25 March 2017


Today I am going to tell you about the coolest little bean bags for babies little toddlers called Chibebe Snuggle Pods..

The Chibebe's products are designed in-house from scratch in Australia (not very far from where I live!!), and are made with the cutest and most adorable covers made from the best quality you can imagine.

A bean bag for babies.. I'm sure you wonder, can that really be safe - but believe me it is. These bean bags are made to the highest of standards and meet the stringent USA and Australian Standards, so you can rest assured that your child will be safe.

One of the clever things about the Chibebe Snuggle Pods is that you can build your own, and have it look just the way you want it, by following these steps;

  • Choose the seat design
  • Choose the Seat type
  • Choose the seat colour

The bean bag comes in a special, almost 'bean shape', which is designed to help the baby sit in a slightly elevated position and hence help prevent reflux. But it also helps flathead symptoms thanks to the soft seat. 

When you purchase a Snuggle Pod, it comes with the seat that has a harness for the baby, and hence why it is safe to use - but it also comes with a spare toddler seat (without the harness) for when the child is able to sit unassisted, and this is what my boys are using.

It also comes with an inner bag for the beans (it doesn’t automatically come with the beans, but you can order those separately by contacting Chibebe, or you can purchase those cheap in stores such as Kmart and BigW). That the beans are in an inner bag, means that can easily remove the cover when it gets dirty.

My boys are too old, but if you have a baby, you'll love that you can also add a pod rocker to make it work like a kind of rocking chair, as well as you can add a pod warmer, which is a little blanket zipped onto the pod.

These Snuggle Pods were initially intended to go upstairs in our boys bedroom - but they very quickly moved downstairs into our family room where the boys love to use them when they sit and watch TV, read books, or simply have their afternoon snacks. They think it is so cool having something that is theirs, and they are clearly comfortable too, as they keep going back to them during the day.

As a parent, I love that I know my boys are safe in these - the youngest is not yet 2 years old, and not big enough to climb onto the couch yet himself, and I always worry when he tries to get down - but when he is sitting in the Snuggle Pod, I know he can easily get in and out of it whenever he wants. As a bonus, I also love that these Snuggle Pods are kind to the house and do not scratch floors, walls and furniture as they are being moved around - and of course the fact that they look stylish at the same time.
I also love that this bean bag can grow with my boys, and they'll be able to use it many years to come, tough we may have to remove some of the beans to make it more comfortable for them as they get bigger.

So if you have a little one and want to give them their own little chair in either their own room or to use somewhere else in the house, you really should check out these Snuggle Pods. Personally I just wish that I'd come across then when my boys were babies, as they would without a doubt have loved lying in it - and if you get already when you've got a baby, it just makes it even more value being able to be able to continue using it as the child grows.

Chibebe Snuggle Pod - RRP: 99
Chibebe Pod Rocker - RRP: $39
Chibebe Pod Warmer - RRP: $49

Available from Chibebe and select stockists

* Products have been kindly provided for consideration, and have reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

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