2 November 2012

Product Review: MD Formulations Facial Cleanser with Glycolic

The right cleanser makes all the difference to the condition of your skin, as they say, you need a clean canvas for the perfect makeup. Consequently, I have tried and tested countless of cleansers over the years, but this cleanser from MD Formulations is one of my favourite cleansers, which I have been using for years. Here are my thoughts on it;

What they say:

"MD Formulations Facial Cleanser with Glycolic gently helps to break down and rinse away make up and excess oil and grime. Soap and oil free. Contains 12 per cent glycolic acid. Leaves no residue and is non-drying".

RRP: $85 – but available for $55 from ActiveSkin, and $34 from Strawberrynet 

What I say:
I have combination skin prone to breakouts, so I am always looking for the perfect cleanser. From the first day of using MD Formulations Facial Cleanser, I could feel and see the difference. My skin was cleaner, clearer, and less greasy, and with dead skin cells are removed, breakouts seemed to happen less and less frequently, and when I do get breakouts, they seem to clear up a lot faster too.

The 12% glycolic compound in the cleanser increases skin hydration and dissolves dry, dead skin cells, leaving the skin soft and glowing, and clearly improving the feel and appearance of the skin, all without irritating it or drying it out.

After removing all makeup, I massage a small amount of cleanser into my face, and after a few minutes rinse with water. For a more thorough and deeper cleanse, I sometimes leave the cleanser on, for the two minutes while I brush my teeth, for extra clean and glowing skin.

My skin is simply softer, smoother, more hydrated and looks healthier when I use this cleanser, which also means that my makeup applies easier and lasts longer as well.
This cleanser is very concentrated, and a little goes a very  long way, I use just ten cent size amount, and when using twice a day, this 250ml bottle will easily last me 6 months.

Have you tried any products from MD Formulations? What’s your preferred cleanser?


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