6 November 2012

Product Review: Lancôme UV Expert BB Complete SPF50+++

I've tried quite a few BB creams now, and so far I cannot say that I have been impressed, but given all the hype about the BB creams, I have been thinking that maybe I just haven’t found my perfect match yet, so I have keep looking for the perfect one. Here are my thoughts on the new Lancôme UV Expert BB Complete SPF 50+ Cream.

What they say:
"UV Expert SPF 50 PA+++ BB Complete features an exceptional triple potency formula offering optimal performance on protection, correction and coverage. After the application, the skin looks instantly fairer. Day after day, its quality appears noticeably improved after just four weeks. The complexion looks more luminous and uniform; it attains the ideal of a flawlessly healthy, natural finish".

RRP: $52 (30ml), $70 (50ml) – Was supposed to be available from Department Stores, and select chemists from October 28th 2012, but rumour has it that the launch of product for some reason has been postponed until February!

What I say:
The Lancôme UV Expert BB Complete SPF 50+ Cream comes in two shades, 01 which is a beige-pinkish/greyish shade, and 02 which has a warmer yellow undertone. Of the two colours, colour 02 matched my medium beige skin tone the best.

Colour 01

Colour 02

The BB Complete has a ‘Triple Potency’, which promises to Protect, Correct and Cover;

The BB cream incorporates Pollution shield, which is a new combination of the anti-pollution Pollusafe™ Complex and Moringa extract to help protect skin against damaging free radicals, carbon molecules and heavy metals. It also contains patented Mexoryl® SX and XL offering an unprecedented 12-hour UV protection, as well as the GN-Shield™ system designed to protect DNA by neutralising inflammatory pigmentation messengers triggered by UV rays at the dermal level while helping block the sun’s harmful rays at the surface.
Personally, I don't usually rely on the SPF in a tined moisturiser of foundation because you apply so little of the product to get the full benefit of their SPF, so I like to layer my usual sunblock first before I apply them. Often I do get breakouts from sunblock, but I’m happy to report that I didn't get breakouts while using Lancôme BB complete.  

I cannot quite speak of the DNA protection, but will just review on the basis of the visible effects.

The Lancôme BB Complete contains a new-generation technology, Aura-Inside, which means that fine lines, blemishes, pigmentation and dark spots are smoothed out to create the illusion of a more flawless skin.It also contains an active pore-refining and anti-spot complex, works over time to help fight blemishes and imperfections.

I found that this BB cream really does cover large pores, but I am not so sure if it fades dark spots over time, time is yet to tell. And as for blemishes, the BB creams that I have tried so far have made my skin break out, but so far I’m happy to say that has not yet been the case with the Lancôme BB Complete.


For an optimised coverage and a fresh luminous skin, Lancôme introduces in its new BB Complete Aura-Inside™, pioneered for Teint Miracle, which combines pink and blue bioptic pigments with translucent liquid micro-mirrors to bathe skin in a fresh, luminous glow.

Fine lines, blemishes and some pigmentation are optically faded, and redness is reduced, to create the illusion of a more even toned and flawless skin.
However, like most other BB creams, the BB Complete also only offers a light coverage, and therefore it doesn’t completely cover dark pimple marks, scarring or dark pigmentation, even though they are faded out and the skin is given a fresh, healthy glow. The skin looks very natural, almost like you are not wearing any makeup at all.

The Lancôme BB Complete comes in a simple white tube with a basic nozzle that makes it easy to get just the amount you need. It has a pleasant floral scent which is quite strong, but it does not linger too long and disappears once the cream has absorbed into the skin.

All in all, worn alone, the BB Complete does not offer enough coverage for my preference, as I usually prefer foundations with a medium coverage, although it is a great alternative on a casual day. It does wear quite well, and does seem to stay put all day, as well as it doesn’t fade, change colour or settle into fine lines and wrinkles. However, after wearing the BB Complete for a few hours my face does start to shine, which I also have to admit is very normal on my combination skin. So to add a little more coverage and combat the shine, I have been applying a layer of powder foundation, which has solved both issues.

Have you tried the Lancôme BB Complete? Do you even like BB creams, and if so, which one is your favourite?



  1. Wow that's a very interesting claim, to protect DNA! I am in love with the Garnier BB Cream for Oily skin, it's wonderful :)

    1. Yep, it is an interesting claim, isnt it!
      Im yet to try the Garnier BB for Oily skin. The Original one unfortunately makes my skin break out.

  2. I agree there is a lot of instant gratification in this product, it feels great on the skin and your skin does glow afterwards - faux or not!

    1. Glad to hear you love it too. And as die glowing skin, unfortunately I haven't got it, so gotta fake it!


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