9 October 2016


Today it's yet again time to get my 3 year old boy to assist with a toy feature, which today is about the Brio Train Station Set from Childsmart. A few weeks ago I was telling you all about the Brio Airplane Boarding Set (read about it here), and how much my boy has been enjoying playing with it, and how adding the plane to his existing train set, suddenly ignited the love for everything again. It has been a month now, and these toys are still amongst his favourite, so he was very excited when he was also asked to have a play with the Brio Train Station… 

This adorable little train station has a modern design made from a combination of timber and plastic, and it has a ticket machine that makes a sound - 'ka-ching' -when you purchase a ticket, which is activated when you push the little man onto the red spot/button on the floor in front of the machine. The train station also has sliding doors, so passengers can wait indoors out of the weather, resting on the red sofa.

And there is even thought about the luggage, with a luggage lockers in the waiting area (my 3 year old quickly discovered this by himself, I hadn’t noticed, goes to show how observant they are!), and there's even a train map on the doors. It also comes with a train-track piece so it can attach to your existing train set, a travelling man and his blue suitcase.

This Train Station is intended for kids aged 3+, and our little boy, aged 3 years and 3 months, is having so much fun role-playing with it, playing that he buying a train ticket to catch the train to the city, with his heavy suitcase. Sometimes he is also 'pushing' a button on the ticket machine to tell security that he has lost his ticket (hahaha, mummy lost her parking ticket at a recent trip to the city, and had to inform security via the inbuilt phone in the pay machine!) 

As with all the other Brio sets he already has, I know that he, and his little brother will continue to have fun with these toys, as they are so well thought out that they just spark their imagination for continuous play day after day. And as the quality is, like all other Brio toys, second to none and so beautifully made with so many thought out details, I also know that these toys will last, and surviving little boys being a tad rough with them, and even dropping them on the floor over and over.


So if you're little one is as crazy about trains as my little boys, then I highly recommend that you check out this Brio Train set, - it will keep them entertained for hours, and in turn give you some quiet time too, win-win!! 

Brio Train Station 33745 - RRP: $47.95

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