19 November 2012

Product Review: bhave Hydrator Shampoo & Conditioner

I have long hair, which is rather thick, and it has been has been coloured numerous times. Although in fairly healthy condition, needless to say that it, due to its length, does have some dry and split ends. I am always looking for new products to help maintain my hair, so when I was offered to trial the *bhave Hydrator Moisturising Shampoo and Conditioner, I happily accepted. Here are my thoughts;

What they say:
"bhave™ hydrator moisturising shampoo and conditioner blends keratin, vitamin E and pro-vitamin B5 with certified organic aloe vera, evening primrose and macadamia oils for lush and nourished hair."

Both the shampoo and the conditioner "contain Replicine™ Functional Keratin technology, which is naturally derived and extracted keratin proteins from the wool of New Zealand sheep that are able to bind to severely damaged hair, rebuilding the internal structure and restoring strength, elasticity and shine to damaged hair. Suitable for normal, coarse and dry, damaged hair."

RRP: Shampoo or Conditioner, each $32.95 (300ml) – Available from select hair salons.

What I say:
Having never before heard of the bhave brand, I did a little research and so amazed by what I discovered. The products are free from parabens, sulphates and sodium chloride. Not only Australian owned, and all products are made in Australia, bhave is also the first Australian hair care brand to offer the keratin based hair restoration technology and include it in the hair care collection. Now I was fascinated!

The bhave Hydrator shampoo and conditioner are both infused with pro vitamin b5 to help heals scalp while moisturising the hair, macadamia oil to help prevent against hair breakage while improving hair strength and elasticity, evening primrose oil, which is high in essential fatty acids and helps strengthen and nourish hair. It also contains vitamin e to strengthen and nourish while adding shine to the hair, as well as certified organic aloe vera  to soothe and deliver gentle natural hydration, whilst restoring pH levels. And finally of course, the hero ingredient, the replicine functional keratin, which penetrates the hair shaft to rebuild, revive, and restore dry and damaged from the inside out.

My long hair is generally it is quite healthy, but due to its length, needless to say that it has been through countless summers, hair colourings and heat sessions, so it is a little dry at the ends with some split ends.

I usually wash my hair every second day, and rarely do I feel that I need to wash it more than once. When shampoos do not contain sulphates I often find that it can be difficult to get the shampoo to lather properly, but that was not the case with the Hydrator shampoo. It easily lathered up into soft foam, and just one shampooing was needed to make my hair feel wonderfully clean, yet without my hair feeling squeaky or stripped for moisture.

Afterwards I used the Hydrator conditioner, and my hair instantly absorbed conditioner, almost as if I hadn’t used any. My hair was obviously very thirsty! After a few minutes I rinsed out the conditioner, and found that it was very easy to do, and not like one of those conditioners where you keep rinsing and rinsing and keep feeling there is residue left in the hair. Instantly my hair felt so soft and it was free from knots too.

Combing it afterwards is so easy, and once dry, my hair is left silky soft, and is so easy to manage. My hair looks so shiny and healthy, and flyaways seem to be reduced too, yet without being weighed down. Even my hubby commented that my hair looked nice, and asked what I had done to it!

After having used the shampoo and conditioner several times, I can both see and feel a difference in the condition of my hair, it has seriously done wonders for my dry hair. Moisture seems to have been restored, even in the dry ends and it just looks healthier and shinier than ever, as well as so much easier to manage and style.

Both the shampoo and conditioner come in white round cylinder bottles with a flip lid at the top. I really love the simple and sleek design of the bottles, and they are easy to use in the shower with wet hands too. Both have a nice floral scent, which is very pleasant and far from overpowering. And once my hair is washed and dry, it smells absolutely gorgeous, yet again without being too intense.

At $32.95 each for a 300ml bottle, the shampoo and conditioner are at the more expensive end, but as the results really speak for themselves, and it seriously does make a difference to the condition of your hair, and as both are so concentrated that you will only need to use a little, the bottles will last you a long time. So all in all, they are well worth the spend.
*These products were kindly provided for consideration, and have been reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.
Have you tried any of the products from bhave? What are your preferred shampoo and conditioner? 



  1. I have never tried this brand for I was hesitant before but upon reading your reviews about it. I think I wanna give it a try. I'll check this out.

    1. I had never heard about the brand either, but it is also very new. You really wont be disappointed!

  2. This sounds like great stuff, my hair is so dry!

    1. It really is amazing, and I love that it doesnt contain sulpates and parabens.


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