26 December 2012

Product Review: Aphelia Luminance 11+7 Whitening & Lightening Crème

Having increasing pigmentation I was very excited when I was asked to trial the Aphelia Luminance 11+7 Whitening & Lightening Crème.

Here are my thoughts;

What They Say:
Luminance’s calming and cooling complexes redress redness and neutralise stressors, for more balanced, even and lustrous skin tone. Protective and gentle re-brightening and lightening unguents defend skin, for diminishing pigmentation, dark spot, redness, age spots, sun spots and redress acne scarring. Luminance contains the potent anti-oxidant Vitamin C, to help protect cells from free-radical damage (pigmentation & dark spots). Specifically designed for dark spot correction, pigmentation and damaged skin.

RRP: $69 (30ml) – Available from Aphelia Online

What I Say:
Aphelia products are made using pure, natural herbal power that has been combined with cosmetic science. The ingredients are hand selected and are then expressed and percolated into own concentrated extracts using the traditional Asian methodologies. The products from Aphelia represent a hand crafted, east meets west fusions of holistic tradition and modern science, - ancient oriental herbal knowledge fused with the latest developments in Western skin care technology, giving you the best of both worlds.

The Luminance Cream promises to diminish pigmentation, dark spot, redness, age spots, sun spots and redress acne scarring - and as I sadly can tick a box at every one of those issues, and having previously tried and been extremely impressed by the Aphelia Peony 9+5 Eye Cream, I was very excited to trial the Aphelia Luminance 11+7 Crème.

The Aphelia Luminance 11+7 Crème comes in a bright green box with gold writing, and Chinese (I assume!) writing down one side of the box, and on the other side the words "The Origin of Beauty".  On the last side of the box, the ingredients of the cream and the instructions are listed. I remember the first time I saw one of these green boxes (when I tried the Aphelia Luscious Intensive Hand & Skin Cream), I recall not having high expectations of what I would find inside….but much to my surprise I found a lovely and luxurious looking cream.

The Luminance Crème comes in a square gold plastic bottle with a pump, and although made from plastic, it looks like it is made from glass, and is sleek and simple looking and looks expensive and luxurious. And I love the fact that it comes with a pump, as it is very hygienic, although this may consequently make it a little difficult to use up every last drop of cream, but only time will tell. One negative is that there is no way of knowing how much cream is left in the bottle.

Unlike a lot of other brands, Aphelia actually lists on the pack when the product has been manufactured, as well as when it expired, which I really do like. I wish that was requirement for all skincare and cosmetics products.

The crème only has a slight but pleasant scent which quickly fades. It is very gentle and did not cause any irritation to my very sensitive eyes what so ever.

Aphelia Luminance 11+7 contains 11 advanced herbal brightening ingredients to reduce pigment imperfections, dark spots, age spots, and blotchiness.

The key herbal extracts in the Luminance cream are, Morinda Citrifolia, better known as Noni fruit, which is an exotic natural source of a multitude of nutrients including antioxidant vitamin C.

It also contains Polygonatum Sibiricum, which is famed for its re-moistening capabilities in Chinese therapies; nourishing the yin. It has soothing and calming qualities.

The Cera Alba is pure beeswax that provides a protective barrier to damage and dryness.

Chrysanthemum Morifolium, which contains antioxidants that strengthen and protect cells, as well as lightening and re-brightening constituents.

Cucumis Sativus Fruit Extract, also known as cucumber extract, which has cooling and firming hydrating actions.

As well as Yeast Extract, which is an intensely nutritious concentrated source of vitamins and nutrients, and perfect for refining and caressing the skin.

You can see the full list of ingredients here.

The cream, which actually has a consistency like a serum, has a light feel when applied to my face, and it absorbs instantly without leaving the skin feeling greasy or sticky. Although the main purpose of Luminance is to fade discolourations, scars and pigmentation, it also contains some moisturising ingredients. However, I didn’t find it moisturising enough on its own, so consequently used it as a serum and always use my normal day or night cream on top.

After a couple of weeks of using the cream twice a day, I started noticing how radiant my skin looked – even without makeup, and I also started to get comments from other people. Small pigmentation and brown spots have disappeared, while darker marks have considerably reduced in size. Scarring from past acne and blemishes also appear to have softened in look. My skin is simply looking softer, smoother, and more glowing. I am impressed and can’t wait to see the improvements in my skin with continued use of this wonder cream!!
*This product was kindly provided for consideration, and it has been reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

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Have you tried any of the products from Aphelia? Do you suffer from pigmentation, and if so, what products have you come across that actually work?



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