9 March 2017


Which girl doesn't love products in pretty packaging, and especially when they're pink. Today it's all about a couple of these, that I've been enjoying lately…

Let's start with Cinch Face Cheat which is so far the only product available from the brand. And it claims to be the ultimate multi-tasker, promising to add moisturise and hydration to the skin for 72 hours, add hydration without being heavy, refine the pores, give the skin glow, act as a makeup primer, to set your makeup, and have anti-ageing benefits thanks to being enriched with kakadu plum extract which is very high in vitamin C, to help reduce wrinkles. Phew, that's a lot.

The spray itself dispenses as a really fine mist – two or three spritzes is all it takes, but make sure to give it a good shake first, so it doesn’t leave larger drops on your face. The spray has a pleasant smell, not overly gorgeous, but not hideous either, so you can certainly live with it.

As the spray has so many uses, it can be difficult to decide where to use it in your routine, so I've been using it for different things at different times of the day. But what I have particularly loved is using it as a primer, as it really does give the skin a gorgeous luminous glow, and makes applying foundation afterwards so much easier, and it does help my makeup stay put and looking nice for longer too.

With my combination skin, I don't feel it works so well as a finishing spray on top of 'normal' foundation, unless it is a matte version, but I have been using it to set my foundation when I've been using a powder foundation, which it works really great for, or if you feel like freshening up your skin on hot days, it's the perfect pick-me-up. It also works beautifully on its own, on naked skin if you feel your skin is a little dull. 

The spray is really reasonably priced, and I do love the fact that it has so many functions and skin care properties included too.

Then there's the Saturday Skin Balancing Act Skin-Smoothing Lotion, which is another fabulous multi-tasker helping to fight the signs of ageing. The lotion contains among others magnolia vine extracts to help soothe and restore the skin's oil and water balance, adding moisture and hydration while smoothing and refining the skin's texture and improving elasticity. It also contains citrus oils to help brighten the skin as well as shea butter to create a supple finish and luminious glow.

The lotion is quite light and while the bottle comes with a pump, so you need to pump it into your hands, and before applying it to you face with tapping circular motions.

The brand says "we live for Saturdays, for sleeping in, staying up… and they believe your skin should feel as good as you do when you wake up refreshed; happy, healthy and bright…. Saturday Skin is a weekend in a bottle!!". And in spite of the pretty pastel pink bottle, but don't be fooled and think we're talking teen-age products here - as we're not - as these products are in actual fact developed with scientists at an internationally respected wellness centre, Chaum, in Seoul, Korea, using a signature patented ingredient called Cha-7 es Complex which is engineered through fermentation technology from 7 recombinant peptides that are powerful in combatting skin ageing, helping to regenerate the skin, increasing collagen and elasticity, while reducing melanin production.

The lotion comes in a huge 120ml bottle which will last you forever - and I love that it is free from parabens, sulfates, artificial colours and fragrances.

This daily moisturier is very lightweight and it absorbs quickly into the skin and leaves it so soft and smooth, ready for makeup, or to hit the bed. And it has the most divine floral scent too. After just a few uses, I can see that my skin is enjoying this lotion, as it makes it feel soft and smooth, and clearly glowing and radiant. Everything about this lotion is gorgeous, from the packaging, the beautiful scent, to the quick apparent results, so this is already a favourite too, and I'm keen to explore more of the product range. 

Cinch Face Cheat Moisturiser - RRP: $39.95 / 100ml
Available from Priceline and Cinch Skin
Saturday Skin Balancing Act Skin-Smoothing Lotion - RRP: $59.95 / 120ml
Available from Myer

* Products have been kindly provided for consideration, and have reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

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