9 May 2017


Today I am continuing with yet another instalment of my Mother's Day gift ideas, which I hope you enjoy and feel make it a little easier to pick that special gift for Mum. If you've missed the previous parts, you can checkout out Part One, Part TwoPart Three and Part Four.

want to give her some thing cool, then just cannot get past this chic RRGB Toiletries and makeup bag from House of Tindale. The bag is made from super sturdy canvas and it has a heavy duty zipper that will stand the distance, and it has been hand crafted to ensure the highest of standard. The bag has the coolest white print all over it - REBEL - ROCKSTAR - GODDESS - BOSS, and it is large enough to carry skin and body care items, and thanks the large internal zipped mesh pocket you can also add makeup, or some personal items.

This bag is just so stylish with its monochrome design, that it makes such a such a statement, that I actually think it is such a shame to hide it away with your toiletries, so I can actually easily see myself use it a s clutch when going out, where it will be perfect for holding both your purse, mobile and keys, along with a few makeup items in the internal pocket.

If she is always on the go, who not team her up with a bottle from S’Well - these reusable bottles from the New York company, have taken the world by storm, so much so that the company has been listed at the very top of Forbes 2016 list of fastest growing women-owned or led companies.

And it is not hard to see why as the bottle is pure genius. It not only support charitable organisations such as WaterAid, but the mere using and reusing the bottle helps prevents unnecessary waste from polluting the environment.

The insulated stainless steel bottle not only look amazing - I particularly love the Onyx, which has a matte black design with a silver cap, but what's so great is that piping hot drinks stay hot for 12 hours, and cold drinks stay cold for more than 24 hours. How good is that. The bottle features a double wall construction prevents condensation, and it is made from high quality 18/8 stainless steel is taste neutral, non-porous, non-leaching & BPA free. It has a wide mouth so you can also use ice cubes, and the seal is air tight so it wont accidentally leak into your bag, as well as our drink will stay fresh. This bottle is seriously super stylish, and will look as good in board room or the office as it will in the gym or on the go, so regardless if she is into cold or hot drinks, this is a gift she'll keep treasuring for a long time. I personally also like that it, unlike many other bottles, doesn’t leak, so I can pop into my bag and not worry about it spilling its contents.

Alternatively how about one of the super cool reusable cups from JOCO. JOCO is an Australian brand of reusable cups, made from sturdy, yet lightweight glass that is resistant for thermal shock, heat retention. It is wrapped in an ergonomic thermal silicon sleeve to help ensure your drink stays hot and your hands cool. It also has a splash safe lid, that has a unique 'nose clearance' to make drinking easier.

The cups have a unique base shape that is barista certified as it pulls the contents of the cup to the center and thus improves the taste and drinking experience too. The cup is of course both microwave and dishwasher safe, and perfect for use both at home, in the office, or even take it to your café for your take-away coffee, as it has the perfect size for a medium coffee. And by using a reusable cup, you will also help reduce the amount of waste - there's a massive 2.25 billion paper cups used worldwide each year, which s over 50 million trees cut down every year, so re-use and help the environment too - all while drinking from a super stylish cup. This particular cool monochrome bird design print is a limited edition version as a part of the artist series collaboration with the Australian artist Adrian Knott - it is so cool, and I love using it - I often get distracted by my little boys and forget to drink my coffee, but this cup helps keep my drink warm longer, all while looking amazing. And my husband is very jealous of this cup, so I may have to get my hands on another one for him too.

If she's into homewares you cannot go past this stunning Hein Tray from Mojito Homewares. It is hand made from bamboo, and renders a connection to the land and culture of the Vietnamese people, with the brand supporting environmental sustainability, fair trade and promoting ethical consumerism.

The tray can be used as a tray to keep all your special things on display, - I'm considering putting mine in my large ensuite for display of some of my favouorite perfumes. But you can also use it when serving tea outside on the patio, or even as a cheese platter. I love the raw beauty of the timber, mixed with the glossy painted edge, and the quality is second to none, and while it sis super simple, it is so super modern too, and not to mention very timeless. And the best thing is tat you can have it in so many different colours, from solid bamboo, to a variety of beautiful colours such as white, lemon, orange, aqua, crimson, or a classic black such as this one. It also comes in two different sizes, 30cm and 40cm.

If she loves music and a bit of boogie as she's plotting around at home, you cannot go past this incredible Wonderboom speaker from Ultimate Ears. This speaker is about the size of a large coffee mug, but don't be fooled by its little size, as this portable wireless speaker has incredible big sound that is so clear and crisp, and with a big and full bass too - and it easily gets the beat going in my huge family room - and it has an incredible blue tooth reach too, easily connecting with my phone at the other end of the house too. It comes with a little hook, so you can take it with you every where and hang it just where you need it, such as in the garden, or even in the shower as it is also completely waterproof, or perhaps a trip in the pool where it will float! The Wonderboom is so simple to operate, turning the volume up or down, or play pause or skip till you get to your favourite song. It is also quickly and easy to charge, and once you have, you have a massive 10 hours of music. It is available in a cool range of colours including an adorable pink, purple, grey and black. This is seriously an incredible speaker, with such a great sound, and it looks pretty awesome too, so she'll absolutely love this one.

Alternatively how about some certified organic skincare from Australian Agape Skin, which is made by ingredients that you can actually read understand.

