15 August 2014


My skin has always been prone to breakouts. But I’ve managed to keep it under control, by eating healthily, exercising and good skincare. When I got pregnant, and consequently had to stop using blemish products as they say the contents of among others salicylic acid can harm the foetus, I feared that my skin would go bonkers using more simple products. But with the help of my Clairsonic, my skin was clearer than it had ever been. Fast forward and my little boy is now almost 14 month sold, and for the past few months my skin problems returned and I couldn’t for the life of me work out why. But then it dawned on, I had been breastfeeding my boy, and stopping this some months ago naturally meant a change of the hormone levels in my body. So yet again, I had to have a full blemish regimen in place. Here are the products that have helped my skin return to almost normal state again;


Avene Soapless Cleanance Gel*


This cleansing gel is as the name suggests, soapless so it gently cleanses the skin without drying it out, something many acne and blemish cleansers often do. I don’t use this to remove makeup, but rather use it after removing the makeup, but use it as the second cleanser, where it cleanses my skin deep down every pore. The cleanser also doesn’t irritate the skin, all and it helps to regulate the sebum production for so my skin feels less greasy, and breaks out less as well as any existing breakouts seems to fade faster too. And because my skin is less greasy, my makeup consequently also stays looking nicer for longer.
RRP: $29.95 (200ml) – Available from Priceline and select pharmacies


Avene Cleanance Lotion*


This is a light moisturising lotion intended for oily and blemish prone skin, and while it is light, it still provides the skin with necessary moisture, just without clogging it up as it is non-comedogenic. It is rich in Avène Thermal Spring Water and is soothing on the skin and it has sebum absorbent microcapsules, that helps regulate the sebum production of the skin, tighten the pores and purify the skin as it is also containing acne fighting ingredients such as salicylic acid. I don’t quite have oily skin, but still from time to time find my combination skin getting so greasy that I find my makeup sliding off my face, but when I use this, my skin stays matte all day, and my makeup stays put.
RRP: $25.95 (40ml) – Available from Priceline and select pharmacies


My Eco Sponge*


Using a facial scrub is often a good idea when you have blemish prone skin, as it can help prevent the pores becoming blocked and consequently break out. But at the same time, if your breakouts are really bad, a scrub can sometimes make matters worse as you can damage the skin and spread the bacteria. And that’s where the Eco Sponge is so perfect.  The sponge is made from 100% natural konjac, which is both sustainable and biodegradable, as well as it contains absolutely no added colourings or additives. The sponge is so gentle, that it is suitable even for those with extremely sensitive skin, or if you have skin irritations, or been sunburnt, so it is absolutely brilliant for blemish prone skin too for gently cleansing and removing impurities from the skin, and gently buffing away dead skin cells for a skin that is cleaner and more glowing.
RRP: $9.50 – Available from My Eco Sponge


La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo+*


I have previously declared my love for the Effaclar Duo, and this newly updated version is now a complete care with reinforced anti-imperfection efficacy, as it contains an anti-marks active ingredient, Procerad, which means that it helps to prevent those red marks or dark spots that often tend to loiter about after the spot has cleared. But that’s not all, it also helps accelerate the skin returning to normal again. This amazing gel works on both preventing breakouts, but also to clear ‘normal’ pimples and blackheads, and not to mention those angry blemishes and those hiding under the surface of the skin, and all while soothing the skin and regulating the sebum production – and of course without burning or drying the skin out. The gel absorbs quickly into the skin giving the skin a nice matte finish and it works perfectly under makeup too. And as it is so gentle, it can be used both morning and night. 

RRP: $27.99 (40ml) – Available from Priceline and select pharmacies

MediK8 Beta Gel Blemish Gel*


This blemish gel is by far the most expensive one I have ever used. Normally I hate forking out $30-40 on the branded treatment gel I usually use, but twice as much, ouch! So is it really worth it? It contains a mixture of all natural blemish fighting ingredients including dioic acid to reduce sebum output and therefore helps to reduce acne bacteria, salicylic acid to help clear blocked pores and prevents congested skin, azelaic acid, which has deeply penetrating anti-inflammatory and comedolytic properties as well as niacinamide to exfoliate and balance oil production.

The clear gel has a nice cooling effect and once absorbed into the skin, you can apply makeup on top as per usual. And unlike other blemish gels that I’ve previously tried (and believe me, that’s more than I can even count), it doesn’t dry out the skin, so when you’ve got one of those nasty pimples so big it has its own postcode, you can keep applying the gel up to six times during the day. And you can almost instantly feel how the zit shrinks in size – faster than with any other treatment I have EVER tried, and I love that it helps to balance the skin rather than dry it out.  And yes it is expensive, but its efficiency makes so worth it.
RRP: $80 (15ml) – Available from Advanced Cosmeceuticals and Select Stockists

*Product was kindly provided for consideration, and has reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

So there you go, my current go-to products when my skin is playing up.
Do you suffer from breakout? Which products do you reach for?

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  1. I've never used Avene face products but these sound amazing!

    Josie XOXO
    Fashion Mumblr

    1. I defininitely recommend Avene, they are efficient yet gentle at the same time, and personally I find them very well priced too! xx

  2. Love this post! Thanks for all this info. My skin breaks out pretty regularly and I'm so sick of it. Some of these products sound great, might have a look next time I'm in Priceline :)

    1. Thanks heaps Di. I am at the age where you think my skin would stop breaking out, but sadly that doesnt seem to be the case. But at the same time I also find that I need products that not too harsh, and this lot seems to be working quite efficiently right now.


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