11 November 2013

Product Review: Urban Rituelle Creativity Pink Grapefruit and Lime Zest Fragrance Diffuser

We recently put our house up for sale – when we started building it almost 7 years ago, we planned to stay for 5 years, but then I got pregnant and we decided to wait selling it until our little boy was born. But now it is simply time for a change…
And our house has now sold, and we have already looked at quite a few new houses, but not yet settled on one, which is stressing me out big time. But one of those things I hate when we go through houses for sale, is the smell of the people living there, what they had for dinner the night before and not to mention their pets. So when we put our house on the market, I wanted to make sure that our house smelt nice at all times, regardless of what food we have been cooking, and in spite of having two Labradors living inside, and apart from making sure that the house is aired daily, home fragrances come in very handy. Here are my thoughts on the *Urban Rituelle Creativity Pink Grapefruit and Lime Zest Fragrance Diffuser;

What They Say:
"A fresh, uplifting scent featuring the sweetness of Pink Grapefruit together with zesty Lime to help you harness your creative side. Inspire your senses & adorn your home in scented ambience with our spellbinding "Scented Offerings" collection. Drawing on a rich blend of scents that will ignite your mood & illuminate your heart, each luxurious "Scented Offering" is a gift of optimism and a thoughtful expression of gratitude. Choose from 7 unique scents that capture the sentiment you wish to share."

RRP: $34.95 (190ml) – Available from selected home and lifestyle stores, and Urban Rituelle Online

What I Say:
I have previously tried the Beachcomber Soothing Body Balm in Island Citrus from Urban Rituelle, and it is the most gorgeous body balm, so I was looking forward to putting the fragrance diffuser to the test.

I love the fact that Urban Rituelle is an Australian brand and that the products are Australian made too.

When I received the Urban Rituelle Creativity Pink Grapefruit and Lime Zest Fragrance Diffuser I was instantly impressed as it came packaged in a beautiful pink gift box, also making it perfect as a gift.


The actual diffuser comes in a large sturdy glass bottle with a decorative yet simple silver collar to hide the opening of the bottle. The bottle is sealed with a small clear plastic cap, which is very efficient at making sure there no leakages, but it is a little difficult to remove, so I had to enlist the help of a knife to wriggle it loose.

And as soon as I popped the reeds into the fragrance I could instantly smell the gorgeous and fresh fragrance, although the scent did intensify over the next few days as the fragrance absorbed into the reeds.

I absolutely love citrusy scents, it is my favourite scent, so this Creativity fragrance containing pink grapefruit and lime zest is just right up my alley, although I am not quite sure smelling it made me feel more creative!

The gorgeous scent immediately spread through the house – we have a rather large house, and even placing the diffuser in one end of the house, you could smell in the other end house as well, and as soon as you opened the front door.

Urban Rituelle claims that the diffuser will keep smelling gorgeous for a minimum of 4 to 6 months depending on air conditions and the frequency the reeds are turned, and so far after a month it is still going strong.

At one stage I placed the diffuser in our family room, and then I moved it upstairs on the landing near out bedroom, but unfortunately hubby is a little sensitive to strong fragrances as they give him bad hay fever, so I had to remove it and place it somewhere it was not too close to him. The diffuser ended up being placed in the downstairs powder room which is however very central in the house, and because the scent is still so strong, you can still smell it throughout the downstairs area.

But in saying that, I did use the diffuser with all the 8 reeds, and you can get a more subtle scent by using less reeds.

What I Like:
  • Australian brand with Australian made products
  • Simple yet stylish bottle
  • Fresh and refreshing citrus scent
  • Strong and long lasting scent of high quality and which doesn’t smell chemical or artificial
  • Well priced considering the high quality and how long it lasts

What I Don’t Like:
  • The clear plastic cap that seals the bottle can be tricky to remove

Overall I am so in love with this fresh and natural citrus scent that flows through my house, and while I love burning scented candles, I do like that this permanently scents my home without having to constantly remember to blow out the candles when I leave the house. I will enjoy this over the coming months, and when it nears an end, I will definitely repurchase.

* Product was kindly provided for consideration, and has been reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

Do you use scented diffusers in your home? Or maybe scented candles? Which scent is your favourite?


  1. Seems the only con is little worry about.. although the price may be a little too much for me! I'm more of a candle lover... but I will keep this mind since it is an Australian brand. Plus it seems like a great scent for the upcoming Summer!

    1. Yes, it is perfect for summer being so fresh and zesty - and it may be a little pricey, but does last you a long time! I've had cheap diffusers in the past, and they don't even begin to compare in either quality of the scent or the longevity.

  2. I'm really fussy with house smells. Our house had a really odd smell in our bathroom cabinet when we first moved in. So I kept a diffuser + fragrant sheets in there for a few weeks before putting my cosmetics in there to help remove it.

    I adore having candles and diffusers around the house. I've tried a UR candle, but never their diffusers.

    1. I love scented candles too, but do like the permanent scent that comes from the diffusers.

  3. I love a good diffuser, the ones in Dunelm mill are gorgeous although can be over priced.

    I've just discovered your blog and I'm your newest follower. I love your content.

    I'd be honoured if you could check out my latest blog post on my vintage inspired photoshoot and let me know what you think x


    1. I agree, I love a good diffuser too. I've never heard of Dunelm Mill before, but maybe they are just not available here in Australia!!
      And thanks heaps for visiting my blog, I'll make sure to check out your blog too!


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