26 March 2014

Giveaway - Palmolive Ultra Divine Blends Dishwashing Liquid – Win a Year’s Supply

I don’t know about you, but I hate doing the dishes. Lucky to have a dishwasher, and would never be without one, but still there are daily dishes to be done, including pots and pans, and things too fragile to go into the dishwasher. Truth is that I am actually not doing the dishes very often – hubby often comments that I don’t ‘do the dishes very well’, so he usually ends up doing them. Score!! But regardless, I am so sick and tired of the same dishwashing liquids which have been available for decades. While they generally smell ok, they are just that – OK – and they don’t exactly make the chore of doing the dishes very exciting.

That was until Palmolive recently launched the Ultra Divine Blends Dishwashing Liquid.

There are two new fragrances available including; Violet & Apple Blossom and Vanilla & Berries. Along with their unique aromatic experience, Palmolive Ultra Divine Blends contains a rich formula which cuts through hard to move grease with ease – leaving your dishes sparkling clean, while still being gentle on the hands. The Dishwashing Liquid come in beautiful bottles, and they both smell amazing. The dishwashing liquids have an RRP of $3.49 (375mL) or $4.99 (700mL), and are available at Woolworths.


The Good news is that thanks to Palmolive, THREE lucky winners can win year’s supply of the Palmolive Divine Blends Vanilla & Berries Dishwashing Liquid,- which according to Palmolive equates to 5 bottles of 700ml dishwashing liquid. How cool is that! It not only means that doing the dishes will be a little more enjoyable, it also means that you can save you hard earned cash for something even more fun!!

Entry is very easy, simply follow the prompts in the Raffle copter widget below.

Note that this giveaway is open to AUSTRALIA ONLY (sorry to my international friends, but a new exciting International giveaway will be starting very soon.)

The giveaway begins today, the 26th March 2014 and 10th April 2014.

You will be banned from this and future giveaways if you're only following my blog on GFC, Facebook, Bloglovin, or SheSaidBeauty, because of the giveaways on my blog and un-follow straight after. So if you have previously been following my blog, unfollowed, and now wish to follow again, you are not eligible to enter this giveaway.

From contacted, the winners have 48 hours to respond with their address details. Failure to respond within this timeframe will result in a new winner(s) being drawn.

Also note that Palmolive will send the prize directly to the lucky winners, and I take no responsibility for lost, misdirected or damaged mail.

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  1. my teenage son is always wanting to be the first to try new things, hoping if I win this then it will encourage him to do the dishes more often!
    Narelle Rock

  2. No matter how much you try to cram into the dishwasher, there is always those extra few that don't fit or shouldn't be put into the dishwasher. Thus the dreaded washing up can't be avoided each and every night. At least I can get lost in the aroma of the lovely scents whilst washing away. I might even entice other family members to take on the job - nah, probably not!! (GFC - rm.newell, Bloglovin - bonnie-kate)

    1. I am hoping if I win this gorgeous washing up liquid will help me get my daughter to give me a hand with the washing up ♥

  3. I love Palmolive and it'd be a wonderful change from the plain old 'Lemon' scent!

  4. I hate cleaning dishes but i love clean dishes the scent of this new Palmolive dishwashing liquid would sure make me feel alot happier about being chief dishwasher day in and day out.

  5. GFC: Sheri
    email: sheriberrix@gmail.com

    I would like to win, as I have not tried other brands of dishwashing liquid other than one brand. I'm a fan of Palmolive's other products and would like to see how this one works out too.

  6. A years supply of PALMOLIVE would have hubby doing an amazing job with the dishes. Like you I'm not very good either.

    GFC & Bloglovin - Linda Courtney

  7. It'll be something to look forward when we finally find an overpriced house, since the husband hates doing dishes and we won't be able to afford a dishwasher... :(
    GFC: Abigail

  8. I am not a big fan of doing the dishes so having a new lovely fragranced washing liquid to try would make it feel like less of a chore.
    GFC: Amber Boyce

  9. Sounds lovely. Not that I enjoy washing up. :)

  10. Winning a year's supply of Palmolive dishwashing liquid would make doing the dishes much more enjoyable! I'm also planning on moving out soon with my partner, so this would be one less thing to worry about!

    GFC & Bloglovin: dawndugong

  11. when i saw the packaging initially, i thought it's a body wash! haha

  12. To win a years supple of Palmolive dishwashing liquid would be fantastic it smells yummy!! and save some money too
    GFC ke23
    email saekae at big pond dot net dot au

  13. This dishwashing liquid sounds so lovely it would really make washing up more Pleasant. I would love to win.
    Bloglovin: Stephanie Veljanovska

  14. I love Palmolive dish washing liquid, my favourite is the purple sensitive one. I wonder if "berries & vanilla" smells like a bubble bath? I would love to find out.

  15. My husband loves things that smell nice, I am hoping that he would open up one of these Palmolive detergents and love the smell so much it would make him just need to do the washing up!

    Kim maree

  16. I'd love to use dishwashing detergent that smells divine. It would make washing dishes much more enjoyable.

    GFC: Merryl
    Bloglovin: Merryl Donn (full name), merryl (username)

  17. I go through dishwashing liquid so quickly, this'd be awesome :D

    Bloglovin: Kelly Kraatz or kellzbellz

  18. I need dishwashing liquid which can get rid of grease properly while being gentle to my hands. Palmolive Ultra Divine Blends Dishwashing Liquid is what I'm looking for.
    GFC & Bloglovin': Melissa Jones

  19. I would love to try this scent"!


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