3 December 2012

Product Review: Dettol Touch of Foam Hand Wash

Foaming hand soap seems to be the new trend within hand soaps, so I was very excited when I was invited to be a part  of the Product Talk by Nuffnang trialling the new *Dettol Touch of Foam Hand Wash in Rose & Cherry in Bloom. Here are my thoughts; 

What they say:

Unlike ordinary soap, New Dettol Touch of Foam has a unique creamy lather, enriched with micro-bubbles that deliver moisture to the skin, so your hands feel soft and comfortable after washing. It is dispensed as a ready-to-spread, non-drip lather, which kills 99.9% of germs.

Specially formulated with a dual effect that is soft on skin and hard on germs; replenish your hands with the comfort of knowing you are looking after your hands.

RRP: $3.49 - Available from supermarkets.

What I say:
The hand wash comes in a stylish looking bottle, which is a clear and slightly curved shaped plastic container with a foaming pump. The actual pump is flat on the top which makes it super easy to use with just one hand, or even with the with the top of your hands when they are dirty. The only thing is that I found that you have to carefully place the hand underneath to avoid the foam from spraying everywhere.

The actual soap is a pink liquid, which is very runny -  which I have to admit is a little strange being used to standard liquid hand soaps. But as soon as you push the pump, the liquid turns into foam when it comes out of the pump and into your hand.
The actual foam is soft and light and it is so easy to spread between your hands and give them a proper clean. In fact it is so much easier than if using normal liquid hand soap. It also rinses off very easily.

The foam comes out white when dispensed and has the most wonderful smell, which also lingers on your hands afterwards, and in spite of getting used to using liquid hand soaps, I found that the foam is so much easier to use, as it simply spreads easier between the hands.

The actual soap has the most delicious rose and cherry scent, which is also quite strong. But as I have two large dogs living inside the house, I do quite like that the scent is so strong. Once you have dried off your hands, the scent also lingers on your hands for quite a while, which again, as I really like the scent, I do not mind one bit. The soap is also available in Wild Berry Bliss, and Jasmine & Almond Dream, as well as refill bottles are available.

The hand soap is very concentrated, and I found that I only needed to use half a pump to wash my hands.

Having two dogs, I love that the soap kills 99.9% of germs. I also love that gets rid of any bad smells such as when you have been cutting up onions or meat.

On the bottle it states that the micro-bubbles deliver moisture to the skin and hands feel soft and comfortable after every wash. However, I did find that it was a little drying too drying on the hands, so I found that I only use it when I need to, and otherwise I have to use a ‘normal’ hand wash which is a little more gentle and moisturising on the hands.

However, all in all a great and very effective hand wash, with a beautiful scent. My only wish is that it would be a little more moisturising on the hands.
If you would like more information about this hand wash, just head over to the Dettol Website.
*This product was kindly provided for consideration, and it has been reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

Have you tried this hand wash? Whats your preferred hand wash?



  1. I have tried this and I love it! I bought the Jasmine & Almond Dream one. It's true that you don't need to use a whole pump and it lasts a while. I recently went to purchase another, but the only option was the Berry one and it smells far too sweet for my liking.

    1. Agree, it is a little sweet, but wonders with onion hands! I have also tried the Jasmine and Almond one, and that one is lovely too!

  2. I love the sound of 'Rose & Cherry'. Great review! I never pay much attention to the brand of hand soap I'm using but I'll have to keep an eye out for this :)

    1. Thanks heaps. The foam just makes for a nice difference, and the fragrance is lovely!

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    1. Thanks a lot! I've checked out your blog too, its great, and Im now following you. Hope you will follow mine too!

  4. Love it! sounds really good and great review! thanks for checking my blog out :) will be following you!

    xx Zoe


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