15 February 2016


The brand Paula’s Choice has been around for quite some time, but only just recently launched in Australia. Here are my thoughts on the All Bases Covered Foundation, Brow-Defining Cream Duo, Maximum Impact Mascara and the Gentle Touch Makeup Remover;


What They Say:

All Bases Covered Foundation: This lightweight, creamy foundation offers light to medium coverage, evens out skin tone and protects.
RRP: $30 (30ml) – Available from Paula’s Choice 

Brow-Defining Cream Duo: Show off those brows like never before. With two mixable shades, you can create your perfect eyebrow colour for fuller, thicker-looking, smudge-proof brows.
RRP: $31 – Available from Paula’s Choice 

Illicit Lash Maximum Impact Mascara: I’m shutting my eyes on clumpy lashes. Sweep this smudge proof mascara on with the specially designed rubber brush for long, beautifully separated lashes.
RRP: $21 – Available from Paula’s Choice 

Gentle Touch Makeup Remover: Give old makeup the rub, without the scrub. This dual-phase solution takes off even waterproof mascara quickly and gently. Reduces puffiness too.
RRP: $20 (127ml) – Available from Paula’s Choice

What I Say:
I’ve heard a lot about Paula’s Choice products from overseas bloggers, but never had a chance to try any of the products myself. So when the products launched in Australia and I was offered to trial a selection of their products, I happily accepted.

The All Bases Covered Foundation is a foundation that is designed for dry to very dry skin, and I have to say here that technically it is not the right fit for my combination skin. However, I still like this lightweight foundation that absorbs quickly into my skin and gives it a nice dewy finish and a natural look. It is easy to apply and blend with your fingers, and it has a good coverage, covering minor pigmentation and redness, leaving my skin looking more even. The coverage can easily be built up to medium with an extra layer on the required areas. However, with increasing pigmentation (not helped by being pregnant) and some old acne scars, I do feel I still need to use a concealer to cover these areas, as well as darker circles under my eyes.
The foundation can supposedly be used on its own, without using a serum and moisturiser prior, but I have to say that even with my combination skin, I wouldn’t skip my daily moisturiser. The foundation also has a mineral based UVA/UVB SPF 25 to protect skin from the sun’s damaging rays.
The All Bases Covered Foundation doesn’t seem to make my skin break out, and lasts fairly well on my skin without settling into fine lines, although I do need to ‘powder’ my nose and t-zone area by the afternoon – but again, I think that is mainly due to my combination skin, so I am sure it would stay put better on the normal to dry skin types as it is intended.

The Brow-Defining Duo is a cream duo intended to be used to fill in sparse brows and make them look fuller and more defined. To be honest, I haven’t always used brow products, but years of over-plucking means that my brows now are thinner than I like them to be, so brow products are not a part of my daily routine too. The Brow-Defining Duo comes with two shades, a lighter and a darker shade as well as a double-ended brush with an angled brush in one end and a small spoolie in the other. The angled brush is perfect to use to apply the cream definer, and you can either use the shades individually or combined for the perfect colour match. Here after you use the spoolie to help shape and brush the brows into place.

The Brow-Defining Duo is easy to use – although I do admit to using a ‘mascara-style’ brow product on the days where I’m in a hurry – but in saying that I do like the more refined results that this duo gives my brows. The cream seems to have a bit of wax included too, so your brows stay in place all day, as well as the colour of course stays put too, without running or smearing.

The cute little compact also comes with a small mirror so you can apply, or touch up on the go if you like. The only other thing I could have wished was included would be a small brow stencil, which would have been very handy for a brow novice like me!

Next is the Illicit Lash Maximum Impact Mascara. I have very sensitive eyes that easily gets irritated and water, so in general I tend to wear waterproof mascaras to avoid the panda look occurring during the day. The Illicit Lash Maximum Impact Mascara isn’t waterproof, but claims to be smudge proof, which I can vouch for as it did stay put even after my eyes had been watering. It has a large flexible rubber brush that makes it easy to reach and coat every single lash, even the smallest of lashes in the corners of your eyes, and it nicely separates and defines the lashes without any clumps. I also like that it keeps the lashes feeling soft, unlike many other mascaras. 2-3 coats of this mascara gives your lashes a nice look, with both volume and length and a touch of curl, but I wouldn’t go as far as to call it Maximum Impact as the name of the mascara suggest – however, still, it is a great mascara for every day wear, and it doesn’t irritate my eyes and stays put all day with is a great bonus.
Finally, the Gentle Touch Makeup Remover is a dual-phase makeup remover that you shake before use, and then apply to a cotton ball before removing your makeup. It claims to easily remove even waterproof mascara quickly and gently, as well as reduce puffiness! I did find that it was struggling a little removing a waterproof mascara, and that I had to go over it a few times for my lashes to be completely clean, but in saying that, it easily and in just one swipe removed the Illicit Lash Maximum Impact Mascara and the Brow-Defining Duo. I am also not really sure about it reducing puffiness around the eyes, but I also don’t really expect a makeup remover to be able to do so, rather something I’d expect from an eye cream! However all in all, I do like this makeup remover. It is quite gentle, and doesn’t irritate or sting in my eyes, and doesn’t leave my eye area feeling greasy or sticky.

All in all I am enjoying these products from Paula’s Choice. They are all of a high quality and at the same time very reasonably priced. The standout product for me is definitely the Brow-Defining Duo, which I am really enjoying, although in saying that, I do enjoy the other products as well. So I certainly wouldn’t mind adding a few more makeup products to my collection, and particularly love the look of the Blush Palette and the Nude Eyeshadow Palette…

Have you ever tried any of the products from Paula’s Choice? Any recommendations?
* Some products may have been kindly provided for consideration, and have reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

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