20 September 2018


HYGGE… a word you’ve no doubt come across in recent times, as it is very in, much like scandi homeware designs, furniture etc. There's even countess very popular books about it or even bearing the name, translated into more different languages than you can imagine. And being Danish - like the word HYGGE - I often cannot help but smile - not just as many have no idea how to pronounce the word, but how they also so badly want to ‘practice hygge’, but in the end of the day fall back in their ‘old ways’ of living.

Hygge cannot be translated into a single word, it is more a way of life… it is making your home warm, cosy and welcome. But it can also be eating your favourite food, sitting in your favourite chair with a cuppa and a good book, or it can be spending quality time with family and friends.

As for socialising, where ie Aussies love catching up with friends at a cafe, restaurant or the like, as it is easy - no need to stress about what to serve, do any cooking, or cleaning up afterwards etc - in Denmark, yes of course you catch up over coffees, lunches or dinners at a cafe, or go shopping with your bestie, but for a great night, you more often invite friends over to relax in the cosiness of your home. You cook some food and then you sit around the table and share the meal and a bottle of wine, with the candles burning, and music playing quietly in the background. And then you chat and laugh. Sometimes until the wee hours of the morning. And the next time you catch up or talk over the phone, you thank them for a great night, and say that it was ‘hygge-ligt’. Yes, a good cafe or restaurant meal you haven’t got the skills or time to cook yourself is always nice, but for Danes it is not always about that, sometimes a basic and quick meal at home can often be preferred, simply as it can be way more ‘hygge-ligt’ sharing it at a friends or family members cosy home, than in a noisy and barren restaurant. 

And the Field serving platter* is the perfect way to add a little hygge when entertaining friends and family at home. The design of the Field is super simple, yet stylish and timeless too - which is also the essence of Danish living.

The Field is designed by Helen Kontouris and it is made from solid oak, making it a heavy quality piece that is designed to last. It has three tiers of platters, which can swivel in all directions, so it is perfect for using for all types of delicious food, whether it be an anti-pasta platter, cheese platters, cakes, snacks, or simply a combination of all. 

The rotating levels makes it easy for everyone to reach everything, and makes it easy to the arrange the food nicely too, and look incredibly stunning as the centrepiece of the table.

We also recently used it at a kids birthday party, and it was perfect for all the cupcakes, cookies and snacks for the little kids, and once again easy for little hands to reach all the food. 

And even when not in use, I have enjoyed simply placing it on the buffet or in the middle of the table, without anything on it, as it’s sleek design, makes it look like a decorative sculpture too. But if you haven't got the room, it is also easy to disassemble, so you can store it away in the cupboard until next use - but again, if you ask me, its much better out on display - and just calls for more frequent Hygge.

Field by Helen Kontouris - RRP: from $290
Available from Made by Pen and select stockists

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