16 February 2016


Today I’d like to bring focus to a makeup brand that I’ve just come across, The Organic Skin Co.


Never heard of the Organic Skin Co before? I hadn’t either, so I was pleasantly surprised when I realised that it is a makeup line produced for World Organic, a family run company from New Zealand. And common for all the products, as the name suggests, is that they are made with the aim of producing natural products of the highest quality, where the majority of the products are made from at least 70% organic ingredients.

The Organic Skin Co The Luminous Liquid Foundation

This foundation comes in an easy to use pump bottle and the actual foundation is light and is easy to apply and blend into the skin. It gives the skin a medium coverage, easily covering minor pigmentation, blemishes and redness, while a concealer is required for my larger areas of pigmentation and dark circles under my eyes (both no doubt not made any better by being almost 38 weeks pregnant!)  And while the foundation gives the skin a medium coverage, it still manages to make my skin look very natural and give it a nice radiant glow, without looking to shimmery. It lasts quite well on my combination skin throughout the day without settling into fine lines or changing colour, and only requires a quick touch-up for by the afternoon, but that is pretty standard for my skin type. It has a slightly odd scent, which however quickly fades, but I put it down to not containing any artificial fragrances, but rather being chock full of organic antioxidants, oils and minerals that care for the skin as you wear it. Made with 72.95% organic ingredients. Available in 4 Shades. RRP: $49.00 (30ml)

The Organic Skin Co Sun Kissed Bronzer

This Sun Kissed Bronzer is a BB Bronzing cream that gives the skin a light, natural suntanned look with a nice healthy glow. The actual cream is like a bronze glittery cream and it is full of light-reflecting mica and mineral pearls that give the skin the glowing radiance. On its own it doesn’t give the skin much coverage, so I find it is best used on top of your usual foundation on certain areas of the face and decollete, as if used all over, I find that it can be a little too much. It is also very concentrated, so again, you only need to use the tiniest amount, but thanks to the nifty pump bottle, it is easy to dispense even a very small amount. The Bronzer has been enriched with cold pressed oils and as well as botanicals to help moisturise and condition the skin. Unlike the foundation, it has a beautiful scent of orange. It is made from 71.43% organic ingredients. RRP: $47.00 (30ml)

The Organic Skin Co Botanical Loose Mineral Foundation


This loose mineral powder foundation has been infused with botanicals including calendula and pomegranate to help regenerate and nourish the skin, as well as it includes kaolin clay that helps draw out impurities and absorb surface oils. The foundation is best applied with a large brush such as a kabuki brush. It only gives the skin a very light coverage, although you can build it up slightly where needed, while still looking very natural and soft look, and far from cakey or powdery like many other powder foundations. And it really does stay put all day, without settling into my fine lines and without the dreaded mid-afternoon, so no doubt the added kaolin clay does prove beneficial. In saying that, I would have loved it to have a slightly better coverage to cover my increasing pigmentation, and old acne scarring, so consequently I have instead been enjoying using it on top of the Luminous Foundation, which works wonders, and when applied first thing in the morning, it makes the foundation stay shine free all day too. Made from pure minerals and botanicals. Available in three shades plus a translucent. RRP: $42.00 (6.5G)

The Organic Skin Co Cream Blush

This soft cream blush is so quick and easy to use. You simply dab your finger tip into the jar and blend it into the apples of your cheeks for a natural flushed look, but while being cautious not to apply too much as it is quite pigmented. The cream blush has been made with pure minerals, organic cold pressed oils and extracts from calendula and pomegranate to not only nourish and care for your cheeks, but give them a natural radiant finish at the same time. I tried the shade Lotus, which is a rich berry shade, that in the pot looks quite large, but once blended onto the cheeks, it gives a natural pink look. The cream blush wears quite well during the day, without sliding or fading too much. I also found that the cream blush worked quite well as a lip stain, so you can simply wipe off any excess from your fingers onto your lips. And it feels quite comfortable to wear on the lips too, although the wear is naturally shorter. Made with 73% organic ingredients. Available in 3 shades. RRP: $29.00

The Organic Skin Co Pressed Eye Shadow Palette


I tried this eye shadow palette in the shade Espresso love, which is as the name suggests a palette with brownish shades. It contains four matte shades, including off white, a pale dusty pink, a mauve as well as a dark chocolate brown shade. And all the shades complement each other perfectly, and can be used either individually on their own for a simply daytime look, or in any combination for the perfect smoky eye.

The eye shadows have a soft and smooth consistency, and are easy to apply with an eyeshadow brush, with minimal fallout, and while they are quite pigmented so that you can build up the colours to be quite intense, you can also apply them lightly for just a sheer wash of colour. They also stay put, and don’t settle into fine lines during the day. Made with pure minerals and extracts. Available in four different colour combinations. RRP: $55.00 (8g)

The Organic Skin Co Lipstick

These lipsticks are made with carnauba wax, which helps protect the lips, even when exposed to changes in temperatures, and are consequently they also very creamy and feel very nourishing and moisturising on the lips, and hence also extremely comfortable.   I tried the shades Summer Sands and Sahara. Summer Sands is a soft pale pink, with a touch of shimmery sheen, and it is the perfect shade for those who prefer a barely there nude shade, and perfect for casual everyday wear or if you want to downplay your lips!
The Sahara shade on the other hand is a warm red shade, again with a touch of subtle shimmer, and it is my favourite of the two shades – but only because I prefer to wear just a little more colour than the Summer Sands shade provide. I simply find that the Sahara shade works perfectly for me, whether is casual daytime wear, or a night out, giving my lips colour, but without being too bold!

Common for both shades is that they last a few hours on the lips, although the darker Sahara shade has a longer wear because of the darker pigments. I would have loved them to have a longer wear, on the other hand, I wouldn’t want to compromise on how lovely moisturising they feel on the lips, or that they are 100% natural and made with 70% organic ingredients, it really doesn’t get much better than that. Available in 10 shades. RRP: $31.00

All the Organic Skin Co makeup products come in stunning packaging featuring dark brown plastic bottles and jars that are so heavy duty that you could mistake them for being made of glass. But what’s even more unique is that they ae all featuring bamboo lids, which make then look absolutely stunning – and very appropriate for the natural and organic products.
Overall, I am really enjoying using all the products that I’ve tried as they are all lovely, but if I had to select a few favourites, it would have to be the Botanical Loose Mineral Foundation, the Cream blush, the Eyeshadow Palette and the Lipstick. – But in saying that I wouldn’t hesitate purchasing either of the products again or try some of the other products from the range, which also includes a lipgloss, individual eyeshadows, and a liquid eyeliner.

All the Organic Skin Co products are available from World Organic 
* Some products may have been kindly provided for consideration, and have reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

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