20 October 2016


With two little boys, who are luckily now so old they can share their bath in the evening, - and prefer doing so needless to say that the amount bath toys is increasing by the day. I don't really mind, they are having fun, but tidying up is another story! Enter the adorable Boon Frog Pod Bath Organiser...

This adorable frog has a wall-mountable base that attaches to the wall (or as we've done it, to the bath), and it can easily be removed again without damaging the wall or bath. And it has a large removable scoop which makes it super fast and easy to collect all the toy - my boys now loves to help tidy up after their bath. And because it is huge, it holds so many toys, so it stores everything.

And what is so unique about this frog, apart from it being so cute and looking cool in the kids bathroom too with its bright lime green shade, - is that it has holes in the scoop that allows water and bath bubbles to easily drain out, as well as it allows the toys to air dry naturally - which essentially helps reduce the chance of mold and mildew build-up in the bath toys. 

The frog is made from BPA and PVC and is phthalate free, and again is easy to remove to clean. It is rather large - 31cm wide x 44 cm high x 19cm deep, so it does take up some room - and if you attach it to the bath, like we have, it does require a larger bath, especially if you like us, have two kiddies in the bath. But it is all worth it, and it not only makes tidying up quick and easy, makes a place to store all the toys for a more clutter free bathroom, keep the toys clean and healthier for longer - it is also an additional toy in the bath that the kids have so much fun with. WIN-Win - or should I say 'ribbit'!!

Boon Inc Frog Pod Bath Organiser - RRP: $59.95
Available from Toys r Us, Baby Bunting and select other baby and toy stores

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