30 May 2017


Last week the most gorgeous little PR parcel arrived at my door step - a little 'paint jar' filled with one of Maybelline's newest releases, the Lip Studio Color Jolts Intense Lip Paints. 

These little tubes promises to "Go beyond gloss with a jolt of intense colour. Paint your lips in dramatic color with Maybelline's Lip Studio Color Jolt that has 8x more pigment than a lip gloss".

These liquid lipsticks are insanely pigmented, and you can either apply them lightly for a mild yet still solid colour, or for a bold intense look apply an additional coat. Application is easy as they have a flocked precision applicator, that makes following the lip contours easy.

In Australia there are currently 8 shades available;

05 Stripped Down - a dusty beigy nude pink
10 Never Bare - a medium dusty pink
15 Fight Me Fuchsia - a hot pink
20 Orange Outburst - an bright orangy-red
25 Talk Back Red -a classic red
30 Red-dy Or Not - a darker and warmer red
35 Berry Naughty - a berry shaded red
40 Violet Rebel - a purple 

L-R: 05 Stripped Down, 10 Never Bare, 15 Fight Me Fuchsia, 20 Orange Outburst, 25 Talk Back Red, 30 Red-dy Or Not35 Berry Naughty, 40 Violet Rebel

I am not personally a fan of pale or nude lips such as Stripped Down or Never Bare although Stripped Down is darker than most nudes, so surprisingly, I've actually taken to that one, so will have to give Never Bare another chance too! I am also not overly comfortable with solid purple lips such as Violet Rebel, and the Fight Me Fuschia certainly also makes a statement, though one I've enjoyed to help brighten my face on a dull day. At the moment I cannot get enough of red lips, and consequently, I am absolute loving the four red shades, Orange Outburst, Talk Back Red, Red-dy Or Not and Berry Naughty - and actually find it difficult to say which of these I like the most. All in all it means that of the 8 shades, I am actually really liking 7 of the shades, leaving just the purple Violet Rebel on the sideline, which really isn't bad - so personally from me, it is a well done to Maybelline for putting together such a well-balanced range of wearable shades. 

But what about the formula of these Color Jolts… Overall, I like how easy they are apply and that they go on smoothly, though you do have to be careful as a little too much and they do 'bleed' due to their high pigmentation, so I do recommend blotting afterwards. The colours are all very true to the shade of the tube, and generally I found that they lasted quite well on the lips, and even when worn off, the darker red shades leave a nice stain behind on the lips. I also like that they feel quite lightly moisturising on the lips, unlike many semi-matte lipsticks which are often very drying.

Initially they do have a slight sheen, but it does wear off, leaving them looking matte. Personally, I would have liked them to be a tad glossier, but then again, you can always add a clear gloss on top if you wish.

So all in all I really feel that these Maybelline Color Jolt Intense Lip Paint are amazing, offering gorgeous colours that are easy to wear and feels lovely on the lips. And at a very affordable price too. Definitely worth a try!

Maybelline New York Color Jolt Intense Lip Paint - RRP: $14.95 / 6.4ml
Available from Priceline, and selected Coles, Woolworths and Pharmacies

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