31 May 2017


Today I'm excited to share with you some recent releases from Eco Tools, The Perfecting Blender Duo and the Enhancing Eye Brush Set. 

First up there's the Perfecting Blender Duo, which is a pack containing two makeup sponges, a small one and a large one. The large sponge is soft and flexible and has been designed to help blend your liquid foundation to help create the perfect, even look, while the smaller sponge has been designed to be a little firmer, to make help make precision coverage easier.

The sponges have various edges, including a larger flat surface to help apply product to large surface areas, a round base to seamlessly blend lines, and a wedge tip to get into smaller areas such as under the eyes etc, and like other makeup sponges, these can be used either wet or dry.

The makeup sponges are made from a unique EcoFoam technology that is made up of 70% plant based-materials, and they are also latex free, 100% vegan, and dermatologist tested - and I also love their green colours, as I think, like most others, I have enough pink makeup sponges, so it is such a refreshing change.

Of the two sponges, I am particularly enjoying the larger one, and find that it gives my skin a lovely even finish, but I am not quite sure about the smaller one, which I do find a tad hard - probably because I am used to softer sponges, so it probably just takes a little more getting used to. The sponges appear to be of a good quality, and great value for money too, although I am yet to wash them, so cannot speak of how they perform afterwards. But regardless, definitely worth a try.

Then there are the new makeup brushes, including the Enhancing Eye Set, which contains two double ended brushes, so four brush heads in total, designed to shade, define, blend and smudge.

One brush contains a Shade Brush with soft tapered bristles in one end to apply eye shadow all over the lid with, and a Define Brush in the other end, which is angled to help line and define the eye shape.

The second brush contains a Blend Brush in one end which has a rounded edge to eliminate streaks and harsh lines, and in the other end a Smudge Brush which has short bristles to help smudge the shadow and liner along the lash line.

The brushes are handcrafted and have the trademark timber shafts and are so soft and gorgeous. For travelling purposes the double ended brushes are super convenient, but for every day use, I generally store my brushes in a brush holder, which is thus not possible with these - so I would essentially prefer if they weren't double ended - but that said, they are so soft and gorgeous that I still wouldn’t' mind adding a few more to my collection.

EcoTools Perfecting Blender Duo - RRP: $19.95
EcoTools Enhancing Eye Set - RRP: $17.99

Available from EcoTools

* Products have been kindly provided for consideration, and have reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy. 

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