19 March 2014

February Favourites 2014

I have not done of these posts before. But I really like reading other beauty bloggers favourites posts. And trialling a fair share of products every month, while I genuinely love by far the majority of the products I trial, there are obviously products that I for one reason or another like more than others, and that I continue to use after a trial period, or keep going back to – and so I thought that it was time that I started doing a monthly favourites post too.

And yep, I am a little late, very late actually, posting the February post, but moving house and our internet provider stuffing up so now almost three weeks after moving in, we are still without internet in our new house (plus for the almost three weeks prior to that while we were living in a holiday house), explains all of that. And as I’ve had the post ready to go live, I thought that I’d go ahead and post it, even in spite of being almost a month late!!! So without further ado, here are the products that I have continuously reached for during February..

Neutrogena Rapidly Clear Blackhead Eliminating Daily Scrub*
I have always struggled with my skin breaking out, but luckily have managed to get it under control. Well most of the time. Having recently moved house, twice in a month, and the stress that came with it, and add to that we also in the process of getting a new house designed, has stressed my out skin a bit. Actually probably a little more than I like, as my skin has gone bonkers this last month. But I have found some help in the Blackhead Eliminating Daily Scrub from Neutrogena. This scrub is so gentle that it can be used daily. The small exfoliating beads helps remove dead skin cells, while the salicylic acid, helps clean deep down every pore removing excess dirt and oil, leaving my skin feeling less greasy, and simply soft and smooth.
RRP: $13.99 (125ml) - Available from Priceline and supermarkets

Palmer's Purifying Mask*

To further help clean my skin, I have also been relying on the Palmer’s Purifying Mask a few times a week. This mask contains kaolin clay to help draw out impurities and purify the pores, and after leaving it on for just 10 minutes, my skin free from all the excess oiliness that is otherwise plaguing it at the moment, and it is left looking healthy and smooth. Yet at the same time it also contains among others cocoa and shea butters, vitamin E and sweet almond oil, to help moisturise and nourish the skin. Used regularly, it simply helps makes my makeup stay put for longer without sliding off my face. It comes in a handy tube, and has the most gorgeous scent floral scent
RRP: $9.99 (120g) - Available from Priceline and supermarkets

Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer*

With all the breakouts, this past month I’ve also been relying on the Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer. The concealer is a unique two-toned concealer that allows you to custom-blend your own perfect shade to match your skin. And it easily covers redness, blemishes and age spots. And as it is so pigmented you only need to use so little, which also means that the result is very natural. And my combination skin also loves that it is an oil-free formula that stays put all day. Not cheap, but worth every cent!
RRP: $49 – Available from David Jones and Adore Beauty

Wella SP Color Save Mask*

I usually get my hair coloured at the salon 3 to 4 times a year. And I hate it. Well, I love the result, that’s why I keep getting it done, but I hate actually getting it done. I have very long and thick hair, and usually have very fine strands of hair coloured throughout my hair, which makes it look quite natural, but it is a process that takes several hours, and that’s what I hate. So I’ll do anything to protect the colour and prevent it from fading too quick and that’s where the Wella SP Color Save Mask is so brilliant. It not only helps keep my hair looking healthy but this hair mask has been created to protect coloured hair providing long-lasting colour brilliance and care against fading. It also includes UV Filters to shield against sunlight damage, beeswax for increased shine and olive leaf extract for its colour-retaining benefits, and of course, not forgetting ingredients to  moisturise and protect the hair from drying out.
RRP: $34 - Available from hair salons

L'Oreal Luminosity Code BB Cream*

I love multi-tasking products and this Luminosity Code BB Cream from L'Oreal is no exception. It is not only a BB Cream that helps cover imperfections, but it also works to helps to even out the skin tone. It contains Lumi-Gen technology, which is designed to regulate the skin’s pigmentation so the skin is more even day after day. The BB Cream doubles as a moisturiser and it is oil free and extremely lightweight has well as it is non-comedogenic, so perfect for my combination skin for wear on a hot summers’ day for a casual outing. It only has a very light coverage, but it is enriched with pearlescent light reflectors, so it leaves the skin with a lovely healthy glow, without being too shimmery or making the skin look shiny. And it is perfect to be used in combination with the Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer. The cream has a gorgeous gentle floral scent, and as a as an added bonus offers protection from harmful UV rays.
RRP: $29.95 –Available from Priceline, variety stores, selected pharmacies, department stores and supermarkets

Schick Quattro Papaya & Pearl*

I have to be completely honest and admit that I normally use an epilator to shave my legs, although I don’t use it under my arm pits, as I’m way too much of a chicken to do that. But moving house, I completely forgot to pack the epilator with the stuff I was taking with me to the holiday house, and that’s where this new shaver from Schick came in so handy. It has a whole four blades for a closer and smoother shave, and the tip is enriched with papaya and pearl to leave the skin feeling so incredibly soft. It comes with a handy suction cup holder for the shower and it has a cute coral colour. And I have to admit that I do love the smoothness of shaving my legs with a blade, especially now that it is still warm and I generally wear skirts or dresses, - the shave just doesn’t compare to using an epilator…. So I may just give my epilator a little holiday for a while..
RRP: $11.99 - Available from Priceline, variety stores, selected pharmacies, department stores and supermarkets

Palmer's Natural Bronze Instant*

I love summer and feeling the sun warm up my body, but having a baby means that this summer I’ve been less outside and in the sun than I normally am. That means my legs are somewhat paler than they usually are at this time of year, and that’s where the Palmer's Natural Bronze Instant is so brilliant. It is not only an instant tanner, it is also a self-tanner that gradually builds up a nice and natural looking tan, so it looks like I too have spent the summer at the beach.
RRP: $9.39 (250ml) - Available from Priceline, variety stores, selected pharmacies, department stores and supermarkets

Advanced Cosmeceuticals Magnifibres Brush-On False Lashes*
Once upon a time I had long lashes. No so anymore. These days I am so envious of my little 9 month old boy, whose lashes seems to grow longer and longer by the day. But lucky there is help to be found. These Magnifibres Brush-On False Lashes from Advanced Cosmeceuticals is brush on false lashes in the shape of a mascara wand. Simply apply a coat of your normal mascara, then follow by applying the brush with the cotton wool-like fibres onto your lashes, and finish off with a final coat of your normal mascara – and you are left with an incredible false lash effect, with lashes that are both longer and has more volume, yet looks natural. Perfect for someone like me who has not yet mastered applying false lashes! But I do have to admit that I did worry using the Magnifibres on my sensitive eyes, as they easily get irritated and water, and I feared that it would drop particles into my eyes, but I had no need to worry as that has not been the case. Combined with the casual look of the BB Cream, these Magnifibres takes my everyday makeup look to a complete new level.
RRP: $59.95 – Available from select stockists, or from Advanced Cosmeceuticals

FAB First Aid Beauty Lip Therapy*
During summer my lips always get so dry from the sun and from air conditioners too, but this summer, the Lip Therapy from FAB has come to the rescue. This little wonder product has kept my lips soft and hydrated, and after a day of sailing which resulted in chapped and dried out lips from the wind, it got my lips back to top shape in no time. It has a lovely fresh minty smell and feels cooling on the lips, and what’s even better is that it contains absolutely no chemical nasties, including no parabens or colourants.
RRP: $12.95 (14.8ml) – Available from Priceline

So there you have it – some of the products which I have particularly loved using in February. And stay tuned… I will be posting about my March favourites before you know it!!
*These products were kindly provided for consideration, and have been reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

Have you tried any of these products? Or any you’d love to try? Did you discover any new products in February?


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