5 August 2014


Once upon a time, when I was working my way up the corporate ladder, and had no mortgage, I’d have regular facials. But then it happened – we bought a house, or rather I should say, built a big house, with a mortgage to match, I stopped working to have my beautiful little boy who is now one year old – and consequently, neither time, nor the finances allow for these little luxuries anymore. So when I was asked to trial the Mesoestetic x.prof 052 Glycolic Acid with Vit. E and F*, I happily accepted, here are my thoughts; 


What They Say: 

Mesoestetic’s new Glycolic Acid 10% + Vitamin E&F Ampoules is a renewal solution suitable for all skin types. This once professional only product is now available to consumers. It speeds up the natural skin shedding process removing corneocytes while helping smooth superficial wrinkles. Its’ oil-regulating and prophylactic action helps counter the appearance of blackheads while revitalising suffocated skin.

RRP: $118 (10 x 2ml) – Available from Advanced Cosmeceuticals and Select Stockists

What I Say: 

I have previously tried, and love the John Plunkett Skincare Essentials Glyco Peel 25% Glycolic Acid Night-Time Exfoliator – it has greatly helped improve my skin during a period of serious breakouts, and it comes at a purse-friendly $28.95 for 15ml. 

So if this is so great, you may ask why you would fork out a massive $118?

The Mesoestetic’s new Glycolic Acid 10% + Vitamin E&F Ampoules not only helps gently peel away dead skin cells, it also helps regulate sebum production and consequently reduces the appearance of blemishes and blackheads, all while giving you a softer and smoother looking skin. 

 As well as alpha hydroxyl acid which helps to stimulate cell renewal, the ampoules also contain Vitamin E to help maintain moisture in the skin, as well as Vitamin A to help nourish the skin and regulate the fat metabolism.

The ampoules are best used at night before bedtime, and you simply break off the neck of one ampoule, and apply the whole contents onto your face, neck and décolleté and dab it in until fully absorbed.

As you use a full ampoule per application, there are only 10 treatments in the package. I am unsure if you are meant to use them on 10 consecutive days, but as my skin is used to glycolic acid, and I would not classify it as being sensitive, I have been doing the treatment 10 days in a row.

And after the 10 days – well actually, already the morning after the first application I could tell how soft and smooth my skin was. But after the 10 days I can see a significant difference. My skin is softer than it has been for a very long time, and it is so soft that I cannot help but keep touching it. The major breakouts that I was getting seems to have stopped (not sure if that is a coincidence), and the few smaller ones seems to clear up instantly. 

And then the fine lines, and in particularly one frown line between my brows that’s bothering me a little, they all seem to have minimised in appearance. My pigmentation and dark spots from previous acne also seems to have significantly reduced in both size and darkness, and my skin simply looks more even and brighter, and it has a glow I haven’t seen for a long time.

When applying serum and moisturiser the following morning, it seems to absorb quicker, and my makeup seems to slide on so much easier, and due to this new-found glow, I feel the need to use less foundation than I usually do. It also seems to stay put for longer without starting to settle into lines or slide of my face, which is probably due to my skin not producing as much sebum.

And all of these results are without my skin being irritated at all. There is simply no stinging, flaking or dry skin. The liquid does have a slightly chemical scent, but it quickly fades as soon as it has absorbed into the skin. It comes in small glass ampoules, and thanks to an enclosed little plastic cap it is easy to break off the neck without getting any glass splinters. My only negative about these ampoules is probably the ampoules they come in – while the 2mls contained in each seems to be about the right amount, I think that I would use marginally less if it had been possible, and consequently gotten just a few more days use from the contents (and thus making it slightly cheaper per use too!), but on the other hand, I do understand that they are probably in the small ampoules to maintain their potency, which may otherwise be lose or minimised if the product had come in a small tube.

These ampoules from Mesoestetic may only be 10 % in strength compared to the John Plunkett’s Glyco Peel with 25%, but even so, I feel that the results are even more noticeable, almost as if the strength was actually double, and not the other way around. So I guess it goes to show that more expensive products do use higher quality ingredients that are so much more potent, and that this is close to the strength used by professionals in salons.

So overall I am really impressed with the Mesoestetic x.prof 052 Glycolic Acid with Vit. E and F as my skin is feeling softer and smoother and more even toned and radiant than it has for a long time. $118 is not cheap for ten small ampoules, but on the other hand, it is about the same cost as a professional treatment, and over the course of the 10 days, I do feel I’ve seen better results than after a medium strength peel at a salon – and the beauty is you can do it all from the comfort of your home, all while you get some beauty sleep! I will definitely consider repurchasing as it would be a great treatment to give you skin say every three months or so.

*This product was kindly provided for consideration, and it has been reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy. 

What do you think of these Glycolic Acid ampoules from Mesoestetic? Ever tried an at-home peel? Do treat yourself to regular salon treatments?


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