10 March 2015


With long, thick and straight-ish hair, I don’t use sea salt spray very often, as I simply have too much hair for it to really have an effect and make a difference. Still, I like having some at hand. I like using it to spray generously through my long hair at night before going to bed. And while my hair is still damp from the spray, I put my hair into a tight plait. The next morning I wake with lovely loose casual curls, that with a quick mist of hairspray stay put all day. I also love using sea salt spray in my little boy’s hair. His blonde hair is so thin and fine that gel doesn’t do much, while the sea salt water adds a little texture and a tousled look to his hair. These are the Sea Salt Sprays I’ve enjoyed using lately;

MUK Beach MUK Sea Salt Spray


Out of today’s selection, the Beach MUK Sea Salt Spray is giving the hair the most matte texture, but I don’t mind, as it is a refreshing change, as if I am not using Sea Salt Sprays, I am usually using heaps hair oils that adds shine to the hair! I love that this one is both oil and silicone free, and it has the most gorgeous fruity scent. The spray can be used in both wet and dry hair, and just a few sprays into my straight and limp hair, and pronto, I’ve got some much needed volume and texture, yet without making my hair feel dry or sticky.

RRP: $24.95 (250ml) – Available from Hairhouse Warehouse and Price Attack

Bangstyle Light Sea Salt Mist


As the name suggests, the Bangstyle Light Sea Salt Mist is the lightest formula, so it only adds a touch of subtle definition and texture, that surprisingly lasts quite well in the hair throughout the day. As Bangstyle so nicely puts it “Imagine 10,000 mermaids blowing the ocean breeze from a cool banana leaf. This is sort of like that but without the leaf or the imaginary mermaids." Gotta love that! It is a non-sticky formula and unlike many other sea salt sprays it also gives the hair a nice natural shine. I also love that it is paraben free and that it contains sunscreen to help protect your hair from the sun’s harsh rays!

RRP: $25.95 (150ml) – Available from My Haircare

O&M Surf Bomb Sea Salt Spray

I love using this Surf Bomb Sea Salt Spray in my little 20 month old boy. He has very fine blonde hair, and because it is so fine, I so far haven’t had much luck using other styling products in his hair, as being so fine it back to being flat in no time. But not with the Surf Bomb, it actually works. It adds a little volume to his hair, all while adding a nice texture and hold. It doesn’t go stiff in the hair, so even though me runs his hands through his hair, which he often does, trying to style his own hair, - you can continue to set it throughout the day into an effortless and casual look. I love that it doesn’t leave his hair feeling sticky, and it smells amazing too!

RRP: $23 (150ml) – Available from Miss Pearl Store

So there you go, three different Sea Salt Sprays, all with different formulas and benefits, and at different price points too, so there is something for everyone and for every occasion!

*Product was kindly provided for consideration, and has reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

Do you ever use Sea Salt Sprays? Any recommendations? What do you use to add texture to your hair?

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