19 August 2014


I am a huge fan of Marc Jacobs and have quite a few of his fragrances in my collection including Lola, Honey, Kumquats and of course Daisy. And while I love them all, Daisy remains my favourite, so when a new Daisy was released, I was very excited. Here are my thoughts on the Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Eau de Toilette*;

What They Say:

Light and airy, Daisy Dream is both floral and fruity. The fragrance captivates with delectable top notes of blackberry, fresh grapefruit and succulent pear. The heart imparts a rich, feminine jasmine, notes of lychee and blue wisteria. A dreamy drydown of white woods, musk and coconut water.

Inspired by boundless esprit of Daisies and blue sky, Daisy Dream is Marc’s newest dream girl – ethereal, innocent and free.

Channelling Daisy’s easy charm and reverie, Daisy Dream embodies a new take on being youthful, spirited and romantic. Daisy Dream reflects Marc’s irresistible mix of intricate details, elegance and femininity for a fresh interpretation of the iconic Daisy motif.

RRP: $60 (30ml, Limited edition), $90 (50ml), $120 (100ml) – Available from Myer, David Jones and select pharmacies

What I Say:

As soon as I saw the bottle of the Daisy Dream, I was in love. I love the previous bottles of all Marc Jacobs perfumes, as they are all stunning, but I have to say that I feel that Marc has outdone himself with Daisy Dream. The bottle will look so stunning in any bathroom or on any dresser. It may also be something to do with my love of Daisies. I have a fairly large jewellery collection, and my all-time favourite piece is a large Georg Jensen Brooch that I use as a necklace. It was a present from my parents many years ago, so it is very close to my heart, and of course, being from Georg Jensen makes me send fond memories of my home country Denmark too.

The Daisy Dream is made up from:

  • Top Notes: Blackberry, Grapefruit, Pear
  • Heart Notes: Jasmine, Lychee, Blue Wisteria
  • Base Notes: White Woods, Musk, Coconut Water

As soon as I saw the notes in the fragrance I was a little worried. I really wanted to love this new fragrance, but then I read that it contains coconut water. I am not very fond of the smell of coconut, actually, in most cases I really dislike it, so a coconut scented fragrance would really put me right off. But luckily you would never ever know it contains coconut water. Phew!

The fragrance is as mentioned both floral and fruity at the same time, and I like the zesty freshness that no doubt comes grapefruit (I love citrus scented products), while the pear and lychee gives it a lovely sweetness, but luckily without it being too sickly sweet. It is simply light and fresh, and the perfect fragrance for spring and summer. It is like a summer version of the original Daisy fragrance.

Compared to for instance Lola and the original Daisy, unfortunately the lasting power of Daisy Dream is not as good, lasting about 4-5 hours before you need to respray.

If I had to pick, the original Daisy will remain my favourite , however I really the clean, fresh and fruitiness of Daisy Dream, so it is sure to become one of my favourites fragrances this summer. There are times when it is nice and more appropriate to wear a lighter scent, and then Daisy Dream is absolutely perfect. And I think it is a fantastic addition to the Daisy family, and it is perfect for anyone who prefers light and perfumes, as well as a younger audience.

*Product was kindly provided for consideration, and has reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

Have you tried any of the Marc Jacobs fragrances? Which one is your favourite? What do you think of Daisy Dream?
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  1. Marc Jacobs can literally do no wrong. Every scent of his is a hit! I've got a few in my collection, and Daisy Eau So Fresh is probably my favourite. I haven't had a chance to smell the Daisy Dream yet but I am looking forward to it! It sounds amazing! Great review :)

    Kate | themintedbeauty.com

    1. Thanks heaps Kate. I agree, each and every one of them is amazing. I haven't got the Daisy so Fresh, but know that it is so beautiful too that it is on my wishlist....

  2. Ooh such a cute little bottle! Love the sound of this :)

    Josie XOXO
    Fashion Mumblr

    1. It is absolutely stunning, isn't it. I keep all my perfumes in a dark cupboard in their boxes to preserve them, but it is almost such a shame not to have it out on display!

  3. I am dying to try Daisy Dream! I have Marc Jacobs Dot and Daisy, but I think Dot is my current MJ favourite

    1. Daisy, Honey and Lola, and now Daisy Dream, and while I love them all, I have to admit that the original Daisy remains my favourite...but that's the beauty, there is something for everyone!

  4. Oh my gosh, all of Marc Jacobs' perfumes are stunningly beautiful! x

    1. They really are stunning, I think they are some of the most beautiful perfume bottles on the market, and they certainly stand out too.

  5. I love Marc Jacobs, but my fave is Marc Jacobs Eau De Parfum. It is expensive but so delicious and my signature scent!

    Lucy x

    1. I love all of them too, but I have never actually smelt that one, where have I been.....hmmmmm...must definitely check out next time Im at the shops!


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