1 May 2014

Industry News: Chloé Launches My Little Chloés

Just in time for Mother’s Day, Chloé introduces My Little Chloés, a limited edition collection of mini fragrances.

The newest edition of the Chloé signature line, Roses de Chloé, joins the collection of miniatures that also consists of Chloé and L’eau de Chloé. All three perfumes com in delightful 20ml miniature versions.

Each fragrance captures a different facet of the rose, now the iconic floral embodiment of the Chloé house. Sensual in the eau de parfum, airy in L’eau de chloé.

For roses de chloé the story is one of tender freshness, combined with notes of bergamot, magnolia and musk.

The three my little Chloés fragrances are displayed in store on a delicate golden see-saw, with humor and lightness.

Each bottle is available individually or as a set.
RRP: $45 each (20ml) – or $120 trio set 3x20ml – Available from David Jones

What do you think of these little Chloés? Tried any of them?


  1. Love these 20ml miniatures! I mean, whoever gets through 100mls of perfume? Great idea and so sweet!

    1. You are so right, and is prefer to change my perfume everyday depending on mood and occasion, so the mini bottles are perfect.


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