17 March 2014

Product Review: Hairhouse Warehouse Savvy Nourishment Collection Box

I am very fond of my long hair, and spend a lot of time and money maintaining its health. Using the right products makes all the difference - and in Hairhouse Warehouse they stock a lot of my favourite haircare brands. A few weeks ago they kindly sent me the *Savvy Nourishment Collection, and here are my thoughts;

What They Say:
This Savvy Nourishment Collection contains the following:
  • Alfaparf Milano Semi di Lino Diamond Shampoo, 250mL
  • Alfaparf Milano Semi di Lino Conditioner, 250mL
  • Alfaparf Milano Semi di Lino Illuminating Cristali Liquid, 16mL 
  • Alfaparf Milano Illuminating Hairspray, 300mL
  • Gem Travel Hair Dryer
  • Shower Comb
  • $20 Salon Voucher

RRP: $29.95 (but valued at $145.85) – Available from Hairhouse Warehouse

What I Say:
This box costs $29.95, but the contents is valued at $145.85, which is amazing value. Even just getting the shampoo and conditioner for that price is a good buy, and in top you get all the other goodies too!!!

So let me tell you what’s in the box:

Alfaparf Milano Semi di Lino Diamond Shampoo and Alfaparf Milano Semi di Lino Conditioner

I have long wanted to try the Alfaparf Milano products, so this couldn’t have been better timing. And the products are just great! The shampoo lathers up easily and leaves the hair so soft, even before I add conditioner. And after I use the conditioner my hair just feels so silky soft and smooth. It is so easy to comb, and once dry, it is so shiny and healthy looking. I will definitely be buying these products again.

Alfaparf Milano Semi di Lino Illuminating Cristali Liquid

This Illuminating Cristali Liquid again comes at a perfect time, as the small size is just perfect to take with on our beach holiday. The liquid contains linseed extract to give the hair strength and shine and protect it from thermal treatment, while it leaves the hair silky soft and so incredibly shiny – and consequently so healthy too. And it can be used in both wet and dry hair. I love it!!

Alfaparf Milano Illuminating Hairspray

The inclusion of this Illuminating Hairspray couldn’t have come at a better time as I am just about to run out of my current one. With long hair, I don’t use hairspray to keep a crazy hairstyle in place, as my hair is simply too long and heavy for that, but it is good for keeping those annoying flyaways around the face under control, including when I have my hair in a pony. And I love that it leaves the hair with a such a nice healthy shine, yet without making the hair feel stiff or tacky.

Gem Travel Hair Dryer

I do have a rather large hair dryer, but have to be honest and admit that I rarely use it, as currently being a stay-at-home mum I mostly just let my hair dry naturally. But then each time I go away – without a hair dryer, I always end up wishing that I’d had one with me – and as we are just about to go on a kind of forced holiday, where we’ll be staying in a beach house for almost three weeks before moving into our new house, this small travel hair dryer will be perfect to bring along.

Shower Comb

Everyone keeps telling me that I should comb my hair in the shower while I’ve got conditioner or treatment in it – but as I have quite long and thick hair it just takes me too long to do in the shower as I am usually in such a hurry showering just before my husband has to leave to go to work in the mornings. So I am not sure I will get much use from this one, just you just never know…

$20 Salon Voucher 

This voucher entitles you to get $20 off any salon service of $100.00 or more. But as I already have a very good hairdresser that I’ve been seeing for over a decade, I am not likely to be using this voucher, so I might pass it on to a friend.

All in all, I really think this box is amazing, it is well worth the price, and the products included are fantastic too, so I think it is well worth getting one – or several each time Hairhouse Warehouse brings these type of boxes out. The only things in the box I wont be using is the comb and the voucher, but in turn I've been introduced to a new brand, that I will definitely be back to Hairhouse Warehouse to repurchase once I've finished up these products.

And the good thing is that the boxes vary each time and there are always several different ones to choose from so you always find one with paroduct to suit your hair. I already look forward to the next box Hairhouse Warehouse brings out!
*These products were kindly provided for consideration, and have been reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

What do you think of this Nourishment Collection Box? Have you tried any of these products? And have you ever bought one of these boxes?


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