30 November 2013

Product Review: Are you getting your Beauty Sleep?

I think we all know that Beauty Sleep is not just a dumb saying. You may spend a fortune on all the latest and greatest skin care products, but lack of a good night’s sleep can seriously wreak havoc with your skin, and make you look years older, making all those products a waste of money – and believe me, with a 5 month old baby, who even though he is such a good boy and sleeps through the night, I no longer get the sleep I need. 

And now to take things one step further Adairs has successfully combined luxurious comfort and cosmetic technology that delivers a truly dreamy sleep experience and a beauty routine so simple, you can do it with your eyes closed.

Adairs has simply developed a revolutionary new Beauty Sleep by SleepLab bedlinen makes the ability to get supple, smoother skin whilst you snooze, a reality.

Created by Lenzing, the leaders in fiber innovation, the silk-like 100% Tencel® natural fibre is enriched with Chitosan particles extracted from the shells of deep-sea crustaceans and embedded permanently in the fibre to create TencelC®. When in direct contact with your bare complexion, this revolutionary fabric maintains much-needed moisture content in your skin at a time when cell renewal is at its most effective.

"SleepLab is a brand that brings together quality and innovative products with a focus on health and wellness. SleepLab has made the romantic notion of 'beauty sleep' a reality with the launch of the Beauty Sleep bedlinen."
According to Dr Susanne Jary, Head of Global Home Textiles Marketing at Lenzing, beauty routines do not get any easier than this. "Our scientists have developed innovative manufacturing techniques that allow the TencelC® fibre to withstand regular washing without losing its cosmetic properties. This bedlinen is so cosmetically advanced that it can actually aid skin respite, regeneration and restoration whilst you sleep," says Dr. Jary.

The result is serious opulence and skincare revitalisation with very little effort thanks to TencelC®, a state-of-the-art fabric designed to bring you beautiful, radiant skin while feeling fresh and comfortable under the covers.

I have been so lucky to test *Beauty Sleep by SleepLab pillow cases for the past month or so, and I am loving them. Again, as any new parent would know, I don’t sleep well at night, always listening out for our little baby boy, so the Beauty Sleep Pillow Cases are certainly not to be blamed for dark circles under my eyes.

I have to admit that I did find it hard not to do my usual skincare routine but for the sake of testing these pillow cases out, I did skip applying my night time serum and cream for a couple of nights. And when I woke in the morning, I did notice that my skin felt nice, neither greasy or dry, but just so lovely, soft and smooth that you would never have guessed that I did skip the serum and moisturiser.

Another thing is that my skin mark and crease up very easily from the fabric on my pillow case being bunched up under me, and these marks and creases take a while to disappear in the mornings. But I’ve noticed with these Beauty Sleep pillow cases is that I no longer get these small creases on my face – and that instantly makes my skin look so much fresher in the mornings, and not as if I’ve just rolled out of bed, even though I might have!

At $99 for a pair, these pillow cases are not exactly cheap, but as the effects of the pillow cases are lasting, even after being washed again and again, I find it is a worthwhile investment – especially if you decide to completely skip your nighttime moisturiser, which I admittedly don’t think I could do on a permanent bass. I just look forward to the day my little boy is a little older and I can again get my required sleep, and experience the full benefits of these pillows.


Beauty Sleep by SleepLab is available in soft shades white, blue, moss, silver and string in the following variations:

  • 370 Thread Count King Bed Sheet Set: $299.95
  • 370 Thread Count Queen Bed Sheet Set: $269.95
  • Pillowcases Pair: $99.95
The Products are available exclusively at Adairs stores nationally.
*This product was kindly provided for consideration, and it has been reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy. 
What do you think of the Beauty Sleep products from Adairs? Do you get enough beauty sleep?




  1. Replies
    1. It almost sounds too good to be true, doesn't it, but it truly is fantastic!

  2. That's really awesome! Sometimes I think I need something like that at night. I've never heard of fabric like that before.


    1. It is pretty unique, so amazing!! Why didn't anyone think of this before!

  3. Wow this was totally new to me, i never knew such thing was possible but it does sound incredible! I'd sure like to try it :)

    1. It really does sound too good to be true, doesn't it!

  4. Wow I can't imagine how busy your life be with the new bub.
    These sound perfectly catered for new mums!

    1. My little boy is such a good boy rarely crying so I am not complaining at all. But in saying that, I am obviously a lot busier than before I had him!


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