eyeshadow trio in the colour Cute Camo contains as the name suggests three colours; a large pale peach/skin toned shade, and two smaller shades; a pale gold shade and a dark olive green.
In spite of the low $7.00 price tag, this Eyeshadow has quite good pigments making it easy to build up the colours, or they can be applied lightly for just a wash of colour. The colours work perfectly together, and can each be used on their own, or together for a more dramatic eye.
RRP: $7.00 – Available from Woolworths

Colour Theory Liquid Eyeliner in Black*

I have previously reviewed some of the Colour Theory products , and love the quality of their product and the low price points – just $6.00 for this eyeliner makes it an incredible bargain. This liquid eyeliner has a super fine felt tip that makes it easy to create a super fine, or you can retrace a few times for a bolder look. The eyeliner stays put quite well without fading or sliding.

RRP: $6.00 - Available from Amcal and Guardian Pharmacies

Maybelline New York Volum’ Express Plush Mascara in Blackest Black*
Maybelline New York Volum’ Express Plush Mascara is a gel-mousse mascara that has been formulated to volumise and lengthen lashes. It contains 40 per cent less hard waxes than traditional mascaras, which helps to prevent weak and dry lashes, and it leaves the lashes feeling soft too. Just one coat of this mascara nicely separates my lashes and gives them length and a natural look, while a few more coats gives you a more dramatic look. And I love that it doesn’t make my lashes clump or flake into my sensitive eyes.
RRP: $19.95 – Available from Priceline and select pharmacies

Rimmel London ScandalEyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal Eyeliner in Sparkling Black*

This kohl eyeliner is so easy to use, and because it is soft and creamy, it glides onto the skin so easily without the need to drag or pull at the sensitive eye area. And it is so pigmented so it is easy to create a solid colour, and because it is waterproof it simply stays put all day, even when my eyes are watering or when it is raining outside!

RRP: $9.95 – Available from Priceline and select pharmacies


Jeanne Arthes - Love Never Dies*
Love Never Dies fragrance by Jeanne Arthes has been around for a while, but it is lovely nonetheless. It is made from star annis, lemon and black currant leaf in top notes, while the heart notes are rose, violet and lily. Finally, the base notes include vanilla, sandalwood and amber. And I really like the fresh fruity scent, with the hint of warm vanilla.

It has a gorgeous bottle and comes in a cute purple metallic box with a diamond and a heart cut out with a keyhole so you could see the pretty chain and jewel hanging on the neck of the perfume bottle through the keyhole!

RRP: $26 (60ml) – Available from Fragrance Choice

Boe Beauty Jumbo Wind Up Lips in Knockout Red*
I think everyone has fallen for the jumbo lipstains, now available from a lot of brands including Clinique and Revlon, - but at just a fraction of the cost, just $2, this Jumbo Wind Up from boe beauty is a good contender.
The Knockout red lovely and creamy gives a lovely red stain on the lips that last surprisingly long. And for that price, you just can’t go wrong!

RRP: $2 – Available from BigW

Schick Quattro Papaya & Pearl Disposable Razors*

I am not normally fond of disposable razors as usually the quality match the low price, but these Papaya & Pearl Disposable Razors from Schick Quattro have had me change my mind. The four blades are of high quality, and gives you a nice close shave, and without any cuts. And as it has a conditioning strip with papaya and pearl, it leaves the skin feeling soft too, and without the need for shaving cream or soap. The handle is well designed and even when you’ve got wet hands in the shower, it won’t slip out of your hands. In spite of being called a disposable razor you can easily use it for several weeks, so as the pack contains three shavers, it will last you quite a while.

RRP: $7.99 – Available from Supermarkets, Priceline, variety stores and select pharmacies

So there you go, my selection of Best Budget Beauty Buys for May.
*These products were kindly provided for consideration, and have been reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

Have you tried any of these products? Any you are keen on trying? Which budget buys have you been loving lately?



  1. Helpful and informative post! I love carmex, always must have it.

    xo, Haylee

    1. Thanks Haylee! I agree, you just cannot go past Carmex, such great products at affordable prices.

  2. Great products! The body butter looks very good! **

    ❤ ✿ NEW POST ✿ ❤

    1. I Love that body butter, especially now as winter is here my skin is getting drier.


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