20 February 2016


As a beauty blogger I get very excited when I come across new brands and products, and one of those moments was when I was introduced to Lycogel.

Lycogel makes treatment foundation products that combine cosmetic products with skincare technology, and thanks to containing powerful and active ingredients including vitamins, hyaluronic acid, anti-oxidants and peptides, the products allow the skin to breathe through the makeup, while delivering oxygen, moisture and nutrients to the skin, and promoting healing of damaged skin.

The products are designed for all skin types, including sensitive and those trying to cover eczema, blemishes, rosacea and other skin conditions, and can also be used immediately after cosmetic procedures. And as the products are anti-bacterial and do not clog up pores, they are luckily also suitable for my combination skin prone to blemishes.
And I have to say that this is music to my ears, wearing makeup almost daily, I do like it when my skin actually benefits from the makeup products, as much as were they skincare products.
I tried the Breathable Tint and the Breathable Concealer, but there is also a Breathable Camouflage and a Breathable Balm available in the Lycogel range.
The Breathable Tint promises a luminous light coverage that gives skin a vibrant glow. Contains SPF 30 and is available in 4 shades” I tried shade 2 which is a perfect match for my medium beige skin tone. The tint is very light weight, and perfect for my skin during summer where it tends to become even greasier. It absorbs quickly into the skin and giving it a light coverage, yet still manages to even out any redness in my skin, hide broken capillaries, smaller blemishes and pigmentation. And it feels incredible on the skin, you can really tell that it allows skin to breathe, and hence you almost forget that you are wearing it. Often on hot days, I feel that many of my other foundations are clogging up my pores, and definitely not allowing my skin to breathe, so this tint is a definitely a winner for me – also because it actually stays put on my skin all day without needing too much of a touch up, apart from the t-zone area, but that’s pretty standard. I also love the fact that it has SPF30 so I know my skin is protected from the sun’s harsh rays.

To cover dark under eyes circles, and those larger areas of pigmentation, age spots, birth marks and blemishes, the Breathable Concealer is a perfect addition providing maximum coverage. It comes three shades, where the shade Medium, again is a good match for my skin. And it really does a good job at camouflaging those imperfections, yet without looking like it has been caked on.
Overall I am really enjoying using these products as they cover up imperfections in my skin, all whist giving my skin a very natural look and treating it at the same time. Win-win!

The Lycogel Breathable Tint has an RRP of $125/30ml and the Breathable Concealer an RRP of $85.60/7ml – For stockists visit Advanced Cosmeceuticals
* Some products may have been kindly provided for consideration, and have reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

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