23 November 2013

Product Review: Native Box November 2013

Once upon a time I didn’t put much thought into the products I was eating let along putting on my face and body. But when I was pregnant I suddenly made a conscious effort to be both healthier and use healthier skincare products too. Here are my thoughts on the Native Box November edition,


What They Say:
"We will send you a different Native box every month with the very best eco-conscious, healthy and safe products to nourish the body, mind and soul. At Native Box we feature Australian brands, big and small, that provide exceptional eco-friendly and sustainable products. We continuously scour the market, making it easier for you to make good shopping decisions that are better for you, your family and our planet…. together with Native Box, these brands help positive change happen!  5-10 products monthly (Full &/or Samples)"


1 month: $24.95 (shipping included)
3 months: $69.90 (shipping included)

12 months: $259.20 (shipping included)
– Available from Native Box

What I Say:
Not knowing much about the Native Box, I decided to do a little research, and I was so pleasantly surprised at what I discovered.

Native Box is committed to connecting its members with Australian businesses that provide exceptional organic and sustainable products, as they believe that each dollar spent on such products cast for a better world – and they genuinely believe that they can help shift the balance towards a better Australia and safer planet.

The Native Box is a monthly subscription box, and all products in the boxes have been selected after a set of strict product guidelines and business ethics criteria where they call on the wealth of scientific research available and look to industry experts and independent organisations for validation.

Native Box is also striving towards being a carbon neutral company who is responsible for zero greenhouse gas emissions, and are constantly looking for ways to reduce emissions and business waste whilst increasing efficiency by among others;
  • Box material and packing is made from recycled material
  • Encourage our members to re-use and up cycle their box
  • Use recycled and biodegradable products in the office
  • Buying locally produced goods reduces our carbon footprint
  • Encouraging members to make green lifestyle choices

Now on to what was in the November 2013 Box….

Fine Fettle Foods – Zuccini & Almond Flats – Sample Size

This pack of flatbread biscuits from Fine Fettle Foods is ‘Real Veg Squished into Snacks’ and they are just perfect to use as a savoury snack on their own or with a topping, but as they are so delicious that I personally are perfect on their own just as they are – in fact I can easily see myself buying these again as a healthy snack. They are organic, wheat free, vegan, gluten free and dairy free.


H2Coco Pure Coconut Water – Full Size
The coconut water from H2Coco is natural and fat-free and low calorie drink that re-hydrates the body and providing nutrients including potassium and electrolytes. This truly is such a refreshing drink on a hot summer’s day or after a workout and I love that there is no added sugar. It is also organic and gluten free. 

E-String Bags 100% Cotton Handle Carry Bag
This gorgeous net from E-String Bags is 100% biodegradable, reusable, recyclable and compostable. It comes in a selection of gorgeous colours, just check out this bright green one I got!! And it can hold up to 14kgs, yet it weighs a tiny 4grams!!! – Yep, just 4 grams!! This will be perfect to pop in your handbag to use in the supermarket or in the fruitshop – that’s where I’ll be using mine instead of the plastic bags, that are not only nasty to the environment, but are also never strong enough, and who doesn’t hate having to pick up all your fruit in the parking lot because your bag has torn!


Happy Skincare Cloud 9 Deep Cleansing Balm
This is a plant based organic cleanser from Happy Skincare that removes makeup, sunscreen and dirt and grime, while leaving the skin soft and moisturised. It is made from 100% natural sourced, and 85% organic ingredients, and it has the most divine citrus scent (my fave). It is also vegan and dairy free. I cant wait to test this one out!


Care You Love Persian Rose Moisturiser – Sachet Sample
This cream from Care You Love promises to deeply hydrate the skin with a rich calendula infusion and exquisite rose oils. The calendula infused with cold pressed kernel oil and made in small batches with love! This sounds amazing, and I am expecting it to smell absolutely divine so I cant wait to try it.

Finally the included sheet that provides information on all the products also made mention of Crafted 3 Vegan Merinques, but there were no product included, so I am not sure if maybe it was also supposed to be in my box?


Anyway, there you have it, the contents of the November Native box.

I am unsure of the RRP of the different products as unfortunately the info sheet doesn’t specify this, so it is difficult to say how the box performs in terms of value for money, but as I feel that all products are just sample sizes, apart from the H2Coco, which is a ‘cheapish’ item, and the string bag which I have seen on their website that you can purchase for $17.77 for a pack of 5 bags, - so unless I am wrong, I do find it a little difficult to see that the included products have a combined value of $24.95

But in saying that, I think that the box contains a great selection of products that I would otherwise possibly never have discovered. I will certainly look forward to trying the Cloud 9 Cleanser and the Persian Rose Moisturiser, and I have already popped the H2Coco in the fridge waiting for a hot day, and the string bag is in my handbag ready for the next shopping trip. And as for the Zuccini & Almond Flats, well, they’re vanished already, I may just have found a new favourite and healthy snack option – and for that this Native Box is priceless!
*This product was kindly provided for consideration, and it has been reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

What do you think of the products in the Native Box? Have you tried any of these products? Do you buy organic products? And eat healthy snacks?



  1. The name Native Box somehow seems off putting to me. I can't quite put my finger on why. Regardless of that, the products inside all look lovely. Too bad they were all samples though.


    1. I don't mind the name, I find that it is describing the contents and ideas behind the box very well!


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