3 March 2015


Today I’d like to share with you a wonder mask that gives you amazing glowing skin in just three minutes, the Sisley Paris Express Flower Gel Mask;

What They Say:

The Express Flower Gel is a very fresh, moisturizing, and toning cream-gel mask specifically designed for dehydrated, sagging, or tired-looking skin. Through its exceptional concentration of moisturizing active ingredients (lily and iris extracts), it regenerates (organic sesame extract), hydrates, tones, removes traces of fatigue and stress, smoothes features, and evens the complexion in just 3 minutes.

RRP: $150 (60ml) – Available from David Jones

What I Say:

This Express Flower Gel Mask contains extracts of lily and iris, which helps retain moisture in the skin, hence hydrating and softening. It also contains rose to freshen and soften the skin, as well as extracts of sesame, which is rich in vitamin f, helping to regenerate the skin.

The mask comes in an easy to use flip tube, and the actual mask is a clear gel, that once on the skin, it is basically invisible. However, as soon as you wipe it over your skin, you can instantly feel it’s refreshing and hydrating properties. 

The mask needs to be applied to clean skin, and needs to be left on for a meagre three minutes to do its magic. Once the time is up, three is no need to rinse it off, you can simply blot with a tissue to absorb any excess mask. Personally I like apply it at night. I wash my wash some time after dinner, and then apply the mask, leaving it on all night, and when I wake in the morning, my skin is so incredibly soft and smooth, and has a beautiful healthy glow. But even after just three minute, you can feel that the skin is thoroughly hydrated and so nourished, and hence at the same time, the skin feels and looks so much plumber and fine lines and wrinkles appear to be instantly minimised too. 

The mask has a beautiful gentle floral scent and would also work perfectly during long haul flights, which always seems to wreak havoc and dry out the skin. And it is also perfect to use before a big night out, as it really brings out the glow in your skin, making it look like you’ve just had long pampering session!

At $150 for a 60ml tube this is rather expensive, but as I mentioned when I reviewed the Sisley Eye Contour Mask (You can see my review here) – the mask is so luxurious, and really makes such an incredible difference to how the skin feels and looks in just a few minutes, so from that point of view I really feel it is worth it. It is also incredibly concentrated, so you only need to use a little, so if you just use it twice a week, the tube will last you a very long time!

Only one word left to say: Incredible!

*Product was kindly provided for consideration, and has reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

Have you ever tried any of the products from Sisley Paris? Do you use moisture masks?
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