20 May 2017


Today I'd like to introduce you to a new luxury skincare brand that has just been launched in Australia, L'Unico Laboratory. L'Unico Laboratory is an Australian range that uses European engineered peptides and organic extracts for products that absorb instantly into the skin to help give immediate effective and visible results, protecting, rebuilding and addressing signs of ageing. 

Some other key facts about this new brand is that L'Unico is Italian and means THE ONLY ONE, and the key advantages of the products are;

  • L'Unico uses nano-sized ingredients that are handcrafted to allow for 100% skin penetration and instant absorption. 
  • All products have an aqueous base with a minimal use of 0.1% of natural oils or plant extract, which allows the formula to be instantly absorbed into the deepest layers of the skin. 
  • L'Unico uses advanced variations of peptides to act as a signal to skin cells to make new collagen, improve wrinkles and firmness and reduce pigmentation. 
  • Packaging is 100% light-resistant to guarantee stability within every drop of the formula, protecting against oxidation and deterioration by light. 
Now onto the actual products. I've put a selection to the test, and here are my thoughts..

The L'Unico Neuropeptide Firming Eye Therapy is a nourishing eye cream that promises to decrease the appearance of puffiness around the eye area and help to improve skin elasticity while restoring and correcting the delicate skin around the eyes. It also helps eliminate the appearance of dark circles.

And this eye cream seriously is incredible, as after just a few uses I could start to see that the skin around my eyes looked and felt both firmer and brighter, as well as dark circles remarkably reduced too. The cream absorbs immediately into the skin, and without any greasiness, so it is also perfect for using under makeup. The cream does take a few moments to absorb, but once it has, it leaves no residue and the eye area feels soft and smooth after application. It has a lovely fresh fruity scent and I also love that it is a hypoallergenic formula that is super gentle around my sensitive eyes.

Then there's the L'Unico High Potency 30% Vitamin C Serum, which contains a highly stable form of Vitamin C, ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate, or, more specifically, the tetraester of ascorbic acid and isopalmitic acid. This works as a powerful antioxidant and is a potent oil-soluble form of Vitamin C ester, which helps prevent cellular ageing by inhibiting the cross-linking of collagen, oxidation of proteins and lipid peroxidation - or in other words, it helps to boost collagen in the skin, and aids with the skin's hydration and density, help reduce the appearance of dark circles and spots as well as provide UV protection.

The serum has a gorgeous orange scent, and I did initially find it slightly oily on my combination skin, but overcame this by simply using less of this super concentrated serum. Just a few drops is sufficient, so while it may not be cheap, the bottle will last you forever, and as it can last up to 18 months without oxidising, that is not an issue. The light serum absorbs fairly quickly into the skin, and is to be used morning or night after cleansing and prior to moisturiser. And it seriously didn't take long for me to fall in love with this, as already after a few uses, I could tell how soft and glowing it made my skin feel and look. While my combination skin doesn't seem to lack moisture, it has still given it a visible boost, and I am also convinced that it is helping to reduce the appearance of some marks from recent breakouts. I could certainly get used to using this as a part of my regular skincare routine.

Then there's the L'Unico Youth Essence Day Cream and Regenerative Neuropeptide Night Formula, which both promises to help prevent the formulation of fine lines and wrinkles.

The Youth Essence Day Cream contains a mixture of vitamins, amino acids and the powerful peptides Acetyl Glutamyl Octatapeptide and Acetyl Hexapeptide-8, which helps reduce wrinkle depth and in reducing surface muscle tension, while also protecting the skin and boosting collagen synthesis, helping to inhibit enzymatic destruction and to minimise unscheduled collagen degradation. But that's not all, it also helps maintain the skin's moisture balance, tone, elasticity land density, and counter the damaging effects of UV exposure.

The cream has a very subtle scent and is very light, absorbing immediately into the skin without any residue, but leaving it so soft and smooth, so again perfect for use under makeup during the day.

The Regenerative Neuropeptide Night Formula contains among others a encapsulated retinol (vitamin A), which helps to reverse the chronological signs of ageing including the appearance of fine wrinkles and expression lines, while boosting keratin, protein and collagen and minimising photo damage. The cream has a thicker and richer consistency, which you'd expect for a night cream, and it does take a few moments to absorb into the skin, but like the day cream, it also uses a nano technology to ensure it absorbs quickly and into the deeper layers of the skin for improved efficiency. I was initially concerned that it would be too rich for my combination skin prone to breakouts, as it is also so hydrating, but thankfully that has not been the case.

These two moisturisers do not come cheap, but they are highly concentrated, so you seriously only need to use a little, and I have to say that these products really do live up to their claims, and I am so impressed with the results, as my skin has been looking so much nicer, brighter, and I'd almost dare say, younger, in the time I've used them, so definitely worth their high price tag if you can afford them.

Finally, there's the L'Unico Phyto Fruit AHA Micro Peel, which is the perfect solution to an at-home-pampering session. These peel pads are to be used weekly after cleansing, by simply wiping them over your face for 10 minutes avoiding the sensitive eye and lip area before washing it off. The pads are soaked in fruit acids, with a concentrated blend of five botanical extracts including sugar cane, apple, orange, lemon and camellia oleifera leaf, - which combined offer lactic acid, glycolic acid, citric acid, malic acid and tartaric acid, to gently exfoliate the outer layer of the skin, exposing new skin layers that appear brighter, radiant and more even. The pads are available in three different strengths for different skin types, and promise to decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and leave the skin fresher and more glowing and with a more even skin tone. I tried the level 1 Peel, which is the lowest strength, recommended for fair skin tones.

These pads are so super easy to use, and I love that they are so moist that you can continue to wipe the over your face, unlike other wipes that seem to dry out more or less immediately. I did feel a slight tingle at the first use, but only ever so slightly, and to be honest I think my skin would probably be ok with a slightly higher strength, being used to more intense skincare products. That said, I am so loving the effects of these, as the leave my skin looking so much brighter and more radiant and glowing too, and as a bonus, I actually also feel that they help clear up any breakouts that I may have. I am unsure exactly how many pads the pack contains, as the actual packaging doesn’t say, but considering that you are only supposed to use these weekly, I can already tell that these are going to last a long time. Thankfully, as I am so in love with these that I never want the jar to empty out.

So overall I am seriously impressed with these L'Unico Laboratory products - no they are not cheap, but they are seriously efficient, and really do live up to their claims, so if you can afford it, I highly recommend that you splurge and try out some of the products - I know that I'll be saving to repurchase when I run out of especially those Peel pads!

L'Unico Laboratory Neuropeptide Firming Eye Therapy - RRP: $160 / 30ml
L'Unico Laboratory High Potency 30% Vitamin C Serum - RRP: $100 / 15ml
L'Unico Laboratory Youth Essence Day Cream - RRP: $240 / 50ml
L'Unico Laboratory Regenerative Neuropeptide Night Formula - RRP: $340 / 50ml
L'Unico Laboratory Phyto Fruit AHA Micro Peel - RRP: $90 / 118ml

Available from L'Unico Laboratory

* Products have been kindly provided for consideration, and have reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

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