22 August 2014


Another month has passed, and it is yet again time for the arrival of the monthly boxes, first up is the *August edition or the Classic Native Box; 


What They Say:

We will send you a different Native box every month with the very best eco-conscious, healthy and safe products to nourish the body, mind and soul. At Native Box we feature Australian brands, big and small, that provide exceptional eco-friendly and sustainable products. We continuously scour the market, making it easier for you to make good shopping decisions that are better for you, your family and our planet…. together with Native Box, these brands help positive change happen! 5-10 products monthly (Full &/or Samples)


1 month: $24.95 (shipping included)
3 months: $69.90 (shipping included)
6 months: $134.70 (shipping included)
12 months: $264.00 (shipping included)

– Available from Native Box


What I Say:

The Native Box is committed to connecting its members with Australian businesses that provide exceptional organic and sustainable products, as they believe that each dollar spent on such products cast for a better world – and believe that they can help shift the balance towards a better Australia and safer planet. The Native Box has several different boxes available including the Mum & Bub, the Beauty Box, a Vegan Box, A Men’s Box, and of course the Classic Box. But here are my thoughts on the August Box. These were the goodies included in the box;

Essentially Natural Organic Coconut Oil – Sample Size,

This pure and natural coconut oil can be used for both cooling as well as keeping your skin soft and nourished. I have heard a lot of people rave about coconut oil, so I am probably a little behind when I say that I am still not really into it. I think it is because I am not very fond of the coconut scent, but one of these days I will have to give it a go so see what all the fuss is about..

Available from Essentially Natural

Essentially Natural Dried Figs – Sample Size

I love snacking on fresh and dried fruits, and I love dried figs too, although I have to admit that it has been ages since I have had any, for some reason lately I’ve been reaching for dates or apricots instead. But I look forward to digging into these, and the fact that they are organic makes them even better. Just sad that the sample pack only contains three figs, as I can imagine that once I get started that won’t be quite enough..

Available from Essentially Natural

Native Box Sustainable Party Pack

I love the thought behind this plate, cutlery and napkin. The plate is made from fallen palm tree leaves, the cutlery of plantation birch and the napkin of bamboo and sugar cane. And I love the use of natural timbers, and how it is shaped and formed. This is a brilliant idea if you are planning a party, which I do not have any plans of in the near future, but I will certainly keep it in mind for the next one, as it is not only better for the environment, also looks so much more stylish and stunning.

Available from Native Box


Anerah Skincare Rejuvenating Mineral Mask – Sample

This is the first I’ve ever heard of Anerah Skincare, and it always excites me coming across a new beauty brand. This mask is made from a blend of kaolin, montmorillonite, green tea and chamomile, and it has lots of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps exfoliate, tone and soothe the skin. Simply use the powder with a few drops of purified water to work into a paste and leave on the skin for 10-15mins before rinsing off. I look very forward to trying this one out! Now, just gotta find some time for some pampering..

Available from Anerah Skincare

Pure by Phytocare Pure Papaya Ointment with Lip Applicator - Full Size

Another brand I’ve never heard of before. YAY! This ointment helps to soothe, moisturise and protect your lips with its petrochemical free formula. And I love that it is so gentle that it can even be used as a nappy cream, so this one is going straight to the nappy bag!!

Available from Phytocare

Koala Pocorn – Full Size, 25g

I love popcorn, but as I am the only one in the family, so I rarely have them as I do like to pop them myself and eat them warm, but there is no way I can eat a whole pack on my own. These popcorns are made using corn from Australian farms, and are both low in sugar and high in fibre. These will be so handy to have in the pantry next time I have a snack attack…

Available from Koala Korn

Finally, to thank its members, Native Box has included two extra treats to help get though the last bit of winter and say thanks for supporting the cause of a greener world.

Vabori Olive Leaf Extract – Sample, 100ml

This is a food supplement and you are supposed to take 5ml, 3 times each day to help reduce the severity and length of a cold or flu, relieve a sore throat, help cardiac and circulatory health, digestive health and joint inflammation. This sounds very interesting, and right now having massive pain in my shoulder, and trying to manage it and defer an operation, this sounds quite interesting, although I am not too sure that the small bottle will be sufficient to notice any difference.

Meditree Organics Blemish Control Gel – Full Size, 15g

Another beauty brand that is new to me! And going through a stage with more breakouts than normal, this couldn’t have come at a better time. It contains tea tree oil and willow bark extract which has antibacterial properties while cleansing and healing blemished skin. It is made from 100% natural ingredients and of those 70% are organic. Sounds pretty good to me, I have my fingers crossed that it will be efficient.

So there you have it, this was the contents in the August Classic Native Box. And as per previous months, the box is chock full of goodies, of a great variety. This month I particularly love the inclusion of the dried figs, the mineral mask, the blemish gel and the paw paw ointment, although the popcorn will certainly also be enjoyed!

So again, I am very pleased with month’s contents and I look forward testing out the new beauty brands included.

*This product was kindly provided for consideration, and it has been reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

What do you think of the products in the Native Box? Have you tried any of these products? Do you buy organic products? And eat healthy snacks?

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  1. I've never heard of the Native Box! I think it's a great idea though, and the products look interesting. It's a bit different from the usual beauty boxes!

    1. I do like it too, that it is a combination of natural skincare and makeup, and healthy food and snack options as well. In the end of the day, eating healthily always benefits the health of your skin and hair too!

  2. Ooooh, I wish I could receive a little package of all those things as well! It all looks super cool, I'm especially interested in that coconut oil and blemish control gel - let us know if it'll be efficient :)!
    Hope you're having a nice weekend :)!


  3. Hello, it's been about 4 months, could you please give me some review about the Meditree gel?
    I'm using this brand but it's so new that I couldn't find any review online.

    1. I've been using it a bit lately as I'm pregnant and cannot use salicylic acid which is often found in blemish products - it does work, but I find that it does take a lot longer to make a difference to the size of a pimple - but that may just be because my skin is (sadly) accustomed to harsher treatments.


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