10 February 2016


I love burning scented candles in my home, as it not only create a lovely atmosphere, but the scent that spreads throughout the house, also helps mask the smell of our dogs and what we had for dinner!!! Today I’d like to share with you my thoughts on the Crème De Peche candle from Voluspa;


What They Say:

Uniquely, each Voluspa candle is triple scented using a natural coconut and apricot wax blend that burns cleanly and evenly every time. The candle is made with 100% cotton wigs, and without phthalates, parabens, and sulfates. Packaged in a custom embossed glass with a signature Japonica metallic box. Each creation has been lovingly hand poured in the USA using a natural coconut and apricot wax formulation. Burn time is 50hrs.

RRP: $34.95 (17g) – Available from Saison 

What I Say:
I love the fact that the candles from Voluspa are hand poured using natural coconut and apricot wax, a have a cotton wig, which also means that they burn very well, - in fact for over 50 hours, and that is without the dreaded smoke that discolours your walls and ceiling! I also love that they are made without the chemical nasties including phthalates, parabens or sulphates, and of course not tested on animals either.

The actual candle has one wick, will even give your room a nice scent unlit, but as soon as you start to burn it, the scent spreads quickly throughout your house, and lasts for a while even after the candle has been blown out.

The Crème De Peche candle is scented with Asian White Peach, Nectarine and crushed Vanilla Bean, and has a beautiful fresh fruity scent that is neither too strong or overwhelming or too sweet either.

The candle comes in a very attractive floral embossed glass that looks so beautiful on display, but will be just as perfect to reuse for flowers or knick-knacks once the candle is gone, or how about using it for your makeup brushes! It also comes in a stunning black and peach coloured box that has been embossed too with a gorgeous floral design.
Overall this is a beautiful candle, and I can definitely see myself purchasing more candles in the future, as well as they’re a perfect gift idea too!

Do you burn scented candles in your home? Which scent is your favourite? Tried any of the candles from Voluspa?
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