2 November 2012

Sephora is here - almost!

That’s right, Sephora is now in Australia! Amazing news, isn’t it. Now you actually can shop Sephora products via the website Tarazz.

I checked out the prices on a couple of random products and found the following:

Origins A Perfect World For Eyes Firming Moisture Treatment with White Tea

Tarazz price:                    AUD $37.74
Kit Cosmetics in Australia: AUD $49.95
Saving:                            AUD $12.21


Stila In The Garden Eye Shadow Palette
Tarazz Price:                                 AUD $43.29
Mecca Cosmetica in Australia price: AUD $62.00

Saving:                                         AUD $18.71



Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm

Tarazz Price:                 AUD $17.76

Clinique Australia Price:  AUD $35.00
Saving:                         AUD $17.24


Benefit Cosmetics Cha Cha Tint

Tarazz Price:                        AUD $32.19

Adore Beauty Australia Price: AUD $55.00
Saving:                                AUD $22.81 


Obviously there is a postage charge, depending on how much you buy. I made up a pretend order, adding one of each of the four items above to the cart, which came to:

Cart Total:    AUD $130.98
Shipping:      AUD $31.15
Total:           AUD $162.13

If I had purchased the same four items in Australia, it would have come to a total of AUD $201.95 (and that’s without any shipping!), a saving of $39.82.

If just purchasing two Clinique Chubby sticks, the total would come to:

Cart Total:   AUD $35.52
Shipping:     AUD $22.25
Total:          AUD $57.77

If two Chubby sticks were to be purchased at Clinique Australia Online, they would have cost $35 each – a total of $70, add to that $10 postage (need to shop for $100 to qualify for free postage), so consequently the two Chubby sticks would have ended up costing a total of $80… or $22.23 more than through Tarazz – even if you were to go to a Clinique counter to save on the postage, you would still save yourself $12.23!

So while the shipping cost is a little expensive, shopping through Tarazz is going to save you some money, although the more items you buy, the cheaper the postage works out per item. But what is even better, is that now suddenly we have easier access to brands not otherwise readily available in Australia, such as of course Sephora’s own brand.
When comparing the items available through Tarazz to those on the Sephora website, it does appear that the selection is somewhat reduced, but at least it is a start, until hopefully one day physical stores will start to open in Australia.

According to the Tarazz website, all parcels are shipped from the supplier (in this case Sephora), to the Tarazz US Distribution Centre, and hereafter parcels are shipped to Australia via Australia Post E-Parcel, and can be tracked via the Australia Post website. Deliveries usually take 8 to 16 working days from your items arrive at the Distribution centre.

Tarazz allows you to shop from multiple retailers, so you can pick you a new pair of designer shoes or a handbag while are there!
All in all, Tarazz does act as a parcel forwarding service, so really pricing including postage should be compared to what other forwarding companies would charge to get the full picture.

But for those of us who are novices at using those third parcel forwarding companies to forward our goods, at least Tarazz lets you do everything in one go. 

Are you going to start shopping at Sephora via Tarazz? Or are you a veteran at using parcel forwarding services and find it easy, and cheaper too?

What would be first on your list of things to get from Sephora?



  1. Excited that we can shop from Sephora now, but I don't think I will if shipping is that expensive... Often you can buy these products on other sites for just as cheap with much less shipping... I'll see.

    Thanks for the update though, I had no idea about Tarazz!


  2. I don't know if I will go through this website or not, will wait to hear what others think of the customer service. :)

    1. I would also love hear if anyone has any experience with their service.

  3. I love my parcel forwarding people PriceUSA as it's super cheap to ship with them. I think Tarazz costs a bit too much!

    1. Agreed, they are not cheap, you really have to buy several items to make it worthwhile, but at least the offer is now there. I have never used one of the parcel forwarding services, I really must look into it.

  4. i love sephora, but shipping with tarazz is a little steep! not sure if i will shop with them, perhaps parcel forwarding like what jen suggested

    1. Im not sure I will shop with them either, as I said to Jen, I really must look into the parcel forwarding services.


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