11 October 2016


The last few months my skin has gone absolutely bonkers with breakouts. I've always struggled with my skin, ever since I was a teenager, and while I've learnt how to look after it to minimise breakouts, every now and again I do get a flare up, even at the age where anti-ageing products should be the only products on my bathroom shelf! So I was also happy to put some products from Avene to the test to try combat the breakouts and get my skin under control again.. Here I'm going to talk about the Avene eau Thermals Cleanance Micellar Water and the TriAcneal Expert Emulsion.

The Avene Eau Thermale Cleanance Micellar Water is a makeup remover that doesn't need to be rinsed off, while still removing makeup, impurities and excess.

It claims to remove all makeup from face and eyes, including waterproof makeup, but I have to say that I do struggle a little bit with the mascara, and have been resorting to specific eye makeup remover. But as for the rest of my makeup, including long-wearing foundation, it removes in a single swipe or two with a soaked cotton pad. It leaves my skin soft and clean and refreshed and also mattified, and I can tell that it is also removing any excess sebum, especially from my t-zone area, yet without irritating my skin or making it feel dry or tight.

Over time, the Cleanance Micellar Water promises to help regulate the over-production of sebum, as well as soothe the skin with its anti-irritating benefits, and I can certainly feel that my skin is less greasy. 

I've also liked using it in the mornings, as sometimes when I get up, having two toddlers, it is just go-go-go, which can make it difficult to find the time to properly wash my face. But with this Cleanance Micellar Water I can simply swipe it over my skin, and I know it will gentle remove any 'gunk' and grease that has developed during the night. 
At night time, I've been using the Avene Eau Thermale TriAcneal Expert, which is an evening moisturiser that comprehensively targets blemishes, marks and is suitable for adult acne, so perfect for my skin.
The moisturiser contains among others; 
  • Diolényl to help limit the proliferation of skin bacteria, reduce redness and eliminate spots and blackheads
  • X-Pressin to smooth the skin texture
  • Retinaldehyde, a Vitamin A derivative, that has a rejuvenating effect which helps to unblock pores, reduce residual marks and gives added anti-ageing benefits  
The yellow cream has a slightly odd scent, but as it fades quickly, I can certainly tolerate it. Unlike many night creams, it has a light consistency and absorbs quickly into the skin, leaving it with a soft, yet mattified finish.
Often I find that when I use night creams, they are very thick and rich, too heavy for my combination skin, and I wake in the morning, with skin that's feeling greasy and congested. But that is not the case with this cream. My skin still feels matte in the morning, and at the same time, also moisturised, and far from dried out - something most other blemish creams seem to do.
But what's more, after using this cream nightly for just a few days, I started noticing that I wasn't getting as many breakouts, - I still got some, but not to the same extent, and also a lot smaller too and not those big lumpy ones. And what also impressed me, is that the cream, in such a short period of time has reduced redness and marks from previous blemishes and even old acne scars appear somewhat reduced. So in general, my skin is simply looking so much clearer and healthier. I'm truly impressed, so I already know that I will be purchasing this cream again and again -and if you too struggle finding a good moisturiser for your acne prone skin, one that treats and doesn’t dry out your skin or irritate it, then I highly recommend that you check it out too. And what's even better, is that both products are very budget friendly too.   
Avene Eau Thermale Cleanance Micellar Water - RRP: $34.95 / 400ml
Avene Eau Thermale TriAcneal Expert - RRP: $26.95 / 30ml
Available from Priceline and select pharmacies
* Products have been kindly provided for consideration, and have reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.


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