16 August 2014


I love it when I come across new brands, so when I was asked to trial some products from Scout Cosmetics, I happily accepted. Here are my thoughts on the Lipgloss, Eye shadow and Blush*;

What They Say:

Lipgloss: Vitamin E Organic citrus aurantium dulcis (orange) and Jojoba seed oil help to make this lip gloss shiny creamy and moisturising. SCOUT mineral lip gloss Colours are sexy fun and fresh. Available in 16 colours

Eyeshadow: Modern - Elegant - Colours have been created to give you a versatile palette for day or evening. The range of matte mineral eye shadows allows the contemporary woman to accentuate her eyes during the day adding more definition at night. The earthy shades can also be used for brow definition. The range of shimmery mineral hues adds glamour and a sense of the dramatic. Our shadows take you from the boardroom playground business or lunch to a night-time affair.... Available in 23 colours

Blush: Our blush provides the softest hint of colour. For a naturally beautiful just blushed finish. The smallest amount is needed for an elegant luminescent glow. Available in 4 colours


Lipgloss: $24.95 – Available from Scout Cosmetics Online 

Eye Shadow: $29.95 – Available from Scout Cosmetics Online

Blush: $49.95 – Available from Scout Cosmetics Online

What I Say:

New to Scout Cosmetics I decided to look a little into the brand, and was surprised when I realised that this is a family owned Australian business established over than 10 years ago. And the company has a huge range of not only mineral cosmetics, but also skincare and haircare products. Where have I been?! 

I also discovered that Scout Cosmetics has the philosophy is that each product must have three attributes;

  • It must be made in Australia from only the high quality certified organic and natural ingredients
  • It must be formulated by experts and manufactured to exacting Australian and international standards
  • Most of all, it must be effective in looking after your skin, enhancing your natural beauty and be a delight to use

The collection has been developed for the discerning, active woman, with the "colour palette of our mineral makeup had to be contemporary and versatile. The application and finish luxurious. Our collection had to match the very best brands but ‘without all the conventional chemicals".

In addition, the products are not tested on animals, are Water resistant and can be worn while playing sport and all day and into the night, utilises pharmaceutical grade minerals and naturally derived or organic botanicals, rated SPF 15 as a natural sunscreen. The products are also lightweight, non-comedogenic and allow your skin to breathe, contains no Bismuth Oxychloride and are free of parabens, synthetic FD & C classified dyes, clays, mineral oil or petroleum derived ingredients and free of lanolin, beeswax or any other generic fillers.

Sounds pretty impressive if you ask me – so how do these products perform. Let’s start with the lipgloss..

The Scout Cosmetics Lipgloss comes in a simple clear tube with a black lid, and a foot doe applicator, that makes it easy to apply, even on the go. It has next to no added fragrance, yet it has a slight scent, no doubt from the added ingredients.

I got the colour Zest is a lovely nude dusty pink shade. Seeing the name Zest does make me thing of something citrusy, but well, that is not the case. Once on the lips, it is quite sheer, and only gives your lips hint of the pale pink shade, rather it lets the natural colour of your lips shine through, while giving them a lovely sheen, without being too over the top.

And on the lips it feel so light and weightless. My lips instantly feels so soft and smooth, as if I am wearing a lip balm, as there is absolutely no stickiness in sight. As any other lipgloss, and in particularly pale colours like this one, the wear is not the longest, and after I eat or drink it more or less disappears. Otherwise it does stay put on the lips for a few hours, and when it does fade, it still leaves the lips with the nice sheen, and still feeling soft and smooth.

The Scout Cosmetics Mineral Blush comes in a clear plastic pot with a black screw lid, which reveals the inner ‘shaker lid’, making it easy to shake out just the amount of the loose mineral blush you need, without wastage. The clear jar also makes it easy to see exactly how much of the blush you have left.

I tried the colour Demure, which as the name suggest is a modest – pale dusky pink, and exactly the type of colour that I mainly reach for on a daily basis for a simple and minimalist everyday look.

The actual blush is easy to apply and blend, and as it is so highly pigmented, only the tiniest amount is needed for a slight blushed look, while the colour can easily be built up. It has a slight luminescent sheen, yet this is still so subtle, without making it look too over the top.

I apply it over either my usual BB cream or foundation, and at night it still looks freshly applied, without having faded.

Finally the Scout Cosmetics Eye Shadow comes in a clear plastic pot with a black screw lid, in the same style as the blush, only a lot smaller. Like the blush, the eye shadow also has an inner ‘shaker lid’, making it easy to shake out just the amount of the loose mineral eye shadow you need.

I trialled the colour The Promise¸ is a dark chocolate brown shade, from the matte eye shadow range. And I love that it is matte, as being at the age where fine lines have set in around the eye area, too shimmery eye shadows only highlight these more. And the colour is absolutely stunning, perfect to wear with a nude base colour, for a simple daytime look, or to use for a dark smoky eye at nigh-time.

I clearly used too much eyeshadow to do this swatch,
but it just goes to show how pigmented it is!

Like the blush, it is very easy to apply and blend, and it only takes the tiniest amount, although as it is so pigmented, you can easily build up colour for a more intense and dramatic look.

Being a loose pigment, there is a little fallout as you apply it, but I think is pretty standard for loose pigment eye shadows – but you can avoid getting eye shadows falling down your cheeks by making sure to remove excess Eyeshadow pigment from the brush before applying, and by adding a bit of powder under the eyes before, so you can easily sweet away any particles that may drop.

It has a good wear, and used with a Eyeshadow primer first, the Eyeshadow stayed put all day without fading or settling into fine lines.

What I Like:

  • Products contain absolutely no chemical nasties, and are very gentle on the skin
  • Due to the ingredients, the products have a natural ‘built’-in’ SPF15
  • Large colour range available so there is something for every taste and skin tone
  • Products are very concentrated, highly pigmented and of a very high quality
  • Products made from certified organic and natural ingredients
  • Reasonably priced for mineral cosmetics of such a high quality

 What I Don’t Like:

  • Only available for purchase online or through Scout Cosmetics Consultants, making it more difficult to view and play with colour range prior to purchase

Overall I am really impressed with these products from Scout Cosmetics, and again, I cannot believe that this brand has been around for more than 10 years, and I’ve only just come across it now! I am super impressed with these products, as they are not only a breeze to work with, they also feel so comfortable on the skin, and look so natural as well. So if you are looking for products made from certified organic and natural ingredients, then I highly recommend that you check out Scout Cosmetics. I know I’m keen to discover more of their products!

*Products were kindly provided for consideration, and have been reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

Have you ever heard of Scout Cosmetics? Do you use mineral makeup? And what do you prefer, loose or pressed eye shadows and blushes?

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  1. I hadn't heard of this brand before. The lipgloss looks gorgeous, I love the nude/pink shade!

    1. I hadnt heard of the brand either, but the products are really lovely. And the lipgloss is so lovely, looks nice and feels so nice on the lips too!

  2. I wasn't aware Scout has been around for 10 years either! They only recently caught my eye since they've been popping up a lot on blogs. Their products do sound lovely, and I haven't really tried much mineral makeup yet!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    1. It is amazing isnt it, 10 years, and we never knew!! I guess their strategy working with bloggers has really proved to be a good one, putting more attention to the brand. I also saw it pop up on another blog before I got the opportunity. I am also new to mineral makeup, and so wish I had tried earlier.

  3. thanks for the feedback on this product line i am also amazed i have not heard of them before let alone they have been going 10 yrs. I have been looking for items along these lines.

    1. Oh, you are so welcome - I absolutely love these products, and think you will love them too!


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