7 March 2017


There's just something about kids and playing with water, and consequently, my two little boy absolutely love their bath time, to the point they rarely want to come out of the bath again. But I personally don't mind as I can see how happy they are, and even more so that they are both old enough bath and have fun together. 

And needless to say that even our big bath is always overflowing with bath toys, but luckily we still have Robert Robert in the bathroom, the adorable Boon Inc Frog Pod Bath Organiser, which keeps the bathroom tidy, and also makes it super quick and easy to tidy up all the toys when bath time is over. (You can read more about it
here). But lately, they have also been having so much fun with some other bath toys from Boon Inc..


The Boon Inc Bubbles are suction cup plastic bubbles in bright colours, including lime green, turquoise and purple, and can stick onto the bath. And the kids can then stack and link the bubbles which come in various sizes, to create fun shapes and structures. Unlike other toys, these do not have holes in them, so no need to worry about water getting into them, and them consequently getting mouldy inside, a feature I really like.  

Then there's the Boon Inc Pipes, which are a pack of five pipes in different shapes. And what makes these so fun, is that they have various holes in them, so you can pour water into the top, and it will go back onto the bath tub, and not onto the floor. Some of them even got little propellers in them, making it even more exciting to see the water drain out again.

The pipes such onto the bath or the wall easily, thanks to suction cups, which are so easy to remove too. They can be used individually, or also linked together as a huge chain, and again come in in fun colours, including pink, orange, white, blue and lime green.



Finally, there's the Boon Inc Boon Ray Drain Plug Cover, which is so cleverly designed that it forms a suction cover over the bath drain so no water can escape. This is so clever, that that there is no hazardous items sticking up to cover the drain, but it also have a soft cover to make it softer outer to make it better for little feet in the bath. I have to admit that, while we both have a brand new bath, which seals tightly, we have covered the base of it with a bath math to prevent especially our little one from slipping and sliding in the bath, and the bath mat does serve as cover for the bath plug too - and I have found it a shame to cover up this adorable sting ray. So in stead my boys are playing with it as an additional bath toy, and it is equally perfect for that. But if you do have issues with water slowly seeing out of your bath, then I highly recommend that you check out this cute sting ray.

Overall we are yet again more than impressed with Boon Inc. These toys are of incredible quality, and they look appealing to the kids too with their fun colours, yet looks stylish too, so mummy and daddy can't complain. 

But what's even more important is that the kids love them, so much in fact, that there's been tears when its time to come out of the bath, and there's been begging to have bath too, which is such adorable, and a true testament to how good the toys are. Literally giving the kids hours and hours of fun.

And as a parent I really love that these toys help the kids develop too, both their hand-eye coordination as well as fine motor skills, and puzzle solving as they tip the water into the pipes, and stack the bubbles. These toys really are engaging and entertaining for the kids, making bath time even more fun, and challenging too as they develop their skills. So if you have a little ones who likes to have fun in the bath, we highly recommended that you check out these toys from Boon Inc. 

Boon Inc Pipes - RRP: $22.95 / 5 pipes
Boon Inc Bubbles - RRP: $32.95 / 10 bubbles
Boon Inc Boon Ray Drain Plug Cover - RRP: $14.99

Available from Toys r Us, Baby Bunting and select other baby and toy stores

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