The Agape Skin The Scrub is a body scrub made with Himalayan rock salt and bicarb soda, as well as coconut milk powder, cocoa butter, corn flour and lavender essential oils, and it is loaded with vitamins A and C as well as proteins and amino acids. The body scrub has a powdery consistency that you add water to, before massaging it onto your body, or even your face as it is so gentle. This body scrub is kind of reminding me of the Microfoliant from Dermalogica, only this is for the body, and again, made only with ingredients that you can actually understand. It gentle exfoliates the skin - in fact, while using it the first time, I doubted that it was doing anything at all, as I am so used to gritty scrubs, and I didn't feel a think using The Scrub - but after rinsing off and drying my skin, I could immediately feel how soft and smooth my skin was. The powdery does mean you have to be careful not to waste any, but it truly worth. And the added lavender essential oils means that it smells absolutely divine too.

The Agape Skin The Elixir would have to be the hero. It is a very light oil for the body, containing among others camellia oil, macadamia nut oil, hazelnut oil, evening primrose oil, apricot kernel oil, and jojoba oil. This body oil is designed to help hydrate and moisturise the body, while smoothing the skin tone and supporting healthy skin cells. The oil comes in a gorgeous black and white pump bottle that makes it so easy to use. And as it is so concentrated you only need to use the smallest amount. Best used when you are just out of the shower and your skin is still warm, it easily absorbs into the skin, and after a few moments it is so soft and silky smooth, and with a gorgeous gentle natural scent lingering on your skin.

Finally, there's the Agape Skin The Balm, which is a balm for your lips. This natural lip balm is made using camellia oil, beeswax, coconut oil, apricot kernel oil, cocoa butter and avocado oil. These ingredients are a rich source of fatty acids to help keep lips soft and smooth and intensely nourished and moisturised, while also creating a barrier and protect the lips from external forces such as the sun. This lip balm so lovely on the lips, you can immediately feel how moisturising it is, yet without feeling greasy, so it is also perfect to use under lipstick. I also love that it has next to now scent, so it has already found a permanent home in my handbag!

Or what about a selection of Australian made hair and body products from Biology Smart Skincare. These products are free from all the nasties such as sulphates, parabens, chemicals and cheap fillers, but are made with Australian native ingredients, along with active plant DNA and pure essential oils.

The Biology No 301 Pure Hydration Shampoo and the No 302 Pure Hydration Conditioner are designed for daily use as they are so gentle. The shampoo is sulphate free, and both the shampoo and conditioner contains among others a bio active complex, Wildberry Harvest, which consists of 3 native berries that stimulate hyaluronic acid within the follicle to replenish moisture levels, and enhance shine while relieving dryness. It also contains the pure essential oils of lavender, pink grapefruit, patchouli, and ginger, which combined help stimulate healing and hair growth, balancing oil production, and repair the hair, while having calming, uplifting, soothing and relaxing effect. Combined the pair help to gently cleanser the hair and balance the scalp, while helping to detangle and smooth the hair fibres and prevent split ends. These products have a very subtle natural scent you can only love, and from the first use, they leave my long hair clean, and feeling soft and smooth, and looking shiny and glossy too.

The Biology No. 305 Moisture Therapy Body Bar is a soap bar that is free from palm oil and PH balanced and contains the Wildberry complex so it gently cleanses the skin without affecting the skin's natural moisture barrier. It also contains Australian Kakadu Plum and Naitive Wattleseed to, which are tiny little particles that gently buff and exfoliate the skin, along with pure essential oils of lemon for its clearing and antibacterial properties and ginger verbena to brighten the skin. This soap has a fresh and uplifting citrusy-herbal scent that is so divine, and it comes in old-school brown paper wrapping which gives it a gorgeous charm.

A great addition would be the Biology No 353 Ultra Hydrate Body Butter, which is a beautiful cream also contains the Wildberry Harvest to rejuvenate and restore the skin's radiance. In addition, it also contains avocado, sweet almond, oregano and sunflower oils along with shea butter and aloe vera, as well as lavender, olive leaf, thyme and rosemary extract to give the skin an intense dose of fast acting moisture and hydration to combat dryness. The body butter absorbs into the skin so fast, and is non greasy, but leaves the skin feeling so silky soft and smooth all day. It has the most gorgeous slightly scent herbal that I really love as it is so natural, and also so subtle that it doesn't clash with my perfume. This body butter will become my go-to body care this winter!

The shampoo and conditioner simple cream coloured bottles with black writing, or for the body butter, a black plastic jar with a cream label and the black writing and logo. Simplistic and stunning, and just how I personally love it!

House of Tindale RRGB Toiletries Makeup Bag - RRP: $39.00
Available from House of Tindale

S'Well Bottle, 500ml - RRP: $59.95
JOCO Reuable Cup - RRP: $29.95
Available from Biome Stores

Mojito Hein Tray - RRP: $35 (30cm), $40 (40cm)
Available from Mojito Homewares

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom - RRP: $129
Available from JB Hifi, Apple Stores and Harvey Norman

Agape Skin The Elixir - RRP: $95.95 / 200ml
Agape Skin The Scrub - RRP: $59.95 / 300g
Agape Skin The Balm - RRP: $10.50 / 4.5g
Available from Agape Skin

Biology Pure Hydration Shampoo - RRP: $27.00 / 375ml
Biology Pure Hydration Conditioner - RRP: $27.00 / 375ml
Biology No. 305 Moisture Therapy Body Bar - RRP: $12.00 / 15g
Biology Ultra Hydrate Body Butter - RRP: $45.00 / 200g
Available from Biology Smart Skincare

* Products have been kindly provided for consideration, and have reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

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