14 November 2012

Product Review: Colgate MaxWhite One Ice

I drink a lot of tea and coffee, and although I have tried to curb my coffee addiction in recent months, I still consume my fair share. And well, as we all know, it is not exactly helping your pearly whites, so I was excited when I was offered to trial* the Colgate Max White Once Ice. Here are my thoughts;

What they say:
"Colgate MaxWhite ONE Ice helps improve the whiteness of your teeth in one week. The whitening toothpaste features a formula with whitening accelerators that work to remove surface stains, leaving your teeth one shade whiter in seven days. Continued use will help keep them whiter for longer".

RRP: $5.99 (103g) – available from Priceline, chemists, and supermarkets.

What I say:
In spite of drinking my fair share of tea and coffee, my teeth are not particularly yellow or stained, but regardless, after one week of using Colgate MaxWhite One I am quite impressed with the results, and can definitely see an improvement, though they are subtle and far from dramatic. But again, this may simply be because my teeth were not that stained to begin with.

The instructions on the box recommend that the toothpaste is used for two minutes three times daily. But as it is just not practical for me to brush my teeth in the middle of the day as well, my results are based on two brushes per day, morning and night.
The actual toothpaste has a strong minty flavour, which I like. For me, the stronger the flavour of the toothpaste, the better, as I like the fresh and minty breath that you are left with. But I have to admit that with the title ‘ICE’, I was expecting a stronger and more cooling sensation, however still it was still very pleasing.

The toothpaste has a gel consistency and has a pleasant gritty sensation on the tooth's surface, which doesn’t feel abrasive on the teeth, and after brushing the teeth feel smooth and clean.
Unlike most other toothpastes, the Colgate MaxWhite One comes in a tube with a larger flat top flip lid which makes it so much easier to open. But it also means that that the tube can stand on its lid, with the benefits that the paste can flow to the lid making it easier to squeeze out every last bit of the toothpaste.

If you purchase Colgate MaxWhite One solely to whiten teeth, it will take you a while. But then you have to remember that this is an over the counter toothpaste, and not a professional treatment, which is likely to give you more dramatic results (which of course also comes at a much higher price!).
The MaxWhite One is a little more costly than other toothpastes also given that the tube is a little smaller in size, however as I am always very mindful of my teeth the price is justified as this toothpaste really does help keep stains at bay leaving my teeth looking brighter.

* This product was kindly provided for consideration, and it has been reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

Have you tried the MaxWhite One toothpaste? How do you keep your teeth white?

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  1. I used this for a whole month and I sadly did not notice a difference at all :(


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