6 December 2012

Product Review: Palmolive Body Butter Luscious Mango

Shower Gels is one of those everyday essentials, so I was very excited when I was asked to trial the new *Palmolive Body Butter in Luscious Mango. Here are my thoughts;

What they Say:
"Indulge your skin with Palmolive Body Butter Luscious Mango Body Wash. This Luscious formula with delightful moisture-locking ingredients transforms into rich, creamy bubbles, leaving your skin feeling satiny smooth and superbly clean. What are you waiting for? Indulge yourself with some moisture decadence today!"

RRP: $6.49 for 400ml – Available from supermarkets.

What I Say:
I love love love mangoes, so this mango body wash smells absolutely divine to me. It reminds me of a mango smoothie, smelling fresh and summery.

The body wash comes in a stylish and functional curvy bottle, with a flip top lid that is easy to open in the shower even with wet hands. I have to admit that I do like shower gels that come in a pump bottle, and because of the design of this bottle which has a curved top, it will make it a little tricky for it to stand up side down when it comes time to completely empty the bottle.

The actual body wash is a very thick formula, but Palmolive does also call it a body butter and not a shower gel, which does explain the consistency. Due to the thick consistency it does take a bit of a squeeze to get the body wash out of the bottle.

The body wash is easy to spread across the body but when used with a shower pouf it is even easier to work up to a thick and lather, while it leaves my skin feeling nice and clean.

After showering, my skin didn't feel as tight and uncomfortable as it normally does before I put on lotion and I believe that it does up my skin hydration, especially when compared to soap. After the shower my skin feels soft, subtle and moisturised, and I probably could get away without moisturising, but my dry skin would still be thirsty, so even though I may not need it, I still prefer to put on my regular body lotion.

Once dried off from the shower, the body wash leaves the skin with a gorgeous, but subtle scent of mangoes, which however is so faint that it won’t clash with your chosen fragrance.

Al in all, this is a lovely moisturising body wash which comes at a bargain price, and if you’re a lover of mangoes like me, you simply must experience this delicious shower cream, it’s just gorgeous.
*This product was kindly provided for consideration, and it has been reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

Have you tried any of the Body Butters from Palmolive? What's your favourite body wash?


  1. Wow this looks so divine. I'm going to have to purchase this after my body wash runs out :) I love creamy washes.

  2. I got a sample in Bellabox then purchased a bottle a few days ago - divine! best body wash!

    1. Yeah, it really is gorgeous, isnt it. I'll definitely buy it again too!

  3. I've never tried any of the body products from Palmolive. Is it the same brand as the dish soap?

    1. Yeah that is right, they also do dishwashing liquid, as well as hand soaps too, which I did a review of here;

  4. I currently use the Coconut Body Scrubs version of this body butter/wash & I Love it :)

    1. Im not personally keen on coconut scents, but Im also currently using the Strawberry Exfoliating Body wash, which im loving too. I'll be reviewing that one soon too..

  5. Replies
    1. I love it too, and I love the little exfoliating bits, although it does take a little longer to rinse off!


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