4 March 2015


Last week I was lucky to be invited to a prelaunch of the Spotlight National Craft Month thanks to Kids Business. The actual event was interactive with themed zones, so you could be crafty and creative yourself and take home your creations.

How amazing are these DIY letters from Heidi Swapp,
which you can decorate any way you like!!

I didn’t get to get as crafty and creative as I had hoped, mainly because I had my little boy in tow (who by the way had been invited too!!), and he was a little overwhelmed with all the people and activities going on!

The kids were looked after too, with activities, including face painting,
and kid-friendly food too!

I have to admit that I am usually not particularly crafty. I’d love to be, and did take up painting for a while before having our little boy, but since then, finding the time seems to me my main obstacle. But with another baby on the way in the end of May, I plan to be home for the next few years looking after the kids, and hence was looking for some inspiration to keep my little boy not only entertained, but also teaching him to do new things, all while having a bit of fun.

There were five crafty stations, which included, Art and Craft, Sew and quilt, Yarn, Scrapbooking/Paper and Craft and Cake decorating – all of which coincides with the 5 mini festivals Spotlight will host throughout the Month of March (see all the details in the bottom of this post!).

The Yarn Station..

Scrapbooking/Paper Station

Scrapbooking/Paper Station

From the different craft stations, my favourite was by far the Cake Decorating. I have always enjoyed baking, and know that we have many years ahead of us, trying to be creative and make a new birthday cake every year. For each of the kids! But at the station, they showed how easy cake could be decorated, be it with an Easter bunny or with a rose, thanks to Spotlights new fondant icing range that comes in a large range of colours. I tried to make a rose myself from the fondant icing, and it was surprisingly easy, so with just a little more practise, I think I could easily get the hang of it.

Cake decorating

Cake decorating
Decorating your own t-shits

I also enjoyed the Art and Craft station, where you thanks to Spotlight’s range of special paints, and pens, which are suitable for glass, ceramic and fabric, you can create any design you like.

Painting on glass, ceramic and fabric

 My little boy was drawing on a little tile, which he was really having fun doing. I (of course) plan to keep the tile, and use it as a coaster! But the best thing was seeing his little happy and proud face when he showed to daddy that evening. So I definitely plan to get hold of some more of these special pens in different colours and some more small tiles, and maybe also some plain white mugs that he can decorate, as they would make for fantastic birthday and Christmas presents too!

My little boy's creation (with a little assistance from Mum!)

Here I'd just like to add too, that if you think that Spotlight is just for the crafty persons out there, think again! As well as curtains and blinds, they also have an amazing range of homewares, towels and bed linen, all at budget friendly prices, so definitely worth checking out!

The five Spotlight mini festivals that will take place during National Craft Month, will include activities, demonstrations, VIP discounts, giveaways and competitions.

The In-store events will include; 
  • Art and Craft Fest - 28th Feb - 1st March 
  • Sew and Quilt Fest - 7th - 8th March
  • Cake Fest - 14th - 15th March
  • Yarn Fest - 21st - 22nd March
  • Scrapbook Fest - 28th - 29th March

For more information, visit the Spotlight Website

Are you crafty? If so, what do you enjoy doing? And any ideas of how to keep a 20month old boy entertained??

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