2 March 2017


Today I am going to talk about some great products from Cherry Blooms, an Australian brand making cruelty free products, which are much hyped about all over the world, including their Fiber Brow, Fiber Lash and Vinyl Liner.

Lets start with the brows.. Decades ago, super thin brows were in, so they were plucked and plucked - and now bigger and more natural brows are in again - and sadly for those of us who over-plucked two decades ago, it does mean having to call in some assistance. And the Cherry Blooms Fiber Brow is just that.

The Fiber Brow contains tiny cellulose fibres and coloured powders that act like mineral brows. Using them is super easy, using the product which come shaped a little like a lip gloss, with a doe applicator. And you simply pull out one of the three included brow stencils that comes in the pack, in Thin, Thick or Natural, and brush on the fibres to fill in any gaps you may have, tint your brows and give them a fuller and thicker appearance.

You do have to be cautious when applying them so the fibres don’t drop into your eyes, but hereafter its smooth sailing, as they do stay put all day, without dropping, fading or absorbing into the skin. I am really impressed with the Fibre Brow. So quick and easy to apply, and gives you a very natural looking brow, that doesn't look like it has been drawn on. And for someone like me who is otherwise hopeless at shaping my brows, I love that the kit comes with three stencils for the perfect shaped brows. And the kits are available in several different shades, so there's sure to be one to match your colours.


Then there's the Cherry Blooms Fiber Lash Eyelash Extensions Brush on Brush On Fiber Lashes. This Fiber Lash Kit comes with two pieces and promises to amplify the lashes by 600x, with the effect of extensions. To use, you first use the Transplanting Gel which looks like any other black mascara. You need to coat the lashes well, with 20+ strokes, and hereafter you need apply 15+ strokes of the Fibres before the Transplanting Gel dries. When you're done, you apply another 20+ coat of the Transplanting Gel to seal the fibers in place and stop them from falling off.

I am lucky that I do not have short lashes, but I naturally, like most girls, do like them longer - but at the same time, I am hopeless at applying false lashes, and besides, with two toddlers running around also never seem to have the time to. These Fiber Lashes are thus the ultimate alternative. They are easy to apply, but I did unfortunately, in my haste manage to get a few fibres drop into my sensitive eyes, which wasn't great, so if you do apply, make sure you take your time and be cautious. It is a little fiddly and time consuming too, due to all the coats, but that said, I did like the result, definitely much quicker than applying false lashes, and they're very easy to remove to with an eye makeup remover. I wouldn't go as far as to say they amplify by 600+, but I definitely experienced both more volume and longer lashes, so if you're like me and don't like the falsies, then these may be your answer.

Finally, there's the Cherry Blooms Vinyl Liner, which is an extremely waterproof eye liner made with poly vinyl. My sensitive eyes are often watering, and pairing with greasy eye lids, it can be hard to get an eyeliner to stay put. But this one truly delivers, it is seriously sweat and smudge proof, staying put all day long, without fading either. The eye liner has a very fine felt tip that makes it super easy to draw a fine line, making it look very natural too, though you can of course always build up the line for a bolder and more dramatic look. I also really like the shiny finish that it has. Because it is waterproof, it does have to be removed with a oil-based waterproof eye makeup remover

Overall I have enjoyed putting these to the test. Favourites are definitely the Fiber Brows and the Eye Liner, which I would consider repurchasing, while the Fiber Lash is great for those special nights out when I want the look of falsies, but without the need to apply them.

Cherry Blooms Fiber Brow - RRP: $49 / 3g
Cherry Blooms Fiber Lash - RRP: $69 / 10ml and 0.8g
Cherry Blooms Vinyl Liner - RRP: $24.95 / 4.5ml

Active Skin, David Jones, RY and Cherry Blooms Online

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