18 February 2016


A little while ago I received a huge parcel from Physicians Formula containing all their new product releases. And trust me when I say that there were a lot. So it has been a bit of an issue to decide not only which product to try first! Here are my thoughts on the Powder Palette Multi-Coloured Custom Blush for Blondes and Brunettes

What They Say:
Ultra-Glam Bombshell Glow! Complements your hair colour. The Perfect Blush for Your Hair Color. Versatile & Glamorous Glow.

RRP: $21.95 – Available from Priceline

What I Say:
So these new Powder Palette Multi-Coloured Custom Blushes have been designed specifically to compliment your hair colour, whether you have blonde or brunette hair, as they will enhance your skin tone and play up your hair colour.

Both of the blushes have a beautiful hexagon design pattern that features both warm and cool pearlescent colours that give your skin a radiant finish and will highlight your cheekbones. At first glance the two blushes look quite similar, but at closer look you will notice that the shade designed for blondes have more cool tones in the mix, while the shade for brunettes features more warm and golden shades.
I’ve tried both of the shades, and with brunette hair, the shade for brunettes should consequently suit my skin better. I tend to agree, and that it also does give my skin some more warmth, but in saying that, I also didn’t mind the lighter shade for blondes, possibly because it is in the middle of winter here now, and my skin consequently is quite pale.

The actual powder is light I consistency, and it does wear quite well during the day, without fading or making my skin shine. And although it does have a pearlescent sheen, it merely gives the skin nice glow without being over the top.
Physicians Formula also mentions that you can use the blushes both dry and wet – dry with a brush, and wet with a damp sponge for a more defined and dramatic look. Personally I found that I got plenty of definition and colour by using it dry with a brush, so I have to admit to not having tried to use it wet!

At first the blushes go on quite sheer, but it is easy to build up the colour, so you do have to be cautious not applying too much – and especially if you use enclosed brush..

The blushes come in bright pink and very girly packaging, that has a hidden compartment that houses a brush, as well as it has a mirror, and both are great for any touch ups on the go during the day. However, as I believe to have mentioned in previous Physicians Formula reviews, I do find their brushes a little stiff, and that they quickly ‘scratch up’ the powder, and you consequently lose a bit of powder with each use, as well as I find that it is more difficult to blend the blush and you apply too much by mistake. So I therefore prefer to use the blushes with my own softer blush brushes, but on the other hand if you haven’t got a suitable brush, or do like to be able to apply the blush when you’re on the go, then you cannot complain about it being included..

Overall, these are lovely blushes, and I’m surprised to admit that it really does make a difference which shade you use. So if you are after your perfect blush shade, Physicians Formula has basically taken all the guesswork out for you to ensure you pick the right shade. How brilliant is that!
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