28 March 2014

Product Review: L'Oreal Age Perfect Cell Renewal Serum, Day Cream and Night Cream

I sadly cannot deny that I am at the age where anti-ageing skincare is a necessity. I have an 9 month old son – and it is no secret (you can read all about it here), that he was a long time coming… and well, I will do whatever it takes (well almost), to make sure that, when the time comes, his school friends won’t think I am his granny taking him to school every day – so when I was asked to trial the *L'Oreal Age Perfect Cell Renewal Serum, Day Cream and Night Cream, I happily accepted. Here are my thoughts;

What They Say:
"Age Perfect Cell Renewal Day Cream is a silky, nourishing cream for a sensorial experience and visible results and vital SPF protection. The skin regains new vitality and is perfectly hydrated. Immediately the skin is soft, supple and comfortable. Day after day, skin is regenerated, plumper, radiant and full of life."

"Age Perfect Cell Renewal Night Cream: Night after night, cells are regenerated and your skin is left feeling stronger, denser and full of life.  The skin regains restored vitality and is nourished with hydration.  Skin is soft, enriched and comfortable."

"Age Perfect Cell Renewal Serum: From the first drop, your skin is silky, illuminated and your complexion looks fresher. Day after day, vitality is restored and skin looks regenerated, plumper and more radiant."

L'Oreal Age Perfect Cell Renewal Serum: $49.95 (30ml)

L'Oreal Age Perfect Cell Renewal Day Cream: $44.95 (50ml)
L'Oreal Age Perfect Cell Renewal Night Cream: $44.95 (50ml)

Available from Priceline, Supermarkets, Variety Stores and Select Pharmacies

What I Say:

The products among others contain Natecium DHC - also known as the ‘Mother Cell Protector’, which is an active ingredient extracted from the peel of bitter oranges that offers high antioxidant power against free-radicals. It also contains SMS-Recharge stimulates ATP synthesis to revitalise cells, and Vitalline (Vigna seed extract) promotes cell communication and stimulates fibroblasts to produce Collagen.

In other words, the products specifically targets and protects mother cells to ensure their productive function remains potentialised.  The ingredients in the products both protect and maximise the power of mother cells, thus heightening the body’s ability to self-renew.  With the complementary combination of the active ingredients, Age Perfect Cell Renewal assists in the generation of 4 million new cells every day making skin fresher and full of life.

This L'Oreal Age Perfect Cell Renewal is specifically targeted for specifically targeted for 50-70 year olds, and while I do have quite a few years to go until I get there, as mentioned above, I feel my skin needs anti-ageing skincare products, but sadly, having combination skin, I feel that the products are way too rich for my skin, and within a short period of time the products make my skin congested and break out. And even more so if I use both serum, day cream, and night cream. However, after using the L'Oreal Age Perfect Cell Renewal products for over a month, I am happy to say that the products have not caused my skin to break out at all.

The serum, like most serums, come in a pump bottle, which makes it easy to dispense just the amount needed. And you only need a little. Just two pumps is more than sufficient for my face and neck, although when I do remember to apply to my décolletage as well (I am so bad at remembering), then an additional pump of the serum is needed.

The serum is very light weight and absorbs into the skin within seconds leaving it feeling so silky soft and smooth.
The golden serum has a tiny amount of golden shimmer particles throughout, yet it doesn’t leave your skin looking like a disco ball, but rather it gives it a nice radiance – which unfortunately is completely lost when you follow with a day cream and foundation. The serum has a lovely fresh floral scent, which does however fade quickly after the serum has absorbed into the skin.

I follow with the L'Oreal Age Perfect Cell Renewal Day Cream, which comes in a gorgeous squarish gold glass, which makes it look very luxurious, and more expensive than it really is!

The actual cream is very rich and thick, so again, I was initially concerned that it would make my combination skin feel even oilier, but within a few minutes the cream is completely absorbed into the skin, and my skin is left incredibly soft and smooth, and without feeling greasy, and it is perfect for use under makeup.

Like the Serum, the Day Cream has a gorgeous fresh floral, that does fade rather quickly – unfortunately I say, as I do rather like this scent!

I also like that the Day Cream comes with SPF15, although in the Australian climate, an even higher SPF would never go astray.

The L'Oreal Age Perfect Cell Renewal Night Cream come in same style gold jar as the day cream, and it has the same lovely fresh fragrance. The only difference is that it doesn’t contain SPF, and it has a thicker and more concentrated consistency.

It takes slightly longer to absorb into the skin, but like the day cream, it leaves the skin feeling extremely soft and smooth, and without feeling greasy. And when I wake in the morning, my skin so lovely and plumb, having clearly enjoyed the intense hydration.

And while my skin doesn’t feel greasy, and it didn’t as such make my skin break out, after using several nights in a row on top of the serum, I did feel that my skin was starting to get a little congested – so again out of fear that it would start breaking out, I started only using it every second to third night, which seems to work better on my skin.

In saying that, I did also trial these products in the high of summer with hot and humid days, which generally does make my skin greasier, and I consequently always use less heavy creams, or swap my night cream for a day cream without SPF for use at night, or sometimes use the serum on it own (even though I know the professionals say that it is a big no-no and you should always use a moisturiser on top to seal in the moisture!)

All in all I am really enjoying using these products, even in spite of the night cream being a little too heavy for my skin – but in saying that, I am also younger than the recommended age group, and secondly, being summer my skin is generally greasier, so I could only imagine that the night cream will be perfect, even for my skin, come winter when it tends to get a lot drier.

After using the product for about a month, I am really enjoying them, although it is still too soon to say whether the creams and the serum has actually helped strengthen my skin and regenerate the cells as claimed. However, I can say that I am loving how soft the products make my skin feel and look, and again, while I do not suffer from dry skin, the intense moisture has made my skin look so much better, and I feel as if small lines and wrinkles are less visible, possibly from being plumped out by the cream.

At $44.95 and $49.95, these creams and the serum, are at the pricier end of drug store brands, but in saying that I still feel that they are very reasonably prised for such high quality products, which could easily rival much more expensive high-end brands.

What I Like:
  • The gold packaging makes the product feel very luxurious
  • The gorgeous fresh scent
  • The products are concentrated and absorb immediately into the skin
  • The products don’t make my combination skin break out, except the Night Cream is a little too heavy for my skin to use during summer

What I Don’t Like:
  • The night cream is a little too intense for my combination skin for use during summer, so it would be lovely if a lighter version was made for oilier skin types
  • The cream comes with SPF15, but it would be nice if this was increased to SPF30+

Overall, these are great anti-ageing products, and given the slight results that I feel I’ve seen after a month of use, I can only imagine how impressive the results would be with continued use, and not mention, with daily use of the Night Cream as well! If you have ageing skin, I would hesitate recommending these products to you, like I would not hesitate to purchase them again, and I hope that one day a version for oilier skin types will become available, along with a matching eye cream.
*These products were kindly provided for consideration, and have been reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

What do you think of these Age Perfect Cell Renewal products from L'Oreal? Do you use anti-ageing products? Do you always use a cream up top of your serum?


  1. Wow they are at the pricey end most definitely x

    1. Yes, for L'Oreal they are, but compared to others on the market in the same quality, they are still cheap!

  2. i like on loreal that they really invest to design :)

    fashion blog http://www.sheistheone.ch/

    1. True, and I love that they do spend a lot on their R&D as well.


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