24 March 2014

Product Review: ELES Mineral Makeup Dimensional Cake Liner & Brow Blender

A little while ago, I came home to a lovely surprise – a lovely package from ELES Mineral Makeup containing products to create their spring makeup look, Sixties Vibe. I will blog about each of the products in the package individually, but just couldn’t help showing how beautiful the package from ELES was, complete with floral garland and sixties style sunnies!

I have already reviewed the ELES Mineral Makeup Signature Shadow Quad in Debutante, and here are my thoughts on the *ELES Mineral Makeup Dimensional Cake Liner in Plum Crazy and the Brow Blender in Dark Taupe;

What They Say:

Dimensional Cake Liner : "Part matte, part shimmer! Pair the two to add definition and drama. Transform eyes with this professionally paired cake eyeliner duo that delivers high definition, real drama and true long lasting colour. Use the matte side to define; the shimmering side to dramatize. Hypoallergenic. Paraben and fragrance-free."

Brow Blender : "All-in-one ELES Brow Blender pencil creates soft, natural looking colour. The cap has built-in brush for blending and shaping."

RRP: Dimensional Cake Liner $39 available from ELES here, Brow Blender $42 available from ELES here

What I Say:
I have previously tried some makeup from ELES Mineral Makeup, including the Liquid Lustre, the Mineral Blush and the Powder Liner, and I so love these products and constantly reach for these products, so I was so excited when I received the new Spring Look for trial.

When I first saw this this Dimensional Cake Liner I thought it was an eye shadow, and it wasn’t until I read up on the product details that I realised that it was supposed to be used as an eyeliner. I normally use either a kohl pencil or a liquid liner so this was completely new to me!  And as I discovered that when it was used dry it is not very pigmented, but when you use a wet eyeliner brush, that is a completely different storey!

Dimensional Cake Liner in Plum Crazy includes a matte dark violet shade to define the eyes, and a dark purple with tiny pink and silver shimmer to add drama to the eyes.

I applied it by using a wet liner brush to first apply the matte shade in soft pressing motions along the upper lash line, and hereafter, without re-wetting the brush, pressing the darker shimmery shade on top to add more intense colour, shimmer and drama.
The matte shade to the left, while the right shade
has the darker shimmery shade added on top

While I am not overly keen on shimmery eye makeup, the shimmer in this Cake Liner is luckily so subtle, that I don’t mind it, although you can still build up the amount of shimmer by applying more ‘layers’ on top, as desired for a more dramatic effect.

The Brow Blender in Dark taupe is a very pigmented brow pencil, that makes it easy to line and define the brows – even thin and over-plucked ones like mine. The pencil is very pigmented and soft, so you don’t get very sharp lines, but rather soft more natural lines. Afterwards you can use the spoolie on the other end of the pencil to comb the brows into place and blend out the pencil to give the brows a defined, yet very natural look, that stays put all day.

What I like:
  • The products are easy to use
  • Very pigmented
  • Long Wearing
  • The Brow Blender creates well defined, yet natural looking brows
  • The Dimensional Cake Liner gives a unique look which can easily be built up and tailored to personal taste

What I Don’t Like:
  • Products are a little pricey
  • Only available for purchase from ELES

I am so used to using a black kohl pencil, but once I got used to applying the Dimensional Cake Liner I really fell in love with the result it gives you. It is actually quite easy to apply, and it is very pigmented, and it stays put all day.

The Brow Blender is also easy to use, and in an instant it transforms my over-plucked thin brows. It gives a very natural look, and like the Cake Liner, it stays put all day long!

Overall, ELES has yet again impressed me with the quality and uniqueness of their products, and I know that I will enjoy using these for months and months to come, so if you haven’t yet tried any products from ELES, I highly recommend that you check them out, you won’t be disappointed.
*This product was kindly provided for consideration, and it has been reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

Have you ever tried any of the makeup from ELES Mineral Makeup?  Do you use mineral eye shadows? Which ones are you favourites?


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