21 October 2016


It doesn’t matter how much in a hurry I am after my morning shower, I always coat my skin in moisturiser afterwards. I don't really suffer with dry skin, but I know that if I don't take a few minutes to do this, my skin does become itchy, and eventually dry, so well worth the time. One of those brands I've always reached for is Vaseline, as the products are not only super efficient but also super affordable. Today I'd like to share with you three different favourites..

Let's start with one of the newest launches, the Vaseline Intensive Care Aloe Soother. This moisturser contains a unique wonder jelly with micro droplets in an aloe vera soothing lotion designed to moisturise and restore the appearance of dry, irritated skin, all while calming the skin at the same time. The moisturiser does take a moment or two to absorb into the skin, but when it has, it leaves the skin soft and supple, and without any greasiness. And what I really like is that it has the most gorgeous fresh green scent lingering on the skin for a while. Because of the aloe contents in this moisturiser , it is also to be perfect for soothing skin that has been burnt in the sun (not that I'm planning on that to happen this summer!)

Then there's the Vaseline Healthy Radiance Ultimate 10 Anti-Ageing Lotion. With my ageing skin, in terms of skin benefits, I have to admit that this body moisturiser is my favourite. It boasts a massive 10 anti-ageing benefits including reduced wrinkles, firmer feeling skin, even skin tone, hydration, reduction of dark marks, refining skin texture, and simply a more radiant, soft and younger looking skin. It contains among others vitamins B3, AHA and Pro-Retinol and, and it really leaves my skin soft, and I feel that continued use does make it look softer and more even - dry knees and elbows are gone, and the skin on my chest seems to be healthier - but as an added benefit, I actually also feel that I seem to be getting less small pimples on my shoulders, no doubt thanks to the added AHA which would give my skin gently exfoliation to keep my pores open and clear. It also has a gorgeous scent, though this one a more gentle floral scent.

Finally, there's the fragrance free Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Strength Lotion body moisturiser, which is slightly different in that it comes in a spray can. This formula is specifically designed for very dry and sensitive skin types, and it is very moisturising, containing 2x more moisturisers than other Vaseline body moisturisers.

In spite of being so moisturising, it is surprisingly light, and is sprayed onto the skin, almost like a foam, which is easy to spread and absorbs very quickly and without any greasy residue. The spray obviously does make it easy to reach hard to reach areas on the body, although you still have to massage the cream into the skin!

Personally I do prefer the standard bottles of body moisturisers, but do have to say that I like this super moisturising formula, which has done wonders on especially my dry shins. And while I do love a nice smelling cream, I also enjoy a fragrance free version that doesn't clash with my perfumes.

So there you go, three different body moisturisers from Vaseline. As I started out saying, these are all favourites, simply because I find it to difficult to pick a favourite as individually they all have merits… I love the fresh green scent of the Aloe Soothe, the Advanced Strength Spray moisturiser is perfect if you feel your skin is getting a little dry or you want to go fragrance free, and finally, the Ultimate 10, has some great anti-ageing benefits and does make my skin super smooth thanks to the added AHA.

Vaseline Intensive Care Aloe Soother - RRP: $7.99 / 225ml
Vaseline Healthy Radiance Ultimate 10 Anti-Ageing Lotion - RRP: $7.99 / 225ml
Vaseline Intensive Care Spray Moisturiser Advanced Strength - RRP: $9.99 / 190g

Available from Priceline, Variety Stores, and selected pharmacies and selected supermarkets

